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Adds the Do Not Track header (DNT: 1) to all requests.

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Description from store Please note: this extension requires Chrome 17 or later. If you are running the default Release build of Chrome, this extension will not successfully install until late January 2012. Do Not Track is a technology and policy proposal that enables users to opt out of tracking by websites they do not visit, including analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms. At present few of these third parties offer a reliable tracking opt out, and tools for blocking them are neither user-friendly nor comprehensive. Much like the popular Do Not Call registry, Do Not Track provides users with a single, simple, persistent choice to opt out of third-party web tracking. A list of websites that have committed to honoring Do Not Track is available at http://donottrack.us. The source for this extension is available on GitHub.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-10-04) John Dillon: Pretty sure this has a browser hijacker in it. After I downloaded it I started getting a white box in my google searches(I use dark mode and might not have noticed it if I didn't) that when I clicked on would take me to Bing results. I would also occasionally have my search results come up in Bing instead of Google. After I uninstalled it the box and redirects went away. I had to reinstall it for this review, which I think is kind of dumb.
  • (2019-06-09) Angelika Pointner: Ich finde dieses addon sehr sehr nützlich und bin froh das jemand den einfall hatte so ein addon zu schreiben DANKESCHÖN
  • (2017-09-07) Alex Nowak (LXThunder): Good
  • (2017-08-18) Chris Vydas: will not turn on. clicking the toolbar button just redirects me here!?
  • (2017-06-05) GEEG REVER: merci
  • (2017-04-26) Lucas Cabral: Apenas o ato de evitar rastreamento pelos sites já é ótimo!!!
  • (2017-04-21) Chan Vincent: good
  • (2017-04-07) Gabriele Masina: Scrivi una recensione (opzionale)
  • (2016-10-27) Irina Svetlowa: Hi, I am interested in acquiring your extension "Do Not Track". Please contact me at: [email protected]
  • (2016-03-31) Mimi le doudou: ne fonctionne pas du tout ! ☺
  • (2015-11-06) Evite que sites rastreiem suas atividades.
  • (2014-10-08) Terry Llewellyn: Not at all bad
  • (2014-07-31) Steve Scharf: loaded my email incorrectly and won't let me change it. can't change my password because my correct email is already in use...and when I look at my account...it's my email!!! this is really stupid so I think this extension and the people who provide it have an agenda that has nothing to do with protecting me from internet tracking. Do not use ...
  • (2014-05-13) garcia s: love it
  • (2014-02-12) Nino Soprano: It is recommended by many and it does what it says it will do, very satisfied
  • (2013-08-15) Nicholas Arn: Working great with the current version of chrome, couple this with notscripts, and only add sites you absolutely trust to the whitelist. It's not completely anonymous (after all nothing really is) but it keeps my viewing and spending habits out of the hands of advertisers and that's all I wanted it for.
  • (2013-03-04) Joe Keogh III: I often see that the page I'm trying to view is "waiting for extension do not track" and the page never loads. The only fix I've found is to close Chrome and try again. Given that many sites ignore the do not track request anyway, I see no reason to keep running this buggy app... In the trash it goes.
  • (2012-10-03) Duke Lane: Chrome spends too much time "waiting for Do Not Track" before loading a web page, sometimes never loads the web page.
  • (2012-10-02) Philip B: UPDATED: Now works as of 22.0.1229.12 dev - changing to 5 stars from 1. Also... google seems to have finally gotten around to adding DNT to the latest developer release and beta 23, so keep an eye out in your chrome settings for the option to enable this thru chrome settings this will eliminate the need to use this seperate extension as the option should be coming to all builds before the end of the 2012. but until then.. this extention works perfect. keep in mind the option for do not track location is NOT the same.
  • (2012-09-23) Edzil Kebaba: doesnt work with chromium 20 (linux)
  • (2012-08-10) Donn Edwards: Works correctly. I checked it using GRC's Shields Up facility. The browser header shows: DNT: 1
  • (2012-06-20) Patrick buergi: Works perfectly for me on Chromium 19 at least donottrack.us says so. Thanks a lot, I don't want to wait until the end of 2012 for this feature.
  • (2012-06-11) Nelson Minar: Very simple and a nice way for users to work around Chrome's lack of support for the DNT header.
  • (2012-05-22) William Phillips: With a little modification to the manifest.json file for the extension you can get it working as intended. Mine is at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\ckdcpbflcbeillmamogkpmdhnbeggfja\0.1_0\manifest.json. Open it in a text editor and change "manifest_version": 2, to "manifest_version": 1, Save. Tick the Development Mode box on the extension page. Click Load unpacked extension and point it to the directory with the manifest.json file.
  • (2012-05-18) Easy to install and reliable. Synchronizes across all Chrome installations on my computers with no hick-ups too.
  • (2012-03-06) Rory Jaffe: This chrome extension is associated with the originators of the "do not track" protocol and is published as a 'reference implementation.'


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