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Up-to-the-minute video highlights for your fantasy team.

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Description from store 1.5.3 - Removed unnecessary permissions - Updated highlight window script 1.5.1 - Fixed extension not working on ESPN - Cosmetic fixes to highlight window 1.4.9 - Fixed extension causing problems navigating videos on MLB.com 1.4.8 - [ESPN] Improvements to filters, can now see current filters applied - [ESPN] Fixed extension failing to load on days other than Today 1.4.7 - Added pitcher stat: K-BB% - [Yahoo] Fixed "Retrieve Advanced Stats" button not appearing on other teams' pages (credit: gsakis) - [ESPN] Fixed extension (including advanced stats) failing to load when filtering by time period, batters or pitchers - Known issue: extension fails to load when applying other filters 1.4.6 - Updated advanced stats to reflect 2016 - Known issue: Advanced stat columns only loading on current day on ESPN - Known issue: Extension not working on new version of Fantrax (still working on old site) 1.4.5 - [Yahoo] Moved Retrieve Advanced Stats button to top on Players page - Added pitcher stats: K%, BB%, SIERA - Fixed advanced stats defaulting to enabled on Players/Free Agency pages - [ESPN] Added video highlights to Scoreboard 1.4.3 - [ESPN] Fixed advanced stat columns not fully loading on team page - Reverted advanced stats to 2015 for the time being, will switch to 2016 a couple weeks into the season 1.4.1 - [Yahoo] Added option to remove Daily Fantasy ads - Known issue: Advanced stats not retrieving 1.4.0 - [ESPN] Added advanced stats beta to ESPN 1.3.99 - Fixed advanced stats failing to load when roster contains minor league players 1.3.98 - [ESPN] Added link to Options page - [ESPN] Added player highlights to Players page - [Yahoo] Fixed bug with mismatching names halting advanced stat retrieval 1.3.96 - [Yahoo] Advanced stats fully customizable - [Yahoo] Added links to Options page 1.3.94 - [Yahoo] Advanced stats added to the Players page - [Yahoo] Fixed issue with advanced stats and empty slots on My Team page - [Yahoo] Advanced stats more visible (no more faded grey!) and labeled with header - [Yahoo] Advanced stats adjust with period on My Team page (Last 14 days, Last 30 days, etc.) 1.3.9 - [Yahoo] Advanced stats working for almost all players 1.3.8 - [Yahoo] Fixed extension not running on Yahoo (changed the way league ID is acquired) 1.3.7 - [Yahoo] Added video highlights to League home (Transactions) - [Yahoo] Fixed/improved location checking 1.3.5 - [Yahoo] Fixed video highlights on Matchup page 1.3.4 - [Yahoo] Fixed Yahoo search bar blocking part of league navigation bar 1.3.3 - Added Page Action and Options - [Yahoo] Advanced player stats in beta, disabled by default 1.3.2 - Minor fixes for FanDuel and DraftKings 1.3.0 - Added support for FanDuel and DraftKings 1.2.5 - [Yahoo] Fixed advanced stat columns disappearing - Updated icon 1.2.3 - [Yahoo] Fixed bug with empty slots 1.2.2 - [Fantrax] Video button fixed for players marked "starting" - [Fantrax] Removed green "starting" icon, added green background strip 1.2.1 - Fixed bug with apostrophes in player names 1.2.0 - Added support for Fantrax 1.1.0 - Added support for ESPN 1.0.8 - Fixes for Yahoo H2H leagues 1.0.7 - Re-release for Yahoo leagues only

Latest reviews

  • (2016-08-11) Michael Rubloff: The extension is great, but it hasn't been working for the past week or so
  • (2016-05-07) Brendan Harmening: It's great. I'd love for these advanced metrics to be sortable like the classic category statistics.
  • (2016-04-14) Greg Anderson: 5 Stars for effort. Stats are not populating on ESPN.
  • (2016-04-11) Welton Wang: Can't retrieve stats on ChromeOS, but still 5 stars for the Yahoo highlights alone
  • (2016-04-07) Ryan Schechtman: Fantastic tool for keeping up with your team. I also love that it gets rid of the obnoxious Yahoo Daily Fantasy crap!
  • (2016-03-21) Joby Leahy: This is amazing free resource. I don't have to switch back between fangraphs and yahoo 20x a day anymore. I can get my advanced stats all on the same page. A true advantage over your league mates.
  • (2015-04-15) Brad Tucker: Well done. A must have for fantasy ballers.

Latest issues

  • (2018-04-25, v:1.5.3) Barry Martz: No Stats
    Columns loading but no stats.
  • (2017-04-19, v:1.5.3) Nick Battist: No stats loading
    The columns show up, but nothing loads
  • (2017-02-16, v:1.5.3) Alex Hilbert: Just added on espn
    I just added this extension but it doesn't seem to do anything, is this because it's the offseason?
  • (2016-08-16, v:1.4.9) Michael Rubloff: Does not work on ESPN anymore
    I cannot access any highlights on ESPN even though it says that the extension is enabled
  • (2016-08-14, v:1.4.9) Sam Clark: Icons
    Suddenly on the icons have disappeared from beside the players names, but the extension manager says the apps are enabled.
  • (2016-04-18, v:1.4.6) Dave O'Connell: Delino DeShields
    Advanced stats don't load for Delino DeShields. Looks like the issue may be because his dad also played and had the exact same name as him as seen on FanGraphs: http://www.fangraphs.com/players.aspx?lastname=Delino%20DeShields
  • (2016-04-04, v:1.4.5) I Bringbeef: Scoresheet baseball?
    IS there any chance you could develop something like this for Scoresheet baseball, at http://www.scoresheet.com/BB_index.php ? It's a smaller fantasy service but among the oldest and most realistic. Their staff would probably be glad to help, [email protected]
  • (2016-03-29, v:1.4.3) Ron Morgan: Yahoo Compatibility?
    Does this work with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball or ESPN only?
  • (2016-03-17, v:1.4.1) TempleBase Assistant: Not loading Advanced Stats
    Hello, Maybe it's ESPN's new interface but I am not able to retrieve advanced stats from any page on their site. Worked fine last year, would love to have that ability again this year. The actual "Highlights" works amazing though!
  • (2015-06-17, v:1.4.0) Sam Rapaport: Only available on current day
    The additional stats in ESPN appear only when looking at statistics for the current day, and only when on the page for a while. If I try to switch to Last 7, Last 15, 2015 Season, etc., the advanced stats go away. How do I fix this?


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