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Tie-breaking on www.uschess.org

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Tie-breaking for cross tables on www.uschess.org

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Description from store Extension enhances two kind of pages: cross-tables and tournaments lists. CROSS-TABLE ENHANCEMENTS 1) Adds tie-breaking columns to crosstables on official US Chess Federation website http://http://www.uschess.org/, see TBrkM, TBrkS, TBrkC and TBrkO columns on screenshot 2) Reorders players according to "Total pts" and tie-breaking columns 3) Adds "Rank by rating" column if table contains 9 or more players. This column displays player's rank within different rating groups Tie-breaking is performed as per USCF recommended order # Modified Median (TBrkM column) # Solkoff (TBrkS column) # Cumulative (TBrkC column) # Cumulative opponent's score (TBrkO column) MODIFIED MEDIAN (TBrkM) For each player, this system sums the number of points earned by the player's opponents, but * discards the highest and lowest opponent's scores if player earned exactly 50% score; * discards the lowest opponent's scores if player earned more than 50% score; * discards the highest opponent's scores if player earned less than 50% score. SOLKOFF (TBrkS) This system is the same as the Median system, except that no scores are discarded. CUMULATIVE (TBrkC) To calculate this, sum the running score for each round. For example, if a player has (in order) a win, loss, win, draw, and a loss; his round-by-round score will be 1, 1, 2, 2½, 2½. The sum of these numbers is 9. CUMULATIVE OPPONENT'S SCORE (TBrkC) This sums the cumulative scores of the player's opponents. See more details on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tie-breaking_in_Swiss-system_tournaments TOURNAMENTS LISTS ENHANCEMENTS 1) Adds number of sections and number of players to "Event ID" column 2) Adds section details (number of rounds, number of players etc) to "Event Name" column 3) Changes underlying link of event name so it points directly to section (not to tournament page as before)


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