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Creates ahnentafels from Pedigree Trees (plus other tools to assist with data input to Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool).

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Description from store Pedigree Thief is a genealogy data gathering tool. The information gathered is intended to be imported into Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool, a program that allows you to manage your DNA matches. Please note that only English language pages are supported although the extension may function in other language sites. The extension's primary function is to read pedigree trees ( Geni and MyHeritage) and convert them to Ahnentafel. See also the included Pedigree to GedCom application that can read pedigrees from other sources. It will also read information on matches from MyHeritage as well as adding a couple of utilities to some GedMatch web pages. Before using for the first time, right-click the icon and select 'Help' from the menu. This will give guidance to setting up and using the extension. For further help join the Pedigree Thief Facebook group. --------------------------------- Pedigree Thief Change Log Version 2.6.8 - updated 19 Dec 2022 1. Updated to reflect change in Geneanet tree page. Version 2.6.7 - updated 11 August 2022 1. Fixed so the Pedigree to GedCom app now works with GedMatch pedigrees on the New site. Version 2.6.6 - updated 5 July 2022 1. Fixed bug when the international settings on a computer is set to a comma decimal seperator, the MyHeritage triangulations csv file created an extra column. Version 2.6.5 - updated 31 May 2022 1. Fixed bug where the option setting the limit for the number of generations to be read from a MyHeritage pedigree was not working. Version 2.6.4 - updated 3 April 2022 1. Withdrew the fixes for outputting the Triangulation file accounting for the local of the user. The changes caused other issues to arise. Version 2.6.3 - updated 3 April 2022 1. Another attempt to fix bug where MyHeritage Triangulation files produced a comma decimal separator rather than a period depending on the local of the user. Version 2.6.2 - updated 1 April 2022 1. Amemded code to allow for change in MyHeritage Chromosome Browser timings. Version 2.6.1 - updated 29 March 2022 1. Fixed bug as PT had stopped reading MH Match files. Version 2.6.0 - updated 27 March 2022 1. Added ability to read Geneanet pedigrees. 2. Fixed bug where MyHeritage Triangulation files produced a comma decimal separator rather than a period depending on the local of the user. Version 2.5.12 - updated 7 January 2022 1. Increased timeout threshold when reading a MyHeritage Match page. Version 2.5.11 - updated 10 December 2021 1. Some Ancestry created GedComs were not being read by the Pedigree to Gedcom app. Added extra checks that fix this. Version 2.5.10 - updated 8 Dec 2021 1. Updated to allow for new columns included in MyHeritage DNA Matches file. Version 2.5.9 - updated 1 September 2021 1. Amended code to allow the extension to continue to work on GedMatch. Version 2.5.8 - updated 10 August 2021 1. Fixed bug when reading a MyHeritage pedigree, the root person would sometimes be omitted. 2. Changed the code for saving MyHeritage data to Pedigree Thief's database. Version 2.5.7 - updated 11 June 2021 1. Fixed a bug when reading WikiTree compact trees into Pedigree to GedCom. If a surname ended in certain key words the read would fail. Version 2.5.6 - updated 18 May 2021 1. Now works on both new style and classic GedMatch sites. 2. Added save buttons to 'One to Many' pages to import basic relative details into GDAT. Version 2.5.5 - updated 12 May 2021 1. Amended code to allow for change in URL for gedmatch to classic.gedmatch. Version 2.5.4 - updated 2 May 2021 1. Added GDAT and GMP specific import templates. Version 2.5.3 - updated 23 April 2021 1. Added ICW import limit when reading a MyHeritage match. 2. Updated Help to reflect Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool replacing Genome Mate Pro Version 2.5.2 - updated 11 March 2021 1. Fixed MyHeritage Triangulations that failed to gather when they triangulated with more than one profile. 2. Added a 'Stop' button when undertaking a slow read of a MyHeritage match. 3. Fixed an error when Pedigree to GedCom read a GedMatch pedigree that has misaligned indents. Version - updated 5 March 2021 1. Fixed to allow for import of MyHeritage Match files after a change in headers caused a 'Invalid File' error. 2. Added a button to the MyHeritage DNA match menu to allow for a slow read of the shared matches. Version - updated 5 February 2021 1. Added ability to read GenomeMate Pro Ancestor Ahnentafel pedigree. Version - updated 4 February 2021 1. Fixed bug in Pedigree to Gedcom where presets containing full stops did not display correctly. 2. Fixed so that the right click menu only displayed Pedigree Thief on appropriate web pages. 3. Added ability to read GDAT Pedigrees in Pedigree to Gedcom. Version - updated 31 January 2021 1. Added option to output Ahnentafel in csv format. 2. Added a review check for a place containing more than 4 fields e.g. "Town, County, State, Country". Only an issue for csv output. 3. For dates ending in ?, replaced with 'EST' prefix. Version - updated 28 January 2021 1. Amended code to allow for embedded carriage returns and escape characters within the MyHeritage DNA Matches file. Version - updated 9 January 2021 1. Updated code to allow for new column in MyHeritage DNA Match file. Version - updated 4 November 2020 1. Updated Pedigree to Gedcom utility to remove 'DNA confirmed' from the name fields when importing from WikiTree compact trees. Version - updated 26 October 2020 1. MyHeritage ICWs and Triangulations are now retained in Pedigree Thief's database. Version - updated 8 October 2020 1. Updated to allow for changed code on MyHeritage match page re triangulations. Version - updated 18 September 2020 Will no longer stop reading a MyHeritage match if the Chromosome data is missing from the page. Version - updated 6 September 2020 1. MyHeritage match page now displays the total number of ICWs as well as the number previously read. Version - updated 22 August 2020 1. Fixed bug in Pedigree to Gedcom where the Ahnentafel numbering of GedMatch Pedigrees could be incorrect. Version - updated 13 July 2020 1. Added delay to ensure that the triangulations in the last group of shared DNA matches downloaded on MyHeritage Match page are included. Version - updated 14 June 2020 1. Updated Pedigree to GedCom to handle GedCom files where the individual ref No. begins with a 'P' rather than the more usual 'I'. Version - updated 13 June 2020 1. Removed all references and code relating to Ancestry. Version - updated 11 June 2020 1. Due to receiving a Cease and Desist notice, Pedigree Thief will no longer operate on Ancestry websites.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-08-26) Mike Cushing: Invaluable companion for GDAT. I'm perplexed to see some of the comments in other reviews. I collect DNA data and trees from GEDMatch and MyHeritage on a daily basis. The developer regularly updates the extension to accommodate frequent changes made by these services. It worked great with Ancestry until they threatened all software tools that collect or analyze data from their site with legal action. The facebook support page provides rapid support from many users and from the developer.
  • (2020-01-28) David Glass: Was working great but has stopped reading trees on ancestryDNA (28 Jan 2020). It still says it has access but then when you click there is no activity anymore and it just hangs saying: Pedigree Thief v2.1.5.11 Reading pedigree - please wait
  • (2019-12-18) Jim Davis: A Must-Have for genealogy, especially those doing DNA match research.
  • (2019-10-09) Jayne Lein: Works great but a few issues. Many Ancestry trees get duplicates in the ahnentafel making that aren't in the original tree leading me to believe that people might be missing or mis-numbered. This leads me to mistrust the data it's giving me. It also crashes sometimes with complex relationships (children of common parents appearing on either side of the tree).
  • (2019-07-23) Stephanie Lyn: I was hoping this would be a suitable replacement for the no longer working ancestry dna helper. Unfortunately it falls very short. You have to download each matches tree one at a time. Not only that but apparently downloading your matches shared matches only works if you have genome mate pro. I'm not looking to get programs, I just wanted a simple addon like ancestrydnahelper was to simply download my matches data.
  • (2019-01-01) Seattle Gal: This used to work, but doesn't anymore... what has changed? I can't see public trees anymore, it comes up with information from my own family, including my Aunt who is no relation to the person who's tree I was looking into.
  • (2018-10-18) Sarah Brooks: Love this app and how it shows the ahnatafel(sp) for pedigrees across all of the dna genealogy matching companies. Great tool! Thanks!
  • (2018-10-17) Kyle Davenport: Doesn't seem to be working for me. I get no icon on public member tree pedigrees or on list of DNA matches or on their shared matches. I get a single "Download Ancestors" button when viewing the pedigree of a DNA match. The CSV download works but the file says "Ancestry of null.csv" and shows only name & dates. Was hoping for place too. Help implies something is supposed to happen on a set of matches which is obviously very important with 30,000 matches.
  • (2018-10-13) Tech Inst: Would be nice if you provided a method to convert the data
  • (2018-08-09) J.L. Franklin: Essential tool for getting the most out of DNA kits for genetic genealogy.
  • (2018-07-02) A O'Brien: Thank you for this amazingly useful extension.
  • (2018-05-07) Sharron Fry: Love this tool. Make sure you are on the Ancestry Pedigree chart before it will work. Some people are upset by the name, suggesting it is stealing other peoples data, where the point is actually to quickly review other trees to find familiar names without having to open layer upon layer of trees.
  • (2018-02-18) G J: Wonderful tool, and easy to use. Thanks!
  • (2018-01-06) Dennis Norwood: Finally got it back working. I went to the tree outline and not the DNA match screen or the pedigree screen, I noticed that the pedigree thief icon was highlighted and when I clicked on it, it gave me the error to be on the correct page, so when I went back to the DNA Match it captured it like it had done before. I've updated my review. Thanks
  • (2018-01-05) Linda Therkelsen: Outstanding app! So useful for making an Ancestry tree readable.
  • (2018-01-03) Rodrigo Castel: Excellent app!

Latest issues

  • (2023-02-02, v:2.6.8) Paul Sibson: PT suddenly stopped working in MyHeritage
    I have captured many DNA and matches with PT But now although the icon is coloured and recognises the information nothing happens when I click on it except it opens the menu page
  • (2021-11-27, v:2.5.9) GARY GAUTHIER: Walk-through of the use of v2.5.9
    Is there a page with a walkthrough of how to use v2.5.9? There seem to be differences from what I've seen on the web.
  • (2021-03-11, v:2.5.2) Catherine Spry: Pedagree Thief does not work
    For last 2 years I've been trying to use this app with: MyHeritage, GEDmatch, & FamilyTreeDNA, and in all that time it worked has only worked twice. I believe the problem is on your end and with app. As there's been no improvement whatsoever, I'm removing your app now & will NEVER try it again. Thanks for nothing. Worst app ever.
  • (2021-01-21, v: Doug Saucier: Pedigree Thief with GEDmatch
    Tried to use Pedigree Thief with GEDmatch using the Matching One or Two Kits tool. Followed the instructions in the User Guide. Never got the Save ICW button. Pedigree Thief is the only Chrome Extension in the browser.
  • (2021-01-13, v: Jay Ingalls: Can not create valid Gedcom file from Gedmatch.com with P2G
    Dates bad, no continuous family connections. Just parent and child. Can send a text file copy of errors report. I think I did it the same as before when it worked.
  • (2020-06-06, v: Dean C: MyHeritage Triangulation matches failed to recognise
    Hi developer, I ran into the following problems: I've opened MyHeritage website and under my 'Review DNA matches' with my mother, I started 'reading' all my matches in 'Pedigree thief' (v2.2.0.6) tab in Chrome browser. When it completed reading 265 matches, I could save 264 under ICW button but there are none under Triangulation button as there are clearly many triangulation matches on MyHeritage page. Why did Pedigree thief failed to recognise or read them? Can you suggest a solution to this? I've updated to latest Chrome version and enabled to access MyHeritage site. Thank you. Regards Dean
  • (2019-12-05, v: Mark Carroll: GEDMATCH
    No Save ICW button or toggle button on gedmatch
  • (2019-11-22, v: Jan Bergquist: FamilyTree site changing
    I can't use Pedigree Thief on FT site for now. It's only grey. It seems that the trees are using the site tree.familytreedna.com Is this the reason why PT isn't working now? Can it be 'amended'? Thanks .. / Jan
  • (2019-08-26, v: Traci Martin: Pedigree to gedcom is not working
    Not sure why but a dialogue box opens briefly and then shuts down. I can never get the utility to run. I have no idea how else to convert an ahnentafel to a gedcom.. .
  • (2019-08-25, v: Jenny Franklin: not collecting My Heritage triangulations beyond the first one
    This is an intermittent issue but happens often
  • (2019-08-12, v: Tim: compatibiliy with vivaldi
    I use vivaldi as my default browser (chrome variation), but pedigree thief doesn't work (no icon) in it. Any chance this problem can be resolved?
  • (2019-04-18, v: Christopher Glenn: Decendants
    Your tool is invaluable for creating Ahnenfatels from pedigrees. Any suggestions when I am going the other way. I have an ancestor born in 1692 (DNA match with four cousins and unlikely the common ancestor is much further back from him). So I have manually duplicated a tree of his descendants--1200 people so far and no end in sight. Any way to scrape the other view of a tree (not the pedigree view but the other vertical view). (ALSO, Colin, thank you for that recommendation, I had no idea about those tools).
  • (2019-02-09, v: John McElwee: What next?
    I installed the extension and it does it's magic on Ancestry and MyHeritage then produces a box with all the information. What do I do after I "copy ahnentafel"? Thanks.
  • (2019-02-07, v: Rebecca Darter: gedcom
    hi, does this extension work when viewing gedcom tree from gedmatch?
  • (2019-01-26, v: Christopher Glenn: Potential Parents
    Tool is working well. Have you considered a tool that would, instead of just capturing the names and dates from the pedigree, automatically accepted all the Potential Fathers and Potential Mothers as they appear? When I am trying to find how a DNA match is related, I typically have to go through and just create a temporary tree where I accept all the suggestions to decide which of 16, 32 or 64 branches I might focus on. It would be great top have some degree of automation on this.
  • (2019-01-22, v: Jim Edwards: MyHeritage Triangulations Won't Download
    Colin, I am having the same issue as described by Angela in November regarding MyHeritage triangulations download. At some point after downloading Trianglation data for 1-4 matches, the next and all subsequent matches act as she described. PT goes through the motions of reading the triangulations but does not prompt to save the results. I got it to work again after rebooting my PC, but just for one match; then it stopped downloading again. Have tried clearing cache, closing and reopening Chrome, etc. So far, only the reboot would provide a temporary fix. Chromosome and ICW downloads work with no problem. It is only the triangulation download that displays the issue.
  • (2018-12-21, v: Pedigree thief icon
    Downloaded this extension in Chrome. Opened Ancestry.com profile and clicked on pedigree. Pedigree Thief icon does not display. What next? Thanks!


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