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Description from extension meta Search for text in input fields and replace it with different text.
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Description from store PLEASE NOTE 1. Refresh the page or restart chrome before using. 2. The popup will not stay open if you click off it. This is a feature of Chrome. 3. Search and replace terms are remembered between popup closing and opening for the current tab only. 4. Match Case, Regular expressions, input fields only currently not supported in Gmail. 5. Please read the Help page if you are having issues or ask for support. This extension allows you to search for text anywhere on the page and replace it with different text. The search can take case into consideration and can be limited to input fields only. It could be used to quickly correct a form where the wrong information has been entered multiple times You can also search using regular expressions. For example, searching for one(one|two) will match either "oneone" or "onetwo". The match that was caught by the parentheses can then be referenced in the replace field as $1. So if we had the text "onetwo", search for one(one|two), and replace with $1, the result is "two" as this is what was matched in the parentheses ().. View a video of it in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf0D8RUdwkI
Latest reviews (2019-11-14) HonorisCreed: It replaces parts of words, for example: Replacing he with she, it would replace father with fatsher. This addon is useless. (2019-09-23) xi zhao: 不好用,替换了之后页面的按钮就点不了了 (2019-09-16) Brandon Pittser: Doesn't work. Tried it on critterdb.com with "Input fields only?" checked, and while it "looked" like it replaced the text in the input fields, those changes weren't actually reflected anywhere. It is, therefore, worthless. That particular site has a live preview of changes to the input fields and it shows that there are no changes. Saving results in none of the "changes" being saved. Add-on needs to do some kind of action to actually edit the field so it's recognized as having been edited or something. The add-on clearing all input fields if it's attempted to be used without "input fields only?" checked is also a real problem that shouldn't ever exist. (2019-09-11) Alex C. Green: Very useful extension. Thank you!!! But personally, I miss two buttons: "next" and "previous". They would help to skip items that are unnecessary to change. That is, for custom editing. (2019-08-27) rob papesch: Still works great in 2019! Fixed up the mess on this page to something more readable :) https://www.princeton.edu/~hos/mike/transcripts/thompson.htm (2019-05-26) Mnr. Volkstaat: Doesn't do shite in Wattpad. (2019-05-13) Владислав Климов: После замены перестаёт работать скрипты и формы админки на некоторых сайтах. (2019-04-15) Marketing PM: Does not work with Text Area, sometimes works with text fields, usually crashes and clears all fields instead of replacing the values. (2019-03-05) It is exactly what I need (2019-01-21) Kim Hopwood: Rubbish just will not work plus the pop-up doesn't resize properly meaning the tick boxes are not displayed... (2018-12-27) Roar og Jorunn GJ: Virket ikke. Siden gikk i lås og ingen tilbakemelding på om søk og erstatt ble utført (2018-12-23) Sara Primeau: Works great for me. Using it for 2 years. (2018-06-07) Kiran Mehr: It worked! The other extensions didn't on the website I was using! AMazing (2018-05-25) Jeffrey Gehrung: I have been using this on some complex Drupal forms with a mix of text and text area input fields. It has allowed me to apply global edits (simultaneously on different input field types) saving me an incredible amount of time. Also used when editing lengthy WIKI pages to make global alterations. Works just as described. (2018-03-13) Jamal Morelli: Tried several times to use this with Oasis Sandstorm for text editing. It ended up erasing / collapsing everything typed on the page. I'm removing it now. However, I wish the developer luck as no one has made a good find and replace for browsers yet. (2018-02-20) Human: Не работает (2018-01-29) Анна Смоловик: This extention save hours of my life. Great! (2017-10-31) RudeGuyGames: It does the job, but it does not seem to support all text areas. It certainly did not do anything with the text in the Wordpress.com editor. (2017-09-14) Paul Schratz: Didn't work for me. It found and replaced the text in some places, but not others. (2017-09-13) Pontus Gustavsson: Perfect when working in html code, saves me a lot of time! thanks :) (2017-08-21) Alan McGinnis: This tool has saved me hours of work. It works really great for WordPress. I prepend labels to page names and then use this tool to remove the label once I have added the page to the menu. Really useful for multilingual sites. Definitely be sure to check the inputs only option when you are working with this tool in WordPress. (2017-08-10) William Carlos: It worked fine for me, please keep updating (2017-07-28) Sergio Escobés: Busca y reemplaza, pero después los formularios no guardan el texto cambiado. (2017-07-13) Steve Private: Great concept; would love to see a keyboard shortcut feature as well as to avoid future newbie heart attacks, when searching through list makers like simplenote, it's important to only check of input fields not all or else you'll get an updated blank field that Ctrl+z will not be able to undo. Luckily in my case for Simplenote, a refresh worked. (2017-07-10) Luzináutica Sports: não funcionou, eu instalei e ela é desativada sozinha!
Latest issues (2019-11-13, v:1.3.9) Alberto Sisí: Highlight input values
Good afternoon. First of all I want to thank you for your Chrome extension, it works great!! But I would like to ask you if there is any way to highlight keywords on input values. For example a field of a form. If so, I would be very grateful if you would let me know. I have installed many similar extensions and none have this function, so it would be a great option. Thank you very much for your attention in this matter. Best regards, Alberto
(2019-10-21, v:1.3.9) Barri Valkner: help?
When I use the plugin it replaces the word I need, but the change is not permanent. Is there a sep I am missing?
(2019-10-17, v:1.3.9) Ben Giglione: Numeric Replacement
I wanted to do a numeric regex find and replace, but the only way the extension would let me remember the number in the $1 replace line is if I phrased it in the find line as (0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9). (0-9) and [0-9] didn't seem to work in that regard. Do I have to type out that big long line every time I want to find and replace a number, or is there a shorter way to phrase it that $1 will actually remember in the replace line?
(2019-08-16, v:1.3.9) Devin Andres: Find and Replace
I am trying to use this on my go daddy web store. I select find and replace, text box only option but it does not seem to work. Any suggestions? Thanks Devin
(2019-08-10, v:1.3.9) Eric Suen: Doesn't SAVE after replacing!!
The function implemented by this extension is very much needed by me now, but unfortunately, I tried the replacement function many times and it seems to have been replaced, but when I click save, the text in the form is still the original, and there is no Replace, I hope that developers can solve this problem, thank you very much
(2019-07-11, v:1.3.9) Vladimir Volovich: Add an option to skip changing hidden form fields
The extension has an option "Input fields only", but when doing the replace, it also changes the hidden fields, which may not be desirable in some cases. Please add an option to avoid modifying the hidden form fields.
(2019-06-20, v:1.3.9) linda ford: Doesn't SAVE after replacing!!
Doesn't SAVE after replacing!!
(2019-03-07, v:1.3.9) Does not save changes
After searching and replacing, the changes are not saved when the page is published... Any ideas? - Grace
(2019-01-11, v:1.3.9) David Pehrson: your app is the closest i have found...
transparently i am trying to edit the title of the the videos i cast to chromecast so that my roommates only see Facebook or something PG document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/pornhub face full of blah/g, "facebook") only handles the body and deoes not changfe the casted title.... I assume that is similar to your extension here... any suggestions??
(2018-11-11, v:1.3.9) Mamunur Rasid: Replace all not working
Press Enter to replace all not working. Actually it stop working from morning. Already reinstall it many times but no luck.

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