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Gmail-to-Trello integration. Create new Trello cards from Google mail threads with backlinks.

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Description from store A free tool that provides an extra 'Add card' button on Gmail UI to add current reading email to a Trello card ** Development and Support Board here for feature/bug submitting and voting: https://trello.com/b/CGU9BYgd/gmail-to-trello-chrome-extension ** This extension is now open source at: https://github.com/tungbi/gmail-to-trello-extension -- code contributions welcome! It's my pleasure to have contribution from https://github.com/acoven, who's actively developing the extension since the v2.2.2 release ** Main features ** - Detect email opening mode, also the most visible email in current thread - Add a button "Add new card" into Gmail's toolbar - Extract email's title, body, timestamp, also reduce text's complexity - User can choose which list, board or organization will contain the new card - User can assign him/herself to the new card - Current email can be easily looked up later via a direct link, or searching (useful for group collaboration) - Can set labels - Can set due date - Can include attachment links - Authorized via Trello account Some other useful features: - Support both simple and split layout ("Preview Panel" in lab/Outlook-like) - Remember current list, board, org. selection after new card is created - User can pick up another emails in thread while popup is opening, or reopen popup again to detect & extract email's content again - Popup is resizable, draggable - Display Trello's labels similar Trello.com, so they are easier to be selected --- CHANGE LOG: Version ----------------- - Deeper highlighting for Labels and Assign, use gradient to indicate selected Version ----------------- - Remove trash can from GtT pull down - Move popup location of GtT pull down to under icon Version ----------------- - Use new version of Trello Client.js Version ----------------- - Make sure UI, Sign-out works (enough) when Trello Authenticate fails. Version ----------------- - Iterate differently Version ----------------- - Use data-thread-id if present Version ----------------- - Get Legacy Gmail Thread ID for backlink on new Gmail Version ----------------- - Find new Gmail views Version ----------------- - Make getManifest version check more robust error-handling-wise Version ----------------- - Fix calculation for pop-up when button position has changed Version ----------------- - New HD toolbar icon & sketch version - Attachment image previews are now scale-to-fit - Attachment file and image sections are hidden when there is no attachment - [dev] Change form markups from dl/dt/dd to regular divs Version ----------------- - Fix bug on the new Gmail that cause toolbar buttons failed to work properly Version ----------------- - Remove overlapping intervals, thanks to Travis Hardman. Version ----------------- - Up debug log - Silence logging of button positioner [still need to fix] - Gmails coming up blank content in GtT - Change .adP:first to use more deterministic tag Version ----------------- - Check for ASL or ASF div for Refresh icon. - Only call detach if more than one button/popup - Use '0' for unknown version in version check - More debugging logs for adding button / popup - Only show version update if previous version > 0 - Remove toolBarHolder - Debug Multiple Inboxes - more to do - Circular log wasn't - hogged memory - inline image now should upload to Trello correctly Version ----------------- - Restrict log from 1000 to 100 lines. - Call browsingData from background to clear extension data. - Show message to reload when version changes. Version ----------------- - Fix $button[0] -> $button.first(). Version ----------------- - Fix missing views/options.html. Version ---------------- - detectToolbar return true if detected. - .detach button and popup and then only append one. - Make sign out an explicit button on the page. Version ---------------- - Fix resize via jQuery UI, needed clearfix at popup level for jQuery UI added elements Version ---------------- - Call pre-init after button disappear - Semi-final jQuery UI resizing (not quite right for normal state, works okay for list state) - Show version number in options panel (prep for noticing version change and prompting to reload) Version ---------------- - Remove G-Ni from GtT icon - Add timer to check every 2 seconds for GtT button showing - Use gh='mtb' to find toolbar Version ---------------- - Add G-Ni to GtT icon - Remove :first from G-atb Version ---------------- - Additional debugging code in toolbar and labels code - Report of GtT button not appearing when Streak and RightInbox, some tweaks to button positioning code to hopefully circumvent problem. - Add info message to options screen - Initial cut at button for chrome.browsingData.remove - Update manifest with 64 and 128 icons Version ---------------- - Icon not showing up in toolbar due to other extension icons in toolbar - Update gtt_log to have timestamp Version ---------------- - Move email search hyperlinks to top of content Version ---------------- - Parse "29. Mai 2017 um 15:18" correctly - (Until I have a better idea, have to decode the dateTime by hand and do some month comparisons) - And then after doing that ton of work and realizing this will be horrific to maintain, I ripped it all out Version ---------------- - Check for 401 more leniently, add target to error - Lists without organizations were being filtered out! Fixed. - Change Features/Bugs to 'Help' - Created 'Report' feature, which will put latest error and last 1000 log items into card to post to GtT Trello board Version ---------------- - 400 invalid id on attachment upload: Use pos === 'at' to indicate path to attach Version ---------------- - Track mouseUp and mouseDown in same external-to-window container - Make positioning logic more robust for Upload to combat Trello POST pos 404 error Version ---------------- - Click outside window closes window - Focus outside window closes window - Error in attachments processing fixed to produce correct filename Version ----------------- - Install keyboard trap to Show Popup, Remove keyboard trap on Hide Popup Version ----------------- - Clean up consts for keyboard trap - First cut at image with larger tooltip on hover - Load jQuery UI CSS before our CSS so we can override it - Add named function gtt_keydown to prevent duplicate listeners - Bump version to work around Google problem Version ----------------- - Remove Gmail load wait timer now that GtT button is more robust on no-data - Move keyboard trap to bindEvents - Dirty centering when no data so popup will move as appropriate Version ----------------- - Fix error with "bottom" should be "below" - Refactor upload code to pull it all into model work, add model.Uploader class - Move attach code back into our code since Trello doesn't want it - Fix error where attachment URL was click link instead of updated card - Fixed long untruncated image/attachment string - First cut at having GtT button always show, even when there is no data to populate - this may reduce the "where's my button?" support issues - Have images bottom grow when you grab the window grow handle in the lower right corner Version ----------------- - Fix bug in creating new card - Simplify UI for adding to a card vs. adding new card below Version ----------------- - Add to an existing card! - Had to change UI a little to account for card selection and "where" to put the card Version ----------------- - Make minimum width bigger for popup - Create shortcut dropdown for due date - Create option entry to add more to shortcut dropdown - Persist previous due date and time - Attachments and Images now are transferred completely to Trello instead of lodging as links back to Gmail - Give back to Trello API community how to upload binary data Version ----------------- - Support keyboard shortcuts: Alt/Opt+Shift+G is the default to show the popup (once in Gmail and the button is visible) - While the Popup is showing, hitting ESCAPE or CTRL/CMD+. will dismiss the popup. - CTRL/CMD+ENTER will Add to Trello. - Change stray bullets to asterisks but not stray hyphens Verison ------------------ - Fix member assignment buttons to persist across board changes - Shift-click "Labels:" or "Members:" to clear - Fix typos GMail -> Gmail Verison ------------------ - Layout changes to accomodate smaller screens Version ------------------ - Can now assign other users - Your id should always be first in Assign list - Remove "Assign to me" button - Move signout and error to chrome extension loaded html files - Make label and member msg boxes same height as label and member chicklets so things don't "jump" up and down when picking new boards Version ------------------- - Fix pInterest loads with white overlay on top of first 20 pinned items -- was conflicting with jQuery UI CSS - Moved jQuery-ui-css loading to top of popup - Changed chrome extension matches[] from "all urls" to only mail.google.com. Version ------------------- - Fix problem of email with no body Version ------------------- - Try to fix parseData to always return a valid data block (even if empty data) - Update board changed to clear out list/labels when settings boardId is different than boardId - Gray box around imgs in image list to show "spacer" images - Use window.location.pathname to provide "/mail/u/0/" or "/mail/u/1/" etc. for different gmail accounts Version ------------------- - Add support to attach images from Gmail - Fix typo with missing brace for uriForDisplay - To handle jQuery UI looking to Gmail for UI icons, must replace url("images... with url("chrome-extension://[email protected]@extension_id__/images... Version 2.4.27 --------------- - Support img vs text buttons Version 2.4.26 --------------- - Make sure correct ThreadID is used for message - Better processing of hand-provided bullets to markdown Version 2.4.25 ---------------- - Generate thread id for direct link to email - Take another pass at storing board, list, label and resetting when changed Version 2.4.24 --------------- - Use Gmail's down-facing widget instead of plus sign - Make window resizable and scrollable Version 2.4.23 --------------- - Separate date and time inputs for due date - Smaller UI for Add Card button - Change nomenclature to "Add to Trello" to prep for adding to individual card Version 2.4.22 --------------- - Fix "Name" <name> email pattern in Markdownify and anchorMarkdown Version 2.4.21 --------------- - Make sure to clear out list and labels when no labels - Restrict labels space to two rows with scroll bar if longer Version 2.4.19 --------------- - Add back steps to clear cache for Trello sign-out Version 2.4.18 --------------- - Add height and width to image tag so it doesn't "jump" - Adjust centering logic for popup to be more human-friendly (still should move to lower-third resize logic) Version 2.4.17 --------------- - Call Trello.deauthorize on Sign Out request - Clean up logic of Sign Out to request Reload afterward - Clean up error display to find error data in response packet - Clean up 3+ CRLFs in Markdownify Version 2.4.15 --------------- - Make replacements holistic - Clean up markdownify to add numeric lists and allow <span>-like items inside of <div>-like items. - Remove href="javascript:void(0)" as a likely cause of Content Security Policy warning Version 2.4.14 --------------- - Change const hash to var hash, causing chrome storage error. - Truncate description enough to make room for link at end Version 2.4.12 --------------- - Match regex for Markdownify on non-word boundary, do additional pass and make placeholders then replace those so markdown anchors don't get out of hand Version 2.4.11 --------------- - Change top/bottom popup to up-line and down-line arrow icons - Change default for attachments to unchecked - this time for real - Fix bug where popup width wasn't being saved and restored correctly - Fix avatar initials to be first name + last name initials, or first 2 chars of username, if no avatar URL/pic Version 2.4.8 --------------- - Have reproducable case for settings not being saved; fixed with using chrome sync settings and getting timing right - Added popup to indicate whether to add card to top or bottom (default) of list Version 2.4.7 --------------- - Try another approach for titlebar of popup to not get duplicate options by setting explicit properties Version 2.4.6 --------------- - Use paragraph marker for markdown 'li' conversion - Respect () [] for anchor markdown bookends - Clear out html before appending items, should fix duplicate html elements problem Version 2.4.5 --------------- - Add APIFailure display when initial trello grabs fail out Version 2.4.4 --------------- - Check for avatar URL returned before checking length Version 2.4.3 --------------- - When text is selected, bring that over instead of entire message Version 2.4.2 --------------- - Added Markdown button to turn off for main description text - Added Attachments - Changed Lists UI to Drop-down, kept styled UI for Labels - Made labels multi-selectable Version 2.2.2 --------------- - Adding Labels - Movable modal UI centered under Add card, Avatars working - Cleaned up UI - Lots of bug fixes - Some additional markdown formatting in description for from: email. Version 2.1.5 --------------- - Add Google Analytics - Fix some XSS bugs. Reduce URL permission. Thanks to Vijay for your Pull Request - Don't show up closed boards. - Fix "Add to card" button UI Version --------------- - Fix broken layout caused by min-width - Increase z-index Version ------------- - Add "Options" page - Fix no-wrap error in new card's link displays after creation - Remove Organization filter - Add email address to specify where the card came from Version 2.1.3 ------------- - Is now support an option to assign yourself on creating card Version 2.1.2 ------------- - Is now support Split layout (Preview Panel) Version 2.1 ---------- - Big changes: refactoring, bugs fixes, UI/UX improvements - Instantly update popup's content when user's clicking to another email thread - Resizable popup - Better text conversion Version ---------- - Fix bug: Localization time parsing Version 2.0.6 ---------- - Add "Search email" ability, which means more accessible from other people - Auto detect (and highlight) the email thread that is most closed to current viewport. Scrolling can make change to current selection Version 2.0.5 ---------- - Fix bug: Boards are not in any organizations doesn't show up. Version 2.0.4 ---------- - Fix bug duplicated buttons - Fix bug in layout - Fix bug: can't change subject or description Version 2.0.1 ---------- - Fix missing icons - Backlink appearance improving Version 2.0 ---------- - Improve UX - Remember previous selections - Add a "close" popup button - Add Organization list - Don't display closed boards - Insert a backlink to Gmail's thread in new card (optional) - Display a link to new created card - Refactoring 15/08/2013 - Version 1.1.1 ---------- - Fix bug: missing button after install - Fix bug: missing icon in "Add to Trello" button - Keep line-breaks in email's content - Auto remove email's signature

Latest reviews

  • (2020-04-06) Zia Khan: I tried to use it and for some reason when i click on the button to add to trello it comes up with a splash screen to give permissions and then disappear. it doesn't allow me enough time to give it permissions
  • (2020-04-05) Yannick Vandenberghe: doesn't work (anymore)
  • (2019-10-15) Nicolas Enrique Villa: excelente! es lo que buscaba
  • (2019-07-12) David Dieguez: Works perfectly although it needs some cosmetic tuning
  • (2019-06-28) Hugo Cerqueira: Fantastic work with this extension, it has a lot of options and one of the first ones that allow to add the attachments. Great Work.
  • (2019-06-21) Kim Hjortholm: Great plugin and timesaver. The ability to instantly create new card in Trello optimizes several workflow. Only miss the ability to ignore archived boards as the list of boards to send card to can become really long for us which uses Trello a lot.
  • (2018-11-27) K.B. Tidwell: Well, I'm not saying anything new but this is one awesome extension. Sitting back, I've just realized how reliant I am on web clippers (OneNote, Add Cards to Trello), and I'm happy to add this one to my toolbox. I've been using Trello on and off for years, but recently I got DEEP into automated to-do lists and archival systems (to underpin my novel writing efforts), and this is a great leap forward for me. I'll also compliment the developer based on his responses to reviews that I've been reading. Proper respect for your methodology and attitude! Everyone...have a very peaceful...and productive...holiday season.
  • (2018-08-19) José Luiz: Ótima idéia !
  • (2018-08-05) Perry Myers: Excellent extension and the developer is excellent as well. Really helps turn your GMail into a Kanban workflow effectively.
  • (2018-06-24) Barry Sachais: Excellent extension for personal use or professional use.
  • (2018-06-13) RAMAMURTHY PATHURI: Great Extension. One small, update required. Email Date to be taken as DUE DATE, by default. And if required, user can change the same
  • (2018-04-26) Just Sturgis: Love(d) the extension until today (26APR2018) when I moved to the new Gmail and Gmail-to-Trello stopped working. Unfortunate, but at least the official Trello addon works, though not as robustly as Gmail-to-Trello. Wonder if this will be fixed?
  • (2018-02-16) Perisa Raznatovic: Best extension ever. I have Privacy Badger (from EFF) and it created problems by blocking the Trello API. I changed the setting and now the extension works again.
  • (2018-01-08) Lizette Penalber: Does not work consistently. I have Multiple Inboxes for Gmail, which may be the cause. It's great when it does work.
  • (2017-09-09) Jorge Fraile: Es muy práctico.
  • (2017-07-12) Jimena Gonzalez: I cant seem to make it work with Inbox of gmail.
  • (2017-06-19) Evandro Alfieri: Nice on! is there a chance to get the same service on my phone? Sending mails directly into boards is very very helpfull Thanks
  • (2017-06-15) Ramakrishna Kolapati: Woooow... It's saved my lot of time.
  • (2017-03-20) Vlad Sabadash: It is unique and usefull but, please: 1) add real attachments (now it just attach links to gmail, may be it is my problem only?) 2) make it work in vertical split mode
  • (2017-03-04) Elias Rizopoulos: Should also add feature to search gmail with unique id number (with gmail search Rfc822msgid:) so that card can refer to specific email. When searching by Subject or Time, multiple emails come up.
  • (2017-03-03) Gemma Tendero: Me encanta! Fácil de usar y ayuda un montón a planificar las tareas!
  • (2017-02-12) Alex Turetsky: It broke for a few days, but now it's fixed and now it's better than ever. Thanks!
  • (2017-02-09) Silva: I like this extension, but I can't take any embedded image in my email to Trello. that's too bad.
  • (2017-02-06) Louis Cottle: Exactly what I needed! Wishlist: 1)Assign tasks to other team members. 2)Tablet app.. (that's a big request.)
  • (2017-02-03) Carter Nagel: Was good before but now with the new Jan 27 release of v.3.whatever. Very pleased. Takes Trello-gmail to a whole new level. Works very well.

Latest issues

  • (2017-02-02, v:2.3.1) Not showing during split view
    Hi! The idea is great but I cannot get this to work unless I am using the traditional view - split view (veritical / horizontal) causes the button to no longer show up. Do you have any suggestions on how to get it to work or is this as intended?
  • (2017-01-31, v:2.3.1) Can it be used with two gmail accounts
    Hello, Can this be used with two gmail accounts? I'd like to use it with my work and my personal gmail accounts linking to one Trello board? How can I make this happen? It says it is already added to chrome if I try to download it again.
  • (2017-01-27, v:2.3.1) Don Jordan: similar issues to below
    scrambles email in body...gets stuck in "Submitting new card..." more often than creating a card. Unusable now until things get fixed.
  • (2017-01-27, v:2.3.1) Alex Turetsky: now it's even worse
    Used to be a great extension. Then, following Jan 23rd release, it became unusable, making me pick the board and list every time and then forcing to confirm every time. And when I thought that was bad, the Jan 27th release not only not fixed those problems, but also introduced a new problem where all the hyperlinks in an email are now being spelled out in plain text in the trello card, making them very hard to read. I contacted you by email twice, but have not heard back.
  • (2017-01-25, v:2.2.2) Submitting Card Error
    Email Subject/Body no longer appear in pop up window when creating e-mail as card.
  • (2017-01-25, v:2.2.2) Alex Turetsky: last update = bad news
    The latest update to Gmail-to-Trello extension had a really adverse effect. 1) My board and list choices are no longer remembered - it makes me pick them each time. 2) There is a needless "OK" confirmation screen that needs to be clicked through at the end every time. I'm going to uninstall this plugin for now.
  • (2017-01-25, v:2.2.2) Esteban Hartzstein: Not owrking since january 2017 - brings garbagge
    Hello Problem with capturing gmail into Trello, it brings garbagge, full of strange characters in the screen
  • (2017-01-24, v:2.2.2) Stephen Thompson: No longer appearing in email window
    A few days ago this stopped appearing in my email window. Tried to reinstall but still not working. Any suggestions?
  • (2017-01-24, v:2.2.2) 佐藤さやか: we can not use the Add Trello Card buttom
    we can not use the Add Trello Card buttom from 1/23/2017...
  • (2017-01-23, v:2.2.2) Andy Olek: List and Labels stopped working
    The "List" feature stopped working for me on 1/23/2017, making the extension unusable. This seems to correspond with the addition of Labels, which has not worked.
  • (2017-01-18, v: April Watkins: Status?
    Is this still supported and in development? The update that was started two years ago has no activity!!


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