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Mouse hover video thumbnail to see more images for video

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Description from store Mouse hover one youtube video thumbnail to see more images for video and below video you can see rating. For any issue with this extension please contact me at: darkyndy [at] gmail [dot] com Extension permissions: - tabs (needed to open extension options page) - storage (needed to store extension settings) - youtube.com (needed in order to run) - googleapis.com (needed to retrieve video stats) Version 2.3.1 - Remove displayed value for rating percent that is part of rating bar Version 2.3.0 - fix rating & preview for some video where it didn't load Version 2.2.9 - allow preview rotation speed to be set to 0, setting it to zero will disable this functionality; - update translation Version 2.2.8 - add support for old YouTube UI; Version 2.2.7 - fix issue where preview image for one video is shown for other videos; Version 2.2.6 - fix extension to work with latest YouTube HTML structure; - fix translation for Romanian; - update rating bar to be position at the top of thumbnail (fixes overlap issue with YouTube progress); Version 2.2.5 - option to change color for like/dislike bar that appears bellow each thumbnail; Version 2.2.4 - removing option to view preview images in real size, it caused more issues; Version 2.2.3 - fix add to queue that was not displayed; - thumbs will be shown for videos that ware under "Show more" option; - fix rating to be shown when moving between pages that didn't needed full page reload; Version 2.2.2 - add option to see preview images on full placeholder (and is set by default); - localize string for new option; - code refactor; Version 2.2.1 - remove any YouTube reference that may impact Google policy Version 2.2.0 - use Youtube API v3 (as v2 is deprecated); - change rating colors to use default ones from YouTube; Version 2.1.0 - fix rotating thumbnails for some video, as now YouTube displays webp image types; - add option for changing rating bar height Version 2.0.0 - sync extension settings across different computers where you - - use Google Chrome and same user; - fix image rotation loop when you exit video thumbnail; - improve performance for rating preview; - add Romanian translation; - prepare all strings to be localized; - code re-factoring; Version 1.3.2 - Fix video rating display for new interface; - Improve video rating display; Version 1.3.1 - Fix display of rating preview; Version 1.3.0 - Change extension to use new extension API's (now it works with Google Chrome minimum version 18); - Improve options page; - Add about and feedback pages (you can go there from options, they will be improved); - Initial support for multilanguage; - Improve rating preview design; Version 1.2.1 - You can enable/disable video rating preview from settings; Version 1.2.0 - Now you can see bellow each video rating (if you don't see rating by default then mouse hover image, if rating still doesn't appear then that video doesn't have rating or it isn't available for you). Version 1.1.4 - fix show initial image. Version 1.1.3 - fix preview in channel for video section. Version 1.1.2 - fix preview after change in YouTube HTML Version 1.1.1 - add support for extension to work with https://www.youtube.com/ Version 1.1.0 - now works for all videos on YouTube, for Cosmic Panda, for the new interface (because image thumbnails have a greater width now and youtube doesn't provide thumbnails for that width, I use standard width of 120px so you will not see pixelated images) Version 1.0.1: - when you are on YouTube you will see in the url bar YouTube Preview icon from where you can change extension settings; - you will be able to set thumbnail rotation time (default is 1000 milliseconds);

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-23) Đăng Khôi Nguyễn Văn: It's worked. Loved it.
  • (2020-03-23) Over Dealer: Кал и залупа. Не робит
  • (2019-10-27) sd daneshi: doesn't works, broken.
  • (2018-09-17) Simon Cheng: Works. And the additional rating preview function is great.
  • (2018-09-05) Reijav: Solo funciona bien el "rating preview", NO el "video preview".
  • (2018-08-17) TRY IT EASY: nice
  • (2018-07-02) H SINGH: It often shows preview of older videos.
  • (2018-06-15) Viet Nguyen: Almost all thumbnail videos in youtube were disappeared. After installing this extension, they come back. Thank you very much.
  • (2018-06-03) Used this extension on both Chrome & Firefox. I like seeing a preview of the video, and the simple rating bar. The only small problem, is that if you go through a lot of channels, the bar does not show up for a minute or so.
  • (2018-02-27) ImprovedTube for YouTube: Nice ██╗. . . . . . . ██████╗. ██╗. . . ██╗. ███████╗ ██║. . . . . . ██╔═══██╗██║. . . ██║. ██╔════╝ ██║. . . . . . ██║. . . . ██║ ██║. . . ██║ █████╗ ██║. . . . . . ██║. . . . ██║ ╚██╗. ██╔╝██╔══╝ ███████╗╚██████╔╝. ╚████╔╝. ███████╗ ╚══════╝.╚═════╝. . . . ╚═══╝. . . ╚══════╝ (Maybe you don't need 'history' permission)
  • (2017-12-15) Gersivan Oliveira: Versão: 2.2.9 Se tornou Útil após a atualização.
  • (2017-10-15) john gerity: WRONG THUMBNAIL! Often changes the thumbnails in the Recomended/Up Next column. Similar to the Netflix bug where the wrong description shows up on a show or movie. VERY frustrating when you want to see what video the thumbnail is from but can't find it.
  • (2017-07-19) Marcos Freitas: Otimo
  • (2017-07-15) Mister Yosef: The App keeps getting better! Before, the extension would show three preview images from the video, Now it actaully shows a small segment of the video! played in the thumbnail. 10/10 A+++
  • (2017-07-11) Rabbitos: Worked perfectly. Now Youtube does this on its own! So no need to get this anymore. :)
  • (2017-06-27) Sam Friedman: Shows very few image previews (looks like a slideshow of 4 images) and often shows the wrong video. Also, it seems to be breaking YouTube sometimes for me, however I can't be certain if it's this extension in particular.
  • (2017-06-19) Atrium Domy: It used to work perfectly, but some time ago it gone wrong or crash. Now it seems to show frames from diferent videos, no match. Preview shows lion figting, but when u click on it it shows cooking tips, have no idea whats going on
  • (2017-06-01) danusty i: The best! let's you verify if the video is what you were actually looking for; also includes ratings preview. I will never fall for fake videos again!
  • (2017-05-15) Paul Comanici: Last update: May 16, 2017 Version 2.2.8 - as of May 16 (2017) it supports old & new YouTube UI General: - 3 thumbnails on mouse hover for any video; - rating bar on the top of every thumbnail; - Wiki page: https://github.com/darkyndy/YoutubeVideoPreview/wiki. - sync settings across different computers;
  • (2017-05-15) Cube Tesseract: It was okay but it stoped working now. Why?...
  • (2017-04-08) Hasan Salihoğlu: Yıllardır kullanıyorum. Çok iyi çalışıyor.
  • (2017-03-30) Muito bom, mas poderia ter mais frames e as vezes buga e não volta para a thumbnail
  • (2017-03-03) qbst: the preview is too short... it shows only 3 images :(
  • (2017-02-23) Michael 1: НЕ РАБОТАЕТ!

Latest issues

  • (2020-02-07, v:2.3.1) Michael Fasnacht: Browser history?
    Why exactly is my browser history needed?
  • (2019-06-13, v:2.2.9) steph g: video preview issue
    its showing the wrong pictures BEFORE even Previewing a video in Chrome Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit). I hope you can fix this, i LOVE the extension, great work
  • (2018-12-14, v:2.2.9) yrLDtLnt: Suggest
    Can you display the highest resolution of video?
  • (2018-06-25, v:2.2.9) ansh: rating bar on bottom
    an option to show the rating bar on bottom would be great
  • (2018-01-25, v:2.2.9) Jaroslaw Istok: Date
    Please show also how old this video is as yellow infotext as usually over pictures
  • (2017-07-14, v:2.2.8) Please help
    I've been trying to delete this extension, I have tried deleting it, it keeps coming back, it doesn't show that I have it, but when I hover over the videos, it still shows the preview. I have went into the chrome files and deleted the file, I have went into the registry and deleted the appropriate file, I have completely uninstalled chrome and its still there, I turned sync off for addons, so i shouldn't have it. Please help.
  • (2017-07-08, v:2.2.8) Abraham Menéndez: Wrong thumbnails
    As Isaiah says, I'm getting mix-matched thumbnails. I'm not doing anything weird, just watching videos. I have the uBlock and Stylish extensions.
  • (2017-05-30, v:2.2.8) Isaiah: Wrong thumbnails
    Starting a while ago the previews for each video have become the mix-matched. A video about gardening will have a thumbnail preview of some gaming video and etc.
  • (2017-05-16, v:2.2.8) Option to change bar position
    I prefer the rating bar to be on the bottom of thumbnails I don't have a problem with it being with the progress bar So I hope you add an option to change the position of the bar
  • (2017-05-15, v:2.2.6) A K: Not working
    Not working
  • (2017-05-15, v:2.2.6) Matthew Thill: Not working
    Recently the extension stopped showing working for me, I was able to see more thumbnails for videos on YouTube but now it's only showing me one.


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