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Swedish - English Dictionary by look up at The People's Dictionary.

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Description from store **Please read "Useful features" and "How to use", then you can use the extension usefully.** Swedish - English dictionary extension based on data from the People Dictionary (http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/folkets.en.html) This extension was designed for Swedish/English language learner. It was designed to be like an online dictionary. It was not designed like Google Translate. Useful features: - Instant audio player: Normally, when click to play audio in People Dictionary, it is so annoy that it will open a new tap and you have to click the audio again. With this extension, you don't ! - Right click to translate: Yea, you know what it means! - Translate in same page: You do not have to open the people dictionary in another page and type the words you are looking for. Just type 'Ctrl+Q' or click the extension icon. - Extra links to Google Translate and Tyda.se How to use: - highlight a word - Ctrl+Q - a popup will be shown with translation or - highlight a word - right click - choose 'translate by SweDic' - a new tab will be shown with translation or - highlight a word - click the extension - popup will be shown with translation or - Ctrl+Q - popup will be shown - type a word and enter or - click the extension - popup will be shown - type a word and enter Change logs: version 1.2: fix as require from google version 1.1.4: fix: some words cannot be found if there is whitespace with the words. version 1.1.3: add: when search on people dictionary, the extra links to the other dictionaries will be changed. version 1.1.2: fix: when go to http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/folkets.en.html by right click and search for something, it creates a popup. version 1.1.1: fix: when go to http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/folkets.en.html and search for something, it creates a popup. version 1.1.0: add popup by adding more translators + google anaytic for each action: version 1.0.0: add css to fix position : add extra links to Google Translate and Tyda.se version 0.9.7: add css version 0.9.5: add css version 0.9.2: add small description version 0.9.2: fix: change from Ctrl+Z to Ctrl+Q because Ctrl+Z equals 'undo' version 0.9.1: fix: The People Dictionary cannot search upper cases in popup. version 0.9.0: add Ctrl+Z be a hotkey to translate : remove no-needed areas in popup : change the old audio to flash audio then no annoy new tab before be able to click play sound version 0.2.0: Add 'select word-> click extension -> translate in popup' version 0.1.1: Fix: The People Dictionary cannot search upper cases.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-08-03) Dávid Takács: Doesn't work. The popup shows "try 'Ctrl+q' it's faster!!!" and nothing else.
  • (2019-09-26) William Joyce: Does this app work on a chrome book? If so, how do I get it to work on mine? All I get is an icon (Swedish flag) in my task bar and a window that says, "Try Ctrl+q. It's faster!!!" but it isn't.
  • (2019-05-01) Peter JB (PeterJB): A few minor issues: 1) After clicking the Settings "+", there was a warning about Flash is required, but if the user has flash globally disabled, then there's no option to enable Flash for only the extension, 2) when clicking the Settings "+", the settings display out of frame - perhaps they could display over top, in the middle of the window, 3) when the settings are displayed, if the mouse moves out of the settings area, the settings disappear, 4) when the settings are displayed, if the users changes a setting, the settings panel disappears and has to be reopened to make additional changes, 5) options/Settings is not available from the Extension Management page within the browser, 6) options is greyed-out from the context menu when right-clicking on the extension, 7) dictionary window is a little slow opening. I've only used this extension for a little while and so far I find it quite useful as a supplementary tool for helping with learning Swedish. The above-listed bugs are minor and will likely be cleared up in future releases. As it is, I thinks this is a good extension for it's purpose, it's useful, it's adequately functional. It's limited language dictionary of only Swedish and English could prove a hindrance to mass acceptance; perhaps if it was multi-language, instead of only Swedish, it would see greater adoption - users engaging in multiple languages, frequently, would be required to have several extensions like this one to perform cross-language look-ups. But, regardless, I think it works well and quite adequately serves it's intended purpose. Definitely worth 4-stars * * * * :o)
  • (2018-02-03) Nat Arslan: I downloaded it just for the kntrl+Q quick access. It didnt work for me!
  • (2016-05-31) Al Stew: It's great when it works. But it often is inactive. Surasin, have you time to fix any bugs?
  • (2015-04-28) Laith Al-Taie: The best available Swedish-English dictionary. The most powerful character is the pronunciation.
  • (2014-01-23) Keith Turner: I use this dictionary all the time. I was super excited to find it as an extension to Chrome. This is by far the best English Swedish dictionary available in my opinion.
  • (2013-04-30) Jenna Agata: the "hot key" (Crtl + q) doesn't work all the time.
  • (2013-01-12) Mateusz Kwiatkowski: I'm afraid the fast pop-up by using hot key doesn't work for me. But, all in all, this is great extension.
  • (2012-11-24) Saeed Mokhlesi: Absolutely fantastic, its not often i feel like i owe to something but this..
  • (2012-09-29) abbas rajani: nmn


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