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Hides all user comments on YouTube. There is no option or button to show the comments again. If you find this extension useful,…

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Description from store Hides all user comments on YouTube. There is no option or button to show the comments again. If you find this extension useful, buy me a Coke, I love Coke: https://paypal.me/michstan Thanks! :-) History: - 0.7.1 (May 4, 2017): Hide live chat on live broadcasts - 0.7 (May 3, 2017): Updated for the new Material Design YouTube - 0.6.1 (Dec 12, 2014): Fixed a bug with hidden "Show more" button below video descriptions - 0.6 (Sep 13, 2014): Updated to work with the recent changes on YouTube + new icon - 0.5 (Nov 9, 2013): Another change of YouTube comments, another rewrite - 0.4 (Nov 3, 2013): Updated to work with new YouTube - 0.3.3 (Mar 22, 2013): Updated to work with renamed comments element id - 0.3.2 (Mar 13, 2013): New upload to fix the strange manifest file error - 0.3.1 (Mar 12, 2013): Fixed expanding the video's description. - 0.3 (Mar 9, 2013): Changed to work with the most recent YouTube redesign. In addition to hiding comments, video's description text is automatically expanded. Thanks: The thumbs-down icon taken from the WPZOOM Developer Icon Set by wpzoom.com.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-02-26) Michał Jamry: best youtube expansion ever
  • (2020-02-15) めがねざる: このアドオンのおかげで低俗なユーチューブコメントを見なくてすみます。 スマホのユーチューブアプリにもこの機能を導入して、 ユーチューブコメントを見るか見ないかを選択させてくれたらうれしいです。
  • (2020-02-02) Valandi Allulis: Thank you! Works perfectly.
  • (2020-01-28) Nils Grønkjær: Does what it says on the tin, no bad permissions.
  • (2020-01-27) Camden Gamble: This is a great product! I used to get very distracted just mindlessly scrolling through unintelligent YouTube comments and now I don't have to wast time on something so trivial. I also like how secure this extension is! It is great that it only requests permission to change things on "youtube.com".
  • (2020-01-20) Nico East Milan: Funziona!!!
  • (2020-01-10) adriano s: Fun fact: comments on youtube are reaaaalllyyyyyy annoying. also me: disable youbute comments me: just kidding. everyoneee else: no. Read more
  • (2020-01-05) Matt: I feel so much better. Thank you.
  • (2019-12-31) Akio Crimson: What a cesspool of comments youtube has.
  • (2019-12-28) Some One: Thank you for best thematic plugin. If you will make hide plugin for all sites comments it will be awesome.
  • (2019-12-15) Austin Kuipers: A pond skimmer for the scum that accumulates under youtube videos. Ever wonder what effect our culture of safety obsession, well-marked pedestrian crossings, laws criminalizing effective self-defense tools/tactics and proliferation of warning stickers has had on the quality of our species? Look no further than a youtube comment section. This extension restores balance to this little slice of the internet by keeping those who should be silent and out of sight, silent and out of sight. <3
  • (2019-10-27) Jared Kamel: now if there was a way to remove comments from reviews, i'd be in heaven
  • (2019-10-10) Nico Guiller Hidalgo: Annoying Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz Comments are looking everywhere
  • (2019-09-25) blaquehart b: I am sick to death of seeing this comment in music videos " Anyone still listening to this in current year?). And the fools do this every year and receive so many thumbs up. It is the little things that make life worth living and it is these little things that make you want to end it. Youtube's comment section has become a cacophony of banal stupidity. The same comments being recycled over and over again on political videos. I'm over it!
  • (2019-09-24) 103 PWC: 最高に素晴らしいアプリだと私は思います。広告もないし、youtubeを楽しく利用できるようになりました。開発者の方、本当にありがとうございます。 I think this application is the best one I have ever used. I don't have to be bothered by annoying ads and this application has enabled me to enjoy watching videos uploaded to YouTube. I am so grateful to you, who developed this application.
  • (2019-09-18) Don't Subscribe: the problem of youtube comments are the recent comments, and I always look the recent ones
  • (2019-09-14) Nij47: Спасибо, от Прокрастинации очень спасает
  • (2019-09-09) Yellow Speech impediment dog: I love this
  • (2019-08-23) Muhd Sajjad: Does what it does, letting me listen to music without being distracted from work (I use Firefox for play), would recommend. 4 stars because as others have pointed out it would be good to toggle individual elements like live chat only even though that doesn't make sense. Also because the icon looks unpleasing, but I never look at it too long anyway so kidding there :P
  • (2019-08-13) Jill Marzolino: Seriously, hands-down, the best app, extension, etc I've ever added to my online life. Thank you for not having a toggle button and saving me from my own toxic curiosity.
  • (2019-08-02) Raina: YouTube comments are swamp, better to just ignore them all. Works!
  • (2019-07-31) Yes No: Does exactly what it says. Perfect! Actually, if you would just scroll through the reviews here you'll get a nice demonstration on exactly why this little extension is so great.
  • (2019-07-26) Isaac Clarke: To nejlepší z malých věcí!!! .... Miluji toto rozšíření a miluji čisté video na stránce youtube při přehrávání. Best of small things!!! .... I love this extension, and love clean video on youtube page in playing.
  • (2019-07-23) Anthony Piana: thx a lot, cancer has been defeated
  • (2019-07-07) Shaun Collier: The majority of the reviews I see are about either people who are liberal and they hate that the comments are toxic because of X, Y, Z bigoted reasons, or the review complains about how people just shouldn't look at the comment section and that hateful comments are just part and parcel (borrowing from my favourite mayor) of the internet. I'm right-wing. My reason for using this extension mostly doesn't relate to either of these. I find YouTube comments a waste of time. I've used YouTube for nearly fifteen years and viewing and replying to comment sections have become a habit. It is usually stupid comments (often one-liners or memes) that aren't constructive that float to the top of the section. I can take the heat when it comes to political comments, but for many people it's not just as simple as "not looking". This is similar to ignoring a chocolate bar. You shouldn't eat it, but you may have an eating disorder and as a bad habit you end up eating it on autopilot. It's like that when delving into cancerous YouTube comments. Like the chocolate diet. Disposing of that will help put you in the frame of mind to lose weight. Removing these comments will help you restore faith in humanity. While I'm here I'd like to suggestion an option for Android users. It's not possible to hide YouTube comments with the app. Instead I recommend installing a repository called F-Droid. It's quite easy and doesn't require rooting. With that you can install an app called NewPipe. Not only does it support background listening and skipping ads, but it doesn't even support YouTube comments. All the good, and then some, but none of the bad.


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