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Auto highlights new posts on the Userfriendly message board.

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Description from store Automatically highlight new posts since the last reload on the user friendly message board. Posts can also be highlighted based on poster name or keywords in the subject. When creating a post a new button is added to convert web addresses to links and add <BR> tags to the ends of lines. Options are accessed from chrome settings button in the top right under the tools->extensions menu item. Release notes: 1.2.10-1.2.12 Misc minor bug fixes. 1.2.9 Fixed options page, new manifest security had broken it 1.2.7 Change to version 2 manifest file. Fixed malformed but working URLs from causing weird results 1.2.5 Added features description page. Don't auto collapse non-new when viewing an old board. 1.2.4 Added support for ID9k mirrors. Added support for ID9k audio/video flag Fixed open in new tab for list mode and old boards. 1.2.3 Fixed autoscroll to highlighted subjects/users. Autoscroll now expands the post into view if it wasn't already. Added option to make expanded view look like subject only but pop up preview on mouseover Add tree controls to read posts. 1.2.2 TLPs that triggered the subject keyword highlighting weren't showing up in bold. Indent level wasn't correctly extracted when skipping some indent levels. 1.2.1 Fixed bug where expanding to show only threads with new posts missed some posts. Fixed bug where IDs were off by 1 post. Fixed bugs what happened to make things work when IDs were off by one. Fixed crash when attempting to extract the username from a deleted post. Fixed toggle icon getting incorrectly added to list item on the board. Fixed expand new option from adding toggle icons to new posts with no children. 1.2.0 Added new experimental list mode. 1.1.3 Added right click menu to expand/collapse all if that option is enabled. 1.1.2 Fixed note on options page indicating that expand/collapse buttons don;t work in expand all view. 1.1.1 (not released) Fixed expand/collapse buttons not working in expand all view mode. Fixed expand/collapse icons changing once then sticking when clicking empty TLPs 1.1.0 Added the option to add collapse/expand controls to top level posts. Added the option to automatically collapse top level posts with no new replies. 1.0.16 ID9k in place decode now also decodes checkbox warnings and fixed some formatting issues on warning text. 1.0.15 Prevented crash when preferences were invalid. 1.0.14 Fixed issues with default options not being correctly set until you visited the options page. 1.0.12 added option to not automatically clear highlights on reload. 1.0.11 Fixed crash when only one item was to be highlighted. 1.0.10 Added option to override the default highlight colours for specific names/keywords. 1.0.9 Added experimental option to automatically decode ID9k links in place. 1.0.7 Fixed crash in reply highlighting when user had posted the last post on the board. Prevented BR tags being added to lines ending in a P tag when converting a post to HTML. 1.0.6 Added option to highlight replies to your own posts 1.0.5 Does what 1.0.4 should have done. 1.0.4 had the updated version number but didn't update any other files (oops). 1.0.4 Prefix page title with number of new posts. 1.0.3 username/keywords to highlight no longer require the user to enter the full delimited string manually, they can be set/removed individually from the options page. Fixed bug with subject highlight color not being correctly set on the options page. 1.0.2 Fixed status bar being created on read pages. 1.0.1 first pass at a nicer options screen. 1.0 fixed autoscroll options not loading correctly when viewing options screen fixed autoscroll offset not being applied. 0.1 - initial public release.


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