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Cut, copy, and paste from the right-click menu and ribbon in Office on the web.

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Description from store Installing this free extension enables you to cut, copy, and paste via right-click menus and the ribbon toolbar when using Office on the web. Due to limitations of web browsers, copying and pasting in Microsoft Office for the web through menus requires additional permissions which are provided through this extension.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-02-14) Pa1n iwnl: They should fire the people who thought about this and approved it. No additional comments
  • (2023-11-10) Izzy: Why exactly was this necessary?
  • (2023-10-31) Doesn't work. Why isn't this part of the application already?
  • (2023-10-25) Harper Rooney: This is the most idiotic thing I've ever seen, I installed it and it doesn't even work.
  • (2023-10-25) Moss White: Kind of dumb to have to install this. Now it's not working for no good reason! I'm so over this bs from this thing!
  • (2023-10-21) Juan Scurupa: Eu quero é saber por quê o Office online é (provavlemente) o único site que precisa de uma extensão para copiar e colar usando o mouse? Você não precisa de uma extensão para copiar e colar usando comandos do teclado, mas precisa para poder usar o botão de colar ao apertar o botão direito do mouse???? Sentido? cadê o sentido, gente??
  • (2023-10-19) Ryan: This seems extremely unnecessary.
  • (2023-10-16) Ethan Rimelman: Must be sad to be a developer who considers this a production worthy solution. Shame
  • (2023-10-10) Chloe K: wow. i cant believe i needed to separately download the cut and paste option. what is this? 1971? like, why cant it be apart of chrome?
  • (2023-10-08) Selena Sanner: just implement it into the app
  • (2023-10-07) Vincent Lee: this is so basic. why is this even needed.
  • (2023-10-07) Sean Weaver: this right here is why people hate on microsoft, and they're right to do it
  • (2023-10-07) Zadie Monteclaro: Very stupid idea. Copy and Paste should automatically be a part of any writing applications. I resent the fact that I have to download this extension.
  • (2023-10-07) Dawid Kanarek: Copy/paste problem still is not resolved, I can't paste data from Excel to Google Sheets. It should be implemented itself.
  • (2023-10-03) Joshmar Navarra: shouldve been implemented already
  • (2023-10-01) Liv H: this is BS. it should be in the program already
  • (2023-09-30) Karen Gaggin: I have tried to set this up multiple times....still won't work. It used to be so simple to copy/paste. Now I can't even write a resume as I can't copy & paste pictures I need for it. I need this fast, and it is useless
  • (2023-09-29) Eleanor Malmendier: Why do I have to download this as an extension????????
  • (2023-09-21) Ashton Voss: ??? why do i need this
  • (2023-09-20) Braden: The extension works well, but this should be a feature built into the software itself. Have no idea why I HAVE to download this to enable a fundamental feature of any other writing software (including desktop word)
  • (2023-09-20) Ashley Martinez: why... why do I have to add an extension for copy and paste... stupid
  • (2023-09-19) Bradley Wilton: The stupidest extension ever. Why would Microsoft build and extension for copy and pasting. Ridiculous
  • (2023-09-18) Shana Wakenshaw (Journey): The extension performs exactly as described. I don't use the web versions of Microsoft Office Web apps, but when I do- this extension is a MUST have! <3
  • (2023-09-10) Zoe H: Quite ridiculous that you have to download an extension in order to copy and paste. I was sticking to Google Docs for so long since I'm not as used to Microsoft but I had to switch temporarily due to a course I'm taking. My dislike of Microsoft increased twofold.
  • (2023-09-06) TRINH PHAN: Useless extension that should be implented already and IT WAS. fix your code you dumb
  • (2023-08-15) Sergio B: Deberia estar por defecto.
  • (2023-08-10) Jordan Curtin: Word online said it was required to use 'paste text only' tool. Installed it and tried to do it again, word online continued to say I still needed it. Within the time it takes to install I can just copy paste and reformat the font and size to fit the document. Not impressed.
  • (2023-08-09) Daniel Dupont: An extension just to copy paste is extremely suspicious.
  • (2023-08-03) L Boehm: if you have to add an extension to copy and paste on your stupid site, your a failure of a company.
  • (2023-07-19) Benyamin Limanto: Not even working in any chromium browser... what a nightmare extension tho...
  • (2023-06-26) Yan Simabucuro: Não funciona. Não sei como conseguiram colocar uma função básica do Office numa extensão de navegador que ainda por cima não funciona...
  • (2023-06-03) Thúy thinks twice: You greedy company. Beware, this with track and sell your data.
  • (2023-06-02) Ashlesh D: Useful but annoying. Why create it?
  • (2023-05-18) West Wesr: Шляпа..не работает
  • (2023-05-17) user name: Probably the most idiotic, useless thing I've ever heard of.
  • (2023-05-11) Moon Warrior: مياو
  • (2023-05-11) Josh McMahon: Annoying that it's needed, but I also understand why it's needed.
  • (2023-04-27) Jake: Guys it is a tracking tool by criminals stealing your information, converting to .html files, and sending to God only kows who. In fact, I never even installed the .net framework that is required to manage this extension (which is another means of tricking you into thinking you are on the original windows program that came with your system. If I were you, I would report to police and take safety measures.
  • (2023-04-17) Random Name: This is so stupid
  • (2023-03-23) Lucas Lau: It worked fine, but why on earth are they making an extension for it? A billion dollar company should just be able to enable it! Instead, they make this stupid extension so they can read our data
  • (2023-03-20) Caitlin “Kate” Douglas-Mehaffey: I get why this is done, but it was executed poorly, with no explanation why (for the people who are unaware). Additionally, the UX of this is awful.
  • (2023-03-17) Roberto Uemura: Não funciona
  • (2023-03-07) Impi Bibi: Dumb effing additive so office can mine our data. We aren't stupid.
  • (2023-03-05) Byron Dondoyano: Why is this a thing?
  • (2023-02-27) Noah Lee: Why is this even a thing??? Let us go back to downloading our office apps. Might have to start using Google Docs and Notepad more after this mess.
  • (2023-02-23) Sebastian La: Ich bewerte gerade ein Add-on um kopieren und einfügen zu können. Krank.
  • (2023-02-05) Dilania Martinez peña: exelente
  • (2023-02-01) Sweety N: Absolutely insane. It doesn't work. For a basic feature I have to download this and when did it doesn't work. It simply can't even do a thing. It is so frustrating. Hell with this. If Microsoft is not going to bring the copy-paste feature to its inbuild version of MS-Office then I vote for banning of all MS products. This is bizarre.
  • (2023-01-27) Adrian Dip: Please allow people to download Office. Installing addons for basic features is absolutely insane
  • (2022-12-26) John Kelley: Most useless thing to have to install. This shows that you basically removed a feature that was already there to make us have to install this bs to enable such a basic thing. This is why people avoid microsoft programs as much as possible.

Latest issues

  • (2024-04-06, v: Pamela Greene: why can we no longer use the mouse for cut, paste, etc. functions that worked before?
    I just paid $70 for my MS office 365 subscription and can't use its functions? WHY?
  • (2023-12-30, v: AL EPHERM: Chromebook
    can't copy form iPhone
  • (2023-11-19, v: Sandra Wasicek: Tried To Install...doesn't work
    app doesn't work
  • (2023-11-03, v: Grace Scott: how
    how did you do this?
  • (2023-10-15, v: Nada Allam: The extension doesn't work
    doesn't work 10/15/2023
  • (2023-10-03, v: Katrina Myers (Trina): cut and paste app does not work
    This app does not work. All permissions are okayed, so there is no reason it should not work. I am now wondering if it is a virus? Complete waste of space and useless, very disappointed because this could have been very useful for my school work. I am deleting the app, fingers crossed it is not a virus and just poorly made.
  • (2023-10-02, v: kanyamuneza diane: copier coller
    bonjour, je suis plus capable de copier coller les mots ni les phrases, la réponse que je recois est que c'est bloqué par l'administrateur
  • (2023-09-25, v: Dara M'chelle: Copy and paste extension does not work.
    I downloaded the copy and paste extension and it does not work.
  • (2023-08-28, v: Mark Stacy: not working
    Not working on 8-28-2023 when I need it to.
  • (2023-08-26, v: B2k Bob: not working
    not working
  • (2023-08-25, v: Laura Knopp: Copy and Paste Extension
    I receive an error message every time I try to add this extension to Chrome.
  • (2023-08-19, v: Soua Moua: Does not work
    I have the extension installed but I am still not able to copy/paste with my mouse.
  • (2023-07-26, v: Cristian Tognonato: quiero copias archivos PDF y acomodar varios en una hoja A4 para imprimirlos ¿que y/o como debo hacer?
    quiero copias archivos PDF y acomodar varios en una hoja A4 para imprimirlos ¿que y/o como debo hacer?
  • (2023-07-15, v: Sherri Ida: cut and paste extension
    How can I get this extension for my computer? I am working on my church's document and I need this feature.
  • (2023-06-29, v: Erasmo Leiva Saavedra: que necesidad
    que necesidad habia de separar la funcion de copiar y pegar. Me puedes explicar?? quiero saber
  • (2023-06-16, v: Malak Alnzy: why is it not leting me past
    why is it not leting me past
  • (2023-06-14, v: Nurten Dursun: uygulama
    uygulama ücretli mi


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