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Adds new functionality to assist in posting in the Steam Community.

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Description from store This extension is a productivity tool for posting to the Steam Community that saves you a bit of time from having to type out all of the BBCode by hand. It allows you to quickly surround selected text with BBCode tags, as well as offers extra tags (they are plain text tags not built into Steam BBCode that might be useful). All tag options are added as buttons directly above or below new post text areas depending on the location in Steam, and are also added to a sidebar to allow you to tag text you wish to include in your post as you scroll through a thread with many posts. This extension should work on (almost) all Steam community discussion areas. This would include: regular Steam discussions, game hub discussions, and group discussions (the buttons are added as long as you have the required permissions to create new discussions). It does not work on the Friend Activity section at the moment, but that is something I would like to add. --------------------------------------------------------------- The following explains what buttons are available and what they add: H1 [h1]selected text[/h1] B [b]selected text[/b] U [u]selected text[/u] I [i]selected text[/i] Strike [strike]selected text[/strike] Spoiler [spoiler]selected text[/spoiler] URL [url=]selected text[/url] Bullet List [list] [*] [*] [*] [/list] Number List [olist] [*] [*] [*] [/olist] Quote [quote]selected text[/quote] No Parse [noparse]selected text[/noparse] Code [code][/code] Sarcasm [sarcasm]selected text[/sarcasm] Off-Topic [off-topic]selected text[/off-topic] NOTES: "selected text" (as used above): If you select text outside of the text area, that selected text is added to the text area and is surrounded by the selected tag. If you select text within the text area, that selected text is surrounded by the selected tag. The "Code", "Bullet List", and "Number List" tags are only appended to the end of the text area and do not do anything with selected text. "Quoting": **v1.5** When you select text outside of the reply area of a thread and select the Quote tag, the extension will determine the original author's name and the post ID and surround the selected text with a Quote tag resembling the output of Steam's built-in reply button like so: [quote=authorName;postId]selected text[/quote]. If you select a tag other than the Quote tag, the selected text is surrounded by the selected tag and the selected tag is surrounded by a Quote tag like so: [quote=authorName;postId][tag]selected text[/tag][/quote]. **Original version** As of now, quoting selected text does NOT automatically directly link to where the text was selected from. It only adds an empty "quote" tag. I have an idea for implementing this, but, for now, if you wish to specifically quote the original author, you must do so in your new post. "Sarcasm": This tag is not a default BBCode tag and will literally only surround text with "[sarcasm]" and "[/sarcasm]" and could be useful for conveying sarcasm. "Off-Topic": This tag is not a default BBCode tag and will literally only surround text with "[off-topic]" and "[/off-topic]" and could be useful for identifying stuff that is off-topic. The sidebar tags: I felt this would be useful for "tagging as you scroll", if that makes sense. As you read through a long thread, you can highlight specific things you'd like to tag in your reply. --------------------------------------------------------------- Permissions required and explained: "<all_urls>" - Should only allow the extension to check the url and only applies to Steam Community urls. "tabs" - Allows the extension to run on multiple tabs and only on the Steam Community. This extension does not use any personal information at all and I openly suggest you to inspect the code yourself. I am completely open to adding more features to this extension, as well as allowing others to help develop it as it is open source. If you want to contribute, or just want to check out the code, go here: https://github.com/HHHApps/SteamDiscussionHelper Thanks for checking out this extension! I hope you like it! --------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4: Added "noparse" tag. The extension should now add buttons to new game guides and trading and workshop discussions. A bug regarding buttons not working on new replies should now be fixed. --------------------------------------------------------------- 1.5: Fixed some issues with replacing selected text where, if the same text was in the message multiple times, it just used the last instance of the text. It now uses the correct instance. You can also now add tags where you want instead of just adding them to the end. Tags also now automatically quote the original author and post ID when selecting text from another user's post. --------------------------------------------------------------- 1.6: The extension should now add buttons to the following areas: profiles, group comments, guide comments, reviews, artwork comments, screenshot comments, video comments, and game announcements/news comments. There are a few issues at the moment that prevent adding the buttons to group announcements as well as Friend Activity. NOTE: Buttons are only added to comment sections when they are in full-page mode. They are not added to the pop-up dialogs at the moment. So, in order to use the comment buttons, please open the shared file (artwork, screenshot, video) and game announcements in a full tab. --------------------------------------------------------------- Upcoming additions: Buttons added to: group announcements friend activity and more

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-30) Felix Bauerschäfer: The implementation works as of today July 2021. But it has not aged well, the screenshots on the extension are rather confusing as they're not high resolution. On my screen it shows BBcode formatting options under "more discussion" tab. You can only apply quick formatting to a new reply which is another issue I have with the extension kinda unfortunate. The advertised selected-text option does work in a new reply and you can add formatting to a sentence or even paragraph to your fully hearts desire. But it's missing some formatting options it does not have HR (Horizontal rule) and table besides that this addon gives users a more rich text approach to writing comments in Steam Discussions. Though sarcasm, off-topic aren't real ones and are more for giggles for the developer then actually being useful for the user. If a user really wanted to ebelish sarcasm I think the internet unified itself across forums of the usage /s and OT but that's just my opinion. Instead of using fictional bb tags that might confuse people. Also thanks to the developer(s) for including a changelog inside the description but if you update to 1.7 and don't tell anyone what you did this is not as transparent as you think anymore. I rather suggest you use somekind of git portal (gitea, gitlab, github) where you can upload your changes and keep the users informed about your code. If you wanna be more transparent about your projects.

Latest issues

  • (2021-07-27, v:1.7) Sergio: What does these buttons?
    "Sarcasm" and "Off-topic", I've tried them but doesn't work, how can I use them?
  • (2019-08-04, v:1.6) Aaron Harrington: No Buttons
    I'm having an issue where there are no buttons for any of the tags.
  • (2016-06-08, v:1.6) Michael Mühlbauer: cant send text
    Hi, im using your addon but i have a problem. I have no "send" button anymore. Is there a keybind to send the text? regards


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