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Jurawa Design Wolf - New Tab Extension

Description from extension meta Make new tabs display only the Jurawa Design Wolf background... no apps, recently viewed pages or any other muck.
Image from store Jurawa Design Wolf - New Tab Extension
Description from store >>> Updated to an extension <<< Now, it is an extension rather than just a theme... which replaces the default Chrome New Tab Page with just the good ole motivational wolf! No more intrusive Chrome search bars, apps or recently viewed pages... Originally, I created this Google Chrome theme because I thought it might help motivate me to actually work on the things I should be working on... Ironically, I definitely should have been working on other things while I made the theme. Maybe it will help motivate some of you, and if not, at least the image is hilarious and makes me laugh every time I open a new tab! Enjoy!
Latest reviews (2019-05-11) Wolf Stud: AWESOME APP>!!!!!! thank you verymuch for taking the time to make this extention!!! (2016-12-02) Funbun21: i like how it has that saying on it and i am a wolf therian so i loved it even more (2016-11-01) Wade Westphal-Groves: I HATE IT!!! (2016-10-28) Virgo Atlas: Thumbs up. (2016-10-14) Brianna Petty: how do i get it off (2016-07-23) Tammy Wimmer: good very good im in love with wolves this made me laugh (2016-07-07) Crystal The SeaWing Hybrid: Cursed (2016-06-20) Craig Sayen: awesome!!!!!!!! (2016-06-03) Eduardo Lazcano: Me Encanta Es Hermoso (2016-03-28) MAXIMILIAN 1, HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR: It's a good background, but can you get rid of the cuss words? I looooooooove wolves, but really? "Just f****** do it." DO WHAT!!?!?!??! (2016-03-15) Special Person: Exactly!!! :~} (2016-02-16) Ryleigh Thaxton: stupid (2016-02-08) JJ munoz: it wont come off plz help someone (2016-01-27) steve ogburn: it is stupid (2015-11-21) Tunahan Koyuncu: yarrağım gibi (2015-11-11) Matt Tyson: Says a bad word. Everyone can see it. Even kids! (2015-10-25) Stephanie Key: hate the vulgarity, why ruin a beautiful picture with language (2015-10-22) The Gay Dinosaur: How do i get it off it is so not what i wanted (2015-10-21) is not godt :,( (2015-10-16) Juan Manuel Salgado Rivera: No se quita cuando cambias de tema (2015-10-07) Paul Edwards: I think this is great cant beat a wolf picture & the words are so inspiring.Just a pity it doesn't fill the screen(not wide enough) (2015-08-19) S Wolfeman: Couldn't see the f word in the small image. Hate it. (2015-04-22) gravity cipher: i cant get it off (2015-04-15) Bobbie Peters: horrible i cant get rid of it (2015-03-31) Chandler Blake: this sucks and how do you delete it
Latest issues (2018-08-20, v:0.1) delete subject
jurawa new extension i want to delete i need my info like the old one showed i can not delete it i also would like to original with all the so called "muck" on it ha
(2018-05-07, v:0.1) ????????
I want to uninstall!
(2016-12-13, v:0.1) please
let me uninstall
(2016-12-09, v:0.1) ?????
i can't get rid of it. i like to get rid of it right now
(2016-12-01, v:0.1) Hey it’s J KJ: ????
how do i get rid of themes i would appreciate it
(2016-10-18, v:0.1) question
how do you delete it it is way to interproperiet for my school.
(2016-10-07, v:0.1) stupid
maybe u should fix this!??
(2016-10-07, v:0.1) HATE THIS!!!!!!
it wont work!!!! y wont it come off!
(2016-06-27, v:0.1) omfg i cant fucking remove it
how tf do u remove this shit
(2016-05-11, v:0.1) it dumb
i cant get rid of it and im gonna get in trouble with it

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2.9891 (183 votes)
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2014-06-10 / 0.1



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