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YouTube Ad Skipper is an extension that auto skips ads after YouTube provides a skip ad button. It does not block an ad.

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Description from store A browser extension that automates skipping ad on YouTube. This is not an ad blocker; it just automates the process of clicking on the "Skip Ad" button on YouTube. This is basically useful when you are watching a YouTube video (or a playlist), and an ad starts playing. YouTube allows you to skip the ad after 5 seconds, but if you can't be bothered to click it yourself (or you are AFK), this extension clicks that button for you. Configurations can be set per channel. Did you know: YouTubers are paid 50% of the revenue for any ads playing on their videos. You can use this extension to play ads longer (or not skip) for channels you want to support, or skip them entirely for some. ========= New in version 2.0 ============= ‣ Ability to stop countdown to skip ad. Some ads just grip you and you want to watch it till the end. Now you'll see a countdown before the ad is skipped and a button to end the countdown. ========= New in version 1.0 ============= Ad Skipper now has so much more to offer: ‣ You can now set how long to play the ad before skipping (as fast as 0 seconds). ‣ Mute ads automatically Unlock these features with a support of just 3 cups of coffee a year (USD $7/yr). The original core feature is and will always remain FREE!

Latest reviews

  • (2024-04-03) New Journey: I like it but I don't understand the need for the developer to track/obtain the following information: * Personally identifiable information (For example: name, address, email address, age, or identification number) * Financial and payment information (For example: transactions, credit card numbers, credit ratings, financial statements, or payment history) * Authentication information (For example: passwords, credentials, security question, or personal identification number (PIN)) There are no settings available in the free version which would require any kind of authentication credentials such as a pin, password, security question or otherwise. I believe it's probably only collected in the event of paying for the paid version. I see it's via Stripe. I have a stripe account, so I understand that aspect of it. Explanation: To upgrade to the paid version you must sign in via your Google account and on that sign in page I see "To continue, Google will share your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture with ad-auto-skipper.firebaseapp.com." That covers the Personally Identifiable Information section, as well as the payment details section. Okay. Authentication information? I don't understand why it's needed. I don't see an option for a PIN or otherwise. Either way, I think this is awesome. Knowing what little I know of "permissions" for Android it makes sense how these three things may be required for a Chrome addon. I feel it's likely above board. I'm not worried about it. The addon works as it says it will. It's awesome! Thank you!
  • (2024-01-12) Diana the Ascian: doesn't work anymore for me at least
  • (2023-11-03) Alfangelwolf: Ha dejado de funcionar recientemente
  • (2023-11-03) Sinoozi: Worked perfectly until today, now the ads continue without skipping. seems YT have changed something.
  • (2023-10-31) Damocles: Finally someone with a brain created a solution. I had been thinking such script for eons but i'm not a software developer so hats off to this guy.
  • (2023-10-28) susururu: Works as it says: skips the ads after the mandatory 5 seconds have passed. Works as of 28/10/2023-
  • (2023-10-27) ゆめ: çalışıyor
  • (2023-10-24) Hasan Vr.: not worked
  • (2023-10-22) soft Grace: No funciona con la nueva version de youtube
  • (2023-10-22) Wilbur: Unfortunately this extension didn't work for me. All the 5 secs ads on youtube continue playing until I manually click the skip ad button or let youtube continue spamming the ads.
  • (2023-09-03) Orodude: Works perfect. Good enough for me to go out of my way to write the review.
  • (2023-08-18) A Boomer: I have been using this extension for a long time but recently stopped working and I have to skip it manually I will rate 5 star if the bug is fixed
  • (2023-08-15) DIVYA SRINIVAS: Not working since a month.
  • (2023-08-14) امیرمحمد: in new update of youtube it dosent work because of new type of "skip" icon and it dont skip it , im waiting for update <3
  • (2023-06-24) Roshan Jaiswal: nice extensions working flawlessly, No any Issue, I am using this since 13 Months no any problem arises, Thank you developer😊
  • (2023-06-01) Land Frozendonut: I love it works perfectly for me nothing else simple and plain
  • (2023-02-14) tran fb: good
  • (2023-02-10) Ashil Shah: Thank you for this, it easily skips adds and you can watch the videos without giving any input
  • (2023-01-03) Grey: Absolutely garbage. Poorly built, tries to charge you money for basic features, puts an annoying button under your videos which directs you to the premium version, and reminds you to purchase it at every opportunity. There is another extension, "Tweaks for YouTube", which provides everything this extension does and much MUCH more, without charging you a penny. In comparison, it makes this extension look like a middle school project.
  • (2022-10-04) Nick Attardo: Exactly what I was looking for. Great.
  • (2022-10-02) Rocket gamer GX: this is the best thing ever thank you just THANK YOU
  • (2022-07-14) Gamer's Galaxy: It's Awesome
  • (2022-07-07) Lyle Ratchford: basically any skippable ad with the counter can be skipped five seconds after it starts but with thin work if its paused so if you pause the start of the ad five seconds later it skips it
  • (2022-04-19) Theo Farnole: Perfect!
  • (2022-04-10) Martin Mårtensson: Doesn't skip ads anymore.
  • (2022-04-08) Jordan A: Works fine for me ! Wil update if i have any issues
  • (2022-04-02) Akail: why did you collect the data, Personally Identifiable Information, Financial and payment information and Authentication information, password, credentials, security question, or personal identification number (PIN)
  • (2022-03-29) Rizki Gusna: It doesn't work anymore
  • (2022-03-22) Ian gray: doesn't work
  • (2022-03-11) Hlias X: It works and thats what I want for this type of app!
  • (2022-02-24) Norahmad Barzrul Basaruddin: Sadly, it does not work anymore.. going to uninstall it.
  • (2022-02-23) Gab: Loved the free version but now it doesnt work anymore. Anyone knows if the paid version works?
  • (2022-02-16) Calder Young: this extension changed my life
  • (2022-02-15) Yasinzaii: It was working great! But Now it doesn't work anymore!!!
  • (2022-02-07) Yan: doesn't work so well. once I activate developer mode it works but just one time, then it doesn't work anymore. is someone have a solution for my issue?
  • (2022-02-05) Allen Ding: Was great before, but now it locks features behind a paywall.
  • (2022-02-01) josh merritt: Was working fine but today it started opening new tabs and advertising it's paid version so I uninstalled it. I don't want my ad skipper opening tabs and sending me ads.
  • (2022-02-01) Walter Antolini: Era gratis ora è a pagamento, 7$ per poterlo usare altrimenti vedi gli annunci... Rimosso.
  • (2022-02-01) KentJ: this is supposed to be an ad skipper why it has its own ads if u add ads to an ad skipper thats just dumb i know you need money but if u want money do it another way. btw love the extension when it doesnt have its own ads.
  • (2022-01-28) 黃柏叡 HUANG, PO-JUI E24086242: It perfectly takes balance between the revenue of YouTubers and the audiences' watching experience. Nice work!
  • (2022-01-28) Ray Huang: useful and always works!
  • (2022-01-20) They call me Zhenya: I love the extension because it doesn't block ads but skip them, so you still support creators. A few days ago there was a youtube update and the extension stopped working. The creator FIXED the extension and it's up again, love you!
  • (2022-01-19) Rifalya: Loved the extension work really well now. The dev also responded within a week, when the extension stopped working and fixed it.
  • (2022-01-18) Seb Wilkes: EDIT: not working across multiple devices Does what it says on the tin, but also skips more than YouTube. Thanks so much!
  • (2022-01-15) SSP: No longer working
  • (2022-01-15) Ivan Jatnika: earlier this work fine but now really bad doesn't work
  • (2022-01-15) Layne W: worked perfectly for years but here lately its not working. like its just flat out not working consistently.
  • (2022-01-14) Hok4: it stopped working since 2 days ago, need an update
  • (2022-01-14) Mad Max: this has been a life saver for a long time


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