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Merges all or only selected files of a volafile room into a .zip file and downloads it

Image from store Volafile downloader
Description from store * 1.7: Fixed "Download all" * 1.6: - You can now shift-select files via checkboxes - Added an alert if the files to be downloaded exceed the maximum JSZip file size - Mark files as finished once they're done downloading - Show progress on file downloads * 1.5: REALLY fixed the filename encoding this time * 1.4: Fixed an issue with filename encoding * 1.3: Added a second button to download only selected files (checkboxes left of the normal volafile download button) * 1.2: Made the button prettier Adds a button to the top of volafile rooms that generates a .zip file containing all or only selected files of the room.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-01-23) Foto Valencia Estudio: I get this message : "Something went wrong while generating the .zip file. Maybe vola is throttling your connection." Running Versión 87.0.4280.141 (Build oficial) (x86_64) on my iMac under Mac OS 10.13.6
  • (2020-10-10) Dalton Dalton: broken an no longer maintained by developer
  • (2020-09-02) erik soto: Works like a charm. Only needs a deselect button
  • (2020-01-27) Game Thug: Used to work great, but will no longer zip downloads. Produces an error.
  • (2020-01-09) Gabriel -: I get this message : "Something went wrong while generating the .zip file. Maybe vola is throttling your connection."
  • (2019-12-25) MadeOnEarth: doesn't work anymore when you select files to download say "Something went wrong while generating the .zip file. Maybe vola is throttling your connection." its been like this for weeks
  • (2019-12-14) Hash Brown: has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Devs, You need to send the Allow CORS key in your response! CORS is being blocked. Please fix it!
  • (2019-12-13) Arco Witter: Was working great until a few days back... Now it has stopped completely telling me that maybe Volafile is throttling my connection. PLEASE FIX!
  • (2019-10-26) The arhive: Pls fix this problem : something went wrong while generating the .zip file. Maybe vola is throttling your connection.
  • (2019-10-01) jacky velluet: Should start at the end for downloading file. When the last file go out from the list the download crash !!
  • (2019-08-10) Mehmet Sirci: Update pls düğmeler görünmüyor ve bir çok eksiği var mobile kullanıyorum
  • (2019-05-23) Станислав Буценко: Может я что-то делаю не так, но расширение вообще не работает - никаких панелей не открывается..
  • (2019-05-05) Jerek Leprem: Meh. It would be better if you could: Download more than 2 gbs and use full internet speeds on vola. There must be a way.
  • (2018-12-26) Keep a good work. Works great
  • (2018-10-21) Arturo David Yelmo Márquez: until update october 18 don´t run
  • (2018-09-16) Kevin Yang: doesn't work for me. using chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • (2018-08-05) Lyinggod: It works well but you are limited to your "normal" download speeds from Vola. If you are downloading so much MB that you computer goes to sleep, you will probably lose any progress made and have to start the Download over (if the files havent vanished).

Latest issues

  • (2020-09-02, v:1.7) John Q Smith: Volafile
    Your extension isn't working of me with the message "Something went wrong while generating the .zip file. Maybe vola is throttling your connection." Yet manually I can download all I want and up to 6 files at a time. Anyone else having trouble?
  • (2020-07-06, v:1.7) Lyinggod: Not correctly downloading files
    This appears to be no longer downloading correctly. When I download "selected files" with this plugin, I get a zip with zero byte long files.
  • (2020-04-10, v:1.7) Сергей Ян: help
    You wrote an interesting extension, but you can ask something like that for another resource, can you write? so that you can also download saved files?
  • (2020-02-29, v:1.7) Zanshi Kaijin: Acts oddly.
    In some volas it still works. For instance it will still zip epubs, but doing pdf files it acts as if it works but goes very fast and then creates a zip file with zero size with the room's name.
  • (2020-01-14, v:1.7) James Steenbruggen: Is everyone having the issue pictures ?
    Are all files now an issue??
  • (2019-12-26, v:1.7) Jerek Leprem: Broken on chrome
    Doesn't download .zip file. I keep getting a "Something went wrong while generating the .zip file. Maybe vola is throttling your connection." Vola may have caught on to whatever you're doing.
  • (2019-05-13, v:1.7) A Google Dude: How are files stored?
    I ran into the issue where certain files expired before I could finish downloading them prior to zipping. This made it so that it is currently hanging at 21/24 completed files ready. Is there any way to grab the already downloaded and ready files? Are you planning to make it so that if a download 404s before the zipping is ready, it just creates a zip from what you've already had? Thank you for the wonderful extension.
  • (2019-03-23, v:1.7) Lyinggod: Volafile update
    Volafile has updated their download system. Now there is an intermediate prompt providing a button that must be clicked, at least for PDFs, to have the PDF loaded into the browser. This is preventing the extension from functioning properly. Right clicking and choosing "save link" at any prompt now shows an HTML file will be downloaded instead of the actual PDF. It seems like your extension still functions properly with image files but I have only tried one image file.
  • (2019-01-22, v:1.7) Preston: Option to download without zipping; remembering URLs
    Cool add-on. Two suggestions: * Option to download files without zipping them. * Remember previously downloaded URLs (up to a maximum) and skip those files.
  • (2018-10-21, v:1.6) Arturo David Yelmo Márquez: dont´t run until update
    download the files individually don´t compress in one zip
  • (2018-08-19, v:1.5) Quinten de Rijke: preparing
    how long does a folder of 3600+ pictures take to prepare? it took about an hour to preare them individually, and now it just says preparing. how long will this take?
  • (2018-07-05, v:1.5) Michael Burch: Preparing...
    Its been showing Preparing... for a long time. I fear it may be stuck. What does this mean and how long should I wait before I give up? Files will only be there one more day. I can't wait too long before I start downloading them the old fashioned way - one by one. Thanks!
  • (2018-06-04, v:1.4) Lyinggod: File name encoding
    The file name encoding issue previously indicated persists. instead of the files within the zip showing up as My File Name.pdf They are appearing as: My%20File%20Name.pdf other non-alphanumeric characters are still similarly encoded
  • (2018-06-02, v:1.3) Lyinggod: compressed file names
    Exact file names are not retained and non-alphanumeric characters such as commas, spaces, and brackets are replaced with URL encoding such as %20 for spaces. This requires renaming of all files.


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