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Let the machine do what it does best and we do worst

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Description from store >> New feature! Now you can write the job logs using Markdown syntax << >> New feature! Export your jobs to disk, and import them later if needed << We humans are pathetically unsuited for multitasking. I can barely do one thing at a time correctly. Granted, you are a multitasking ninja, you can do 3 things at once. But between you and me, we both know that's not even close to enough. MultitaskOS is a humble little tool that aims at helping you be more efficient handling the multiple tasks that you have to perform concurrently. It accomplishes it by acting as our "Context-switching framework". Context-switching is the process by which a single processing unit can handle multiple tasks concurrently. Imagine you have 4 tasks that you have to do at the same time. You start working on the first. While you are working on it, the others are on hold. At some point, the first task gets blocked because you need to wait for something. Or maybe you decide you have been working on it for too long. Regardless, now it's time to start working on task 2. And then task 3, and task 4. Once it's the time to resume working on task 1, however, how do you know where you left off? what you have already done? This is called the task context, which you saved into your memory when paused working on the task, and now you are trying to load it back to resume execution (see more about context-switching here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Context_switch). However, our memory is extremely volatile and error prone. Are you confident enough to rely solely on it to store the context of all these critical tasks you surely have to accomplish with maximum precision? I definitely don't. With MultitaskOS, you just need to write down each task's context, and it will be securely stored for you to read it back when ready to resume work. Whenever. Wherever. Extra features: ➤ Complete shortcuts coverage to avoid having to raise your hands from the keyboard (ALT+M to open extension, then use ALT+H to show all the shortcuts available at any time) ➤ Support for Markdown syntax in journal entries ➤ Real-time cloud synchronisation, to have your data available at any device, and always work with the latest data regardless of the device (changes are replicated automatically to all the sessions active at a time). Data is bound to the logged in user. When the Chrome extension is not available, this tool can also be used directly from the website: https://arnauorriols.github.io/multitaskOS/ ➤ Offline support. data gets eventually sync'ed with the cloud when back online. ➤ Anonymous use support. When using the app without logging in, the data is not sync'ed with the cloud and so it's only available on that device. ➤ Per task metrics. See an histogram of the amount of time worked every day on each task. **FAQ** ➤ How can I mark one log entry as completed? This is NOT a TODO list! This tool focus on the facts that have already happened, not on the hypothesis of the future. Working with TODO lists can be very harmful, you should avoid them. ➤ The histogram is quite useless! I know. ➤ Where can I review the jobs completed? You can't. This is not a tool to do workflow tracking, nor to dwell on past failures or successes. Its only purpose is to help you deal with the present. Having said that, a feature to export pdf reports from active jobs is on the roadmap. ➤ I had a lot of stuff written, and when I have logged in, it's gone! When you log in, the local data is sync'ed with the data in the cloud. The current algorithm to determine which source of the data (local or cloud) is newest is very simple: a single timestamp records the last time a modification has been made to the data (considered as a whole). When syncing, if the data from the cloud is newest than the local data, the tool asumes that some modifications have been made from another device, and the local data is overridden. Otherwise, we asume that the local data is the newest, and the cloud data gets overridden instead.


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