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Browse the web like a true keyboard warrior with simple hinting and a few vim-style browsing shortcuts.

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Description from store kbwarrior is a simple Chrome extension for people who like the idea of keyboard (or vim)-based web browsing, but for whom the existing extensions that provide such functionality either do too much or too little for their liking. I aim to keep this simple, and am still not sure about the final feature set. For now though, this is what `kbwarrior` does: Page navigation * `j` to scroll down a line * `k` to scroll up a line * `h` to scroll left (if applicable) * `l` to scroll right (if applicable) * `u` to scroll up half a page * `d` to scroll down half a page * `g` to scroll all the way up * `G` to scroll all the way down * `backspace` to go back in history (thanks a lot to Google by the way for generously removing that for us!) * `Shift+backspace` to go forward in history * NO SMOOTH SCROLLING IT'S THE DEVIL Keyboard tab navigation * `n` to switch to the next tab * `p` to switch to the previous tab * `q` to close the current tab Hinting * `f` to bring up hints (keyboard shortcuts for all visible links on a page) * all other `kbwarrior` shortcuts will be disabled for as long as hinting is on * type a hint to navigate instantly to the hinted link * hold shift to open in a new tab * press `f` again to cancel and remove the hints Inserting * `i` to bring up insert hints (keyboard shortcuts for all visible text inputs and textareas) * same as above but just for inserts ## Known issues I've made sure none of these shortcuts will trigger when you're typing in an input field or anything, but there are some websites that provide their own keyboard shortcuts (GitHub and Twitter for example). Those site-defined shortcuts will interfere with the ones provided by this extension. I wasn't sure how to deal with this, so I've elected to simply disable the extension on sites that make heavy use of such shortcuts. The current list where `kbwarrior` is disabled is: * Facebook * GitHub * Reddit * Twitter I will probably update this list as I go along. Feel free to make a PR or open an issue if there are other sites this really doesn't work on.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-02-08) Joma Bastos G P: Geat!
  • (2018-06-03) stopendy: ■とても使い勝手が良い。 vimumとは以下の点で異なるが、それが個人的に好みにつながっている。  ・j押しっぱなしの挙動が異なる  ・fを2回押したときにページ遷移しない ■以下を実装できれば最高です。  ・ショートカットキーの例外となるURLを設定できること Google search系のショートカット (※) と競合させたくないためです。 ※「Google検索キーボードショートカット」 ----------------- It gives me the best experience when I browse pages. I don't need to touch mouse anymore. That pressing 'f' twice doesn't move another page makes me even happier! If the developer can implement an exception rule that make this extension not working for certain URLs, it would be perfect. This new feature will prevent this extension from conflicting other extensions that provides shortcut keys for google search results! I love 'Google検索キーボードショートカット', too.
  • (2016-10-10) Jorre Vanbaelen: As a vim-fan I can't believe there was a time I browsed the internet without this! 5 Stars!


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