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Add keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs with a Quicksilver-style search or a most recently used menu

Image from store QuicKey – The quick tab switcher
Description from store No mouse needed! • Press ALT-Q (CTRL-Q on macOS) • Type a few letters • Press ENTER to switch to the selected tab ★ New options in v1.6.0 • Restore the last search query when the menu reopens • Search for bookmarks by their folder names • Control how the HOME and END keys behave ★ Use CTRL-TAB as the keyboard shortcut With a little extra work, you can make QuicKey respond to the Holy Grail of keyboard shortcuts: CTRL-TAB. Learn how at https://fwextensions.github.io/QuicKey/ctrl-tab/ You can customize the shortcut keys (other than CTRL-TAB) by right-clicking the QuicKey icon and selecting Options. ★ Switch between the most recently used tabs ➤ NOTE: When first installed, QuicKey doesn't know which tabs have been recently used, but as you use the browser, tabs will get added to the most recently used (MRU) list. Opening QuicKey displays a list of the last 50 tabs you've visited, in order of recency. Click a tab to switch to it, or use one of the keyboard shortcuts below to navigate the recently used tab history: ➤ To switch between the two most recent tabs: • Press ALT-Z (CTRL-Z on macOS). OR: • Quickly double-press ALT-Q (CTRL-Q on macOS). ➤ To navigate farther back in the MRU list: • Press ALT-A (CTRL-A on macOS) once to switch to the previous tab. The QuicKey icon will invert for .75 seconds. • Press ALT-A while the icon is inverted to switch to older tabs, once for each tab. • Press ALT-S to move to newer tabs. • Pause to let the icon revert to normal. • Press ALT-A again to switch back to the tab you initially started on. ➤ To pick a recent tab from the MRU list: • Press the shortcut but keep holding the ALT key (CTRL key on macOS). • Press W or ↓ to move down through the list of recent tabs. • Press SHIFT-W or ↑ to move up. • Release ALT to switch to the selected tab. • You can also highlight an item with the mouse, then release ALT to go to that tab. Which shortcuts to use is up to you. Double-pressing ALT-Q is nice because there's just one shortcut to remember, while ALT-Z lets you switch between the two most recently used tabs very rapidly. (You can also double-click the QuicKey icon to toggle between the most recent tabs.) ALT-A lets you navigate to even older tabs, though the timing can sometimes be finicky. Selecting from the MRU menu by holding down the ALT key provides the closest experience to a typical ALT-TAB menu, but you need to use W instead of TAB to navigate while the menu is open. You can change any of these shortcuts by clicking the gear icon in the menu or by right-clicking the QuicKey icon and selecting Options. Then scroll down and click "Change browser shortcuts". Look for the "Switch to the previous/next tab" shortcuts. If you enable the option to show the number of open tabs on the QuicKey icon, the badge containing that number will change color while you navigate to older tabs, rather than the icon inverting. ★ Search for a tab quickly Unlike other tab switchers, QuicKey uses a Quicksilver-style search algorithm to rank the results, where contiguous matches at the beginning of words are higher in the list, as are matches against capital letters. So you only have to type a few letters to quickly find the right tab. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the list: • ENTER: switch to the selected tab • ↓ or SPACE: move down the list • ↑ or SHIFT-SPACE: move up the list • PG DN: page down the list • PG UP: page up the list • END: go to the bottom of the list • HOME: go to the top of the list • ESC: clear the search or close the menu If you type more than 25 letters, which should be plenty to find the right tab, QuicKey switches to an exact string search to stay fast. Recently used tabs get a slight boost in the search results ranking, so getting back to a tab you were just using should require typing fewer letters. ★ Customize shortcuts and other options To customize how QuicKey behaves, click the gear icon in the menu, or right-click its icon on the toolbar and select Options. On the QuicKey options page, you can change the behavior of the SPACE and ESC keys, hide closed tabs from the search results, mark tabs in other windows with an icon, show the number of open tabs, use pinyin to search for Chinese characters, and customize many of the keyboard shortcuts described here. If you change the keyboard shortcut for showing the QuicKey menu to something other than the default ALT-Q or if you have a non-US keyboard, you'll probably want to also change the key that's used to navigate down the list of recently used tabs (which defaults to W). For instance, if you change the menu shortcut to ALT-Z, you might want to change the navigation key to X, which is right next door. To change it, go to the Options page, click in the first keyboard shortcut picker, and press X. If new settings have been added to QuicKey since the last time you looked at the options page, the gear icon will display a red dot to let you know. ★ Close and reopen tabs To close the selected tab, press CTRL-W (CMD-CTRL-W on macOS). Or hover over a tab and click the X button on the right side of the menu. When you open QuicKey, the 25 most recently closed tabs are listed below the recent tabs and shown in a faded state with a clock icon. They are also returned when you type a query, though their rank in the list of results is lower than open tabs. Click a closed tab to reopen it in its original location and with all of its browsing history intact. If you don't want any closed tabs to be shown, open the QuicKey options page and uncheck "Include recently closed tabs in the search results". You can also remove the selected closed tab from the browser's history by pressing CTRL-W (CMD-CTRL-W on macOS) or by clicking its X button on the right side of the menu. ★ Move tabs You can move tabs to the left or right of the current tab, making it easy to pull tabs from other windows into the current one, or to rearrange tabs without using the mouse. • Press CTRL-[ to move the selected tab to the left of the current one. • Press CTRL-] to move it to the right. The CTRL key should be used on both Windows and macOS. Note that you cannot move tabs between normal and incognito windows. ★ Distinguish tabs with identical titles A tab that has the same title as other open tabs will display a number to indicate its left-to-right position among those other tabs. For instance, if you open tabs for two different Google Drive accounts, they'll both be titled "My Drive - Google Drive". But the one on the left will show a "1" next to its title in the menu and the one on the right will show a "2". This makes it easier for you to select the tab you want when you know how they're organized in your window. ★ Search bookmarks To find a bookmark, type "/b" and a space in the search box, then part of the bookmark's name or URL. • Press ENTER to open it in the current tab. • Press CTRL-ENTER (CMD-ENTER on macOS) to open it in a new tab in the current window. • Press SHIFT-ENTER to open it in a new window. As soon as you type "/b ", your bookmarks will be listed in alphabetical order, in case you want to browse through them. Since bookmarks can be organized into folders, the folder path is shown before each bookmark's title. The folder path can be hidden by unchecking "Show the folder path to each bookmark in its title" on the Options page. ★ Search the browser history To find something in the last 2000 pages of your browser history, type "/h" and a space in the search box, then part of the page's name or URL. The same CTRL-ENTER (CMD-ENTER on macOS) and SHIFT-ENTER shortcuts will open the visited page in a new tab or window. As soon as you type "/h ", the pages from your history will be listed in order of recency, so you can get back to a page you had recently visited without having to remember its name. ★ Delete bookmarks and history items To delete the selected bookmark or history item, press CTRL-W (CMD-CTRL-W on macOS). Or hover over an item and click the X button on the right side of the menu. You'll be asked to confirm the deletion of bookmarks. ★ Incognito mode To switch to incognito tabs as well as normal ones, right-click the QuicKey icon and select Options from the menu. Scroll to the very bottom of the QuicKey options page and then click the "Change incognito settings" button. On the extensions page that opens, scroll down to the "Allow in incognito" option and click the toggle button next to it. Tabs in incognito mode display the incognito icon under the page's favicon, so you can distinguish a normal tab from an incognito one with the same title. ★ Copy a URL or title You can also copy the URL and title of the selected tab, bookmark or history item: • Press CTRL-C (CMD-C on macOS) to copy just the URL. • Press CTRL-SHIFT-C (CMD-SHIFT-C on macOS) to copy both the item's title and its URL, one per line. ★ Privacy policy When first installed, QuicKey asks for these permissions: ➤ "Read and change your browsing history on all your signed-in devices" QuicKey uses this permission to let you search the titles and URLs of the open tabs, as well as pages from your history. The "all your signed-in devices" part is there only so that recently closed tabs can be restored with their full history. The only time QuicKey changes your browsing history is when you choose to delete a history item. ➤ "Read and change your bookmarks" QuicKey uses this permission to let you search the titles and URLs of your bookmarked pages. The only time it changes your bookmarks is when you choose to delete one. QuicKey can't access or manipulate the content of any pages you visit and doesn't transmit any information other than some anonymized diagnostic data. If you right-click the QuicKey icon on the toolbar, there's a message saying "Can't read or change site's data", which is a bit misleading, since it can't read or change *any* site's data, not just the current one. ★ Support and source code Get more information at https://fwextensions.github.io/QuicKey/ Report a bug or request a feature at https://fwextensions.github.io/QuicKey/support/ View the release history at https://fwextensions.github.io/QuicKey/releases See the source code at https://github.com/fwextensions/QuicKey

Latest reviews

  • (2021-06-14) Stardom Stardom: Best and truly working than other tab switching extensions....
  • (2021-06-06) Dennis Kassel: An absolutely amazing extension. Although Chrome addeed support for finding Tabs, this extension has much more powerful features like browsing of Bookmarks, History and Tabs from other windows. Despite that it is highly customizable. I love this extension and will never miss it.
  • (2021-04-20) Mahmoood: Great, I was using another extension for doing that. Then it requested more permission to read all sites data. I found this great extension with more features. Thanks a lot for the creator of this extension.
  • (2021-04-17) Yuriy: Ctrl+Tab finally works! Thank you so much!
  • (2021-03-31) Eden Shapiro: Thank you!
  • (2021-03-31) Mahan Rad: AMAZING...AMAZING...AMAZING... This is even much better than the Chrome's recent similar functionality. Keep up the good job
  • (2021-03-22) Сергей: Попробовал несколько разных переключателей - это лучше всех оказался
  • (2021-03-19) Linus Komnick: Really cool idea! It even works with multiple windows. So when the tab I want to switch to happens to be in a different Chrome window I'm still able to switch to it. What's more, recently closed tabs are included in the search, so you can easily reopen them in a new window. I love it!!
  • (2021-02-06) Tim Webber: very useful extension - with lots of functionality
  • (2020-11-19) Gustavo Cieslar: Funciona muy bien, es muy útil. Gracias!
  • (2020-11-10) Sanjay Prajapati: Nice
  • (2020-10-21) Carlos Pita: Solid extension, no frills, does what it advertises.
  • (2020-10-02) Rob Hadingham: Excellent tab navigator
  • (2020-09-12) Arpit Kaushal: I love this thing!!!!
  • (2020-09-07) Cristhian Mayo: Thanks for the awesome work :) !
  • (2020-08-30) David H: Works perfectly!
  • (2020-07-16) Chris Clough: Awesome! Now that Chrome disallows you from setting the CTRL+TAB hotkey, I've been looking for a replacement for the "Ctrl+Tab MRU" extension for new Google user accounts. Thanks to your great work, and your post at https://superuser.com/a/1326712/736443, I now almost have it working how I want it, but I can't figure out how to use it to assign Ctrl+Backtick. (The script also allows me to use the "Ctrl+Tab MRU" extension if I want.) *Critiques: 1) If I'm using the Previous Tab hotkey to go back through multiple tabs, and I realize I went past the wanted tab, I have to press the Next Tab hotkey SUPER quick, like under a half second, or else it thinks that I've stopped on the wanted, which almost makes the Next Tab hotkey useless. It'd be nice to be able to hold the anchor key (Ctrl in my case) and the code knows you are still deciding which tab to stop on, which the "Ctrl+Tab MRU" extension does. Alternately, let us set the delay longer than a half second. 2) It'd be nice if the list of tabs automatically dropped down if Ctrl is held down for a configurable amount of time.
  • (2020-07-13) Daniel Kupčo: Very useful extension, great work man and thanks for your effort to make it!
  • (2020-06-30) احمد بن قدسي: Love it so far. I hope in the future update I can sort the tab by similar/same site, e.g I have 10 facebook tab and 5 twitter tab, so the tab list will sort based on similar/same site. Sorry for my English.
  • (2020-03-31) Troy Shu: I love QuicKey! I use it every day because I always have a million tabs open and it's a lifesaver. QuicKey makes it super easy to switch between them. Whether I want to switch to the most recently used tab, or I want to switch to a tab that contains some keyword in the title, I can do it all easily by just using my keyboard (no mouse) with QuicKey. Thank you for the extension! I'm bummed that I can't use it at work because it's not on my employer's list of approved Chrome Extensions. I can try to get to the bottom of it but it seems like it's because QuicKey requires "Read and change" permissions (e.g. "Read and change your browsing history on all your signed-in devices", "Read and change your bookmarks") instead of just "Read" permissions (the other tab manager extension that's approved by my employer only has "Read your browsing history").
  • (2020-02-25) Mark Porter: Thank you for AutoHotKey support to get Ctrl+tab working! Brilliant!
  • (2020-02-19) Arseny B: Best productivity extension out here.
  • (2020-02-09) Alex Rosenthal: FINALLY!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2019-11-18) Jason Gomez: Extremely useful extension! It does what I used to use two different extensions for. I can switch to the last tab with Alt-A (I have changed this to Ctrl-Q) and hit it twice for the second from last. I can also use Alt-Q to show the list of tabs, which is also available in full screen mode.
  • (2019-10-28) Gersivan Oliveira: Versão 1.2.0 Muito boa e visual bonito. Recomendo. Operadores de busca para bookmark e histórico. Habilita exibição das guias fechadas recentemente.
  • (2019-09-10) Ema Suriano: Simple, customisable and light! Exactly what I was looking for, very happy with it :)
  • (2019-07-12) Kuixi Hao: It has been a long time that I hope there would be such a Chrome extension . Very handy and powerful. I love it!
  • (2019-07-09) Mojtaba Vahdati: Nice extension worth of many more 5 stars. However, I'd suggest some improvements: 1_ the order of tabs shown in QuickKey extension is varying and is also different from the actual order of my opened tabs in Chrome, which is a bit confusing. 2_ I wish I could see the list of tabs relative to my current tab. For example say I'm on the third tab out of nine tabs. I want to hit ALT-Q and see a list like this ++(+)++++++. Then I can switch tabs even without reading the titles, for instance, I will just do this: ALT-Q-Up/ALT-Q-Down to go to the next/previous tab. I hate the Chrome's CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB, they are ABSOLUTELY inconvenient and I'd do really anything to stay away from those! Thanks.
  • (2019-03-22) Sandria A. S.: hi, really thanks for this great extension. btw somehow i can't use the move tab shortcut (CTRL-[ or ]) can you help me? thankss
  • (2019-01-27) 功能思路对着呢 但是,实际操作有问题 连续快速 按下 alt+a 应该在最后浏览的两个网页之间切换 这个功能有bug,当使用两次快捷键希望切换到 逻辑上以前一个页面的,但是实际却切换到物理位置的下一个界面
  • (2019-01-08) إيليا ياكوفينكو: Great extension! Very handy to switch between recently used tabs using one hand without reaching out to the touchpad or mouse. What makes it different is that you can scroll through the MRU list not only with arrows but also using a shortcut ctrl+w, and the tab is switched immediately after you release ctrl. The developer is also really nice and responsive. I found a small bug, informed them and it was fixed in a couple of days, so now I can use the extension smoothly. I'm very grateful for that!
  • (2019-01-03) Andrew Mattarella-Micke: Nice tab switcher. Some part of my brain really wants to insert spaces though, instead of selecting with space.
  • (2018-10-20) sherman royan genta: no need to remember the last tab , just change to the next or the previous , that's what people like me wants when using this extension ...
  • (2018-10-03) Vlad Working: Супер, давно хотел, ибо не удобно все время искать те вкладки с которыми работаешь среди "миллионнов" других.
  • (2017-09-12) Liam Johnston: Does what it says on the tin. +1 for The Great Suspender support :D

Latest issues

  • (2019-08-31, v:1.1.0) FW Extensions: NOTE: Please don't use this page if you want a quick reply!
    The Chrome Web Store doesn't notify developers when someone posts a question or review, so I have to check this page manually from time to time and may not notice your post right away. You'll get a faster response to your question if you send email to [email protected] or go to https://fwextensions.github.io/QuicKey/support/ If you have a GitHub account, you can also open an issue at https://github.com/fwextensions/QuicKey/issues Thanks!
  • (2019-08-26, v:1.1.0) Ccgreen: ctrl tab Navigation in CHROM on MAC
    First want to clear what the following means: Note that with either option, you’ll obviously lose the ctrltab and ctrlshifttab keyboard shortcuts to move the next or previous tab within the current window. Does this mean that Ctrl Tab that switches apps w/in MAC works OR DOES NOT work It says to do this in Developers Tool: Copy this block of code: chrome.developerPrivate.updateExtensionCommand({ extensionId: "ldlghkoiihaelfnggonhjnfiabmaficg", commandName: "1-previous-tab", keybinding: "Ctrl+Tab" }); chrome.developerPrivate.updateExtensionCommand({ extensionId: "ldlghkoiihaelfnggonhjnfiabmaficg", commandName: "2-next-tab", keybinding: "Ctrl+Shift+Tab" }); AND THEN TO REVERSE: If you later change your mind and want to remove these shortcuts, just go back into the Keyboard shortcuts screen and click the delete button next to the shortcuts, or change them to something else. Is that all you have to do - and do nothing else in Dev Tools?
  • (2019-05-21, v:1.0.2) Gilad Barnea: QuicKey icon flashes when switching tabs. Any way to disable it?
    Hi, Since I switch tabs frequently, this can get quite annoying. Is there any way to disable it? Thanks, Gilad


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