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Description from extension meta PixelBlock is a Gmail extension that blocks people from tracking when you open their emails.
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Description from store PixelBlock is an Gmail extension that blocks email tracking attempts used to detect when you open and read emails. PixelBlock displays a 'red eye' when it finds and blocks a tracking attempt inside of an email. Update (April 9, 2019): improved performance Privacy Policy: This extension does not store, save, access or transmit any data from your Gmail account or computer at all. In fact, this extension runs locally on your browser and doesn't communicate with any remote servers.
Latest reviews (2019-10-31) omri suissa: please add support to outlook.office.com as well (2019-09-18) Matt Curless: From a display standpoint, PixelBlock is easy to understand and takes not effort on the user other than a simple install. The reason for the low review is due to PixelBlock clearly not working after basic user testing. I installed PixelBlock on my primary email account; Under a secondary, external account, I installed a free email tracker -- in this case Mailtrack -- and sent my primary account a tracked email; Immediately after opening the tracked email from the primary account, the secondary account received a response that the email had been opened. This was tested 3x for basic consistency. I've emailed the developer (omar.w.qureshi [at] gmail.com) a screenshot showing one occurrence to help their team (as well as clearly describing above with app used); however, I will be uninstalling PixelBlock as it clearly does not work as designed. (2019-09-15) Sean Burton: on every email it says that it blocked tracking but that the source was unknown. all its done so far is block pictures in emails from restraints and my work emails. (2019-08-29) Alfredo Villarreal: I still do not see the "red eye" on the new gmail. Will this be fixed soon? Also, is there an easy way to "turn on" the images I want on a specific email? There are some emails I want to see everything. What I was hoping for is a simple option, on say the "red eye" that gives me the option to suspend the blocking just for that email. (2019-08-27) Stijn Peeters: Does not work. Tested with Acymailing and it was able to track my email back without any notice from the extension. (2019-07-11) Andrey Andreevich: Приложение не работает, автор не выходит на связь. Возможно, что оно скомпрометировано. (2019-06-12) Francisco Eduardo Gordillo Rodriguez: Hi, How did i know if the app works, in the eye of the email tracker shows 1791 mails blocked but that number havent move since 1 month ago and nor sure if the blocker still working (2019-05-05) Dixons Designs: Just doesn't work unfortunately (2019-04-19) Ian Gauldin: Used for years, never had issues. Thanks! (2019-04-02) I'm not a techie, so I don't really know how to determine of it prevents the tracking like advertised. But if I assume it does, then I still have to turn it off because it breaks images in emails I receive from trusted sources. (2019-02-25) No longer works for the last couple of weeks. It shows the red eye, that trackers exist but still load them and notify the sender. I know because I sometimes add trackers myself and since the last few weeks it started showing me open notifications for my own emails when I open them, something that didn't use to happen before. (2019-02-16) Rohit Tikmany: 5 stars for working all this while.... BUT IT HAS STOPPED WORKING TODAY. I use Streak to track outgoing email and Pixelblock to block tracking on incoming .... Till today, whenever I opened an email Sent by me (hence tracked by Streak), a "seen" would not get registered because PixelBlock would block Streak's tracking attempt. This is no longer working. Streak registers a "seen" when I see my own sent email (purportedly protected by pixelblock). Ergo, pixelblock has stopped functioning. Please fix. (2019-01-28) Michael Manukyan: Using this extension for many years, works great. However, I have few questions/suggestions: 1) In the new Gmail eye icon is not shown, however, pixel trackers are still blocked. Will be nice to have the eye icon back. 2) Why does this extension requires access to all website? I limited it to https://mail.google.com/* and it still works. (2019-01-17) Ryan Ratkowski: They break all of my ad images when using Google Ads. I have to disable it from Chrome to manage my paid search campaigns. (2018-10-16) Shubham Sharma: Hi PixelBlock Team, This has reference to the receiving of mail from one of my known person and it seems to be a tracking one. The mail included a button texted as "click here to open few message" and clicking on the same resulted into opening of various links. It totally seems to some kinda malware/ hidden app to track my account and phone. Found no help from PixelBlock on this. Please do suggest in order to be clear on this. Thanks Shubham Sharma (2018-10-01) Melannie Hay: No longer working with the new gmail (2018-09-23) Jean Marc Lavoie: Just downloaded the latest version and tried this extension for the first time. I sent a message with tracking to myself from another of my email addresses. When I checked the email, Pixelblock said that that the tracking had been blocked. BUT when I went back to the email address I sent from, I still received notification that the message was opened. (2018-08-30) Jijo Jose: Why does extension needs to read the browsing history? (2018-08-11) Frank Blum: Having the same problem as David Rosas below - images appear, disappear and then sometimes reappear when message is reloaded - added extension Aug 10 (2018-08-07) Christopher Bolin: Version: 2018.08.01 Updated: July 31, 2018 The new gmail support is better - but it is still not working correctly. If you have message preview on and you go back and forth between emails the images often show but they will disappear. Occasionally in some emails they don't show at all. (2018-08-02) Lorne Wolf MacKenzie: Is quite interesting to see how many TRACKERS are involved online nowadays! Lately have been seeing this show how many Spam/Phishing emails although not playing the agme of responding are using such tactics to tell if they have a valid target. This should keep them guessing! (2018-07-23) Jerry Asher: It could be helpful, but extension is clearly broken if "always show images" in gmail results in pixelblock showing only broken image icons. (2018-06-20) Jeff Matherne: Used to work well, however, with the new version of gmail it blocks all images from loading. I am using the most recent version of the app. (2018-06-17) Dima Shevchuk: Started blocking inline images in new Gmail interface (2018-06-14) Jip Borsje: It recently started blocking pictures from loading

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