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Tumblr Timestamps

Description from extension meta Puts timestamps in footers of posts in tumblr dashboard
Image from store Tumblr Timestamps
Description from store Please try open a bug report at the support link before leaving a bad review related to the extension not working. I don't control the tumblr website, and don't check the site everyday, so it might take a day or two to find and fix problems that come up. But I have to know about them first :) * updated 06/30/14 to fix problem with tumblr redirecting to https urls * updated 09/03/13 to adjust to breaking changes in tumblr markup This extension just puts the time of each post that appears in your dashboard, in the lower left hand corner of every post. It originated from my frustration of going through hundreds of posts (on some days) and having no idea if i was looking at stuff from a week ago or a month ago. I hope you like it. Leave a nice review or email me (email above) if you do, it will help more people find it and use it :)
Latest reviews (2019-09-03) Devilita Yaoi: It works as intended :D but I sorta got used to seeing the date as well xD (2018-10-04) Robin: Does what I need. Date- and timestamps on tumblr posts. Perfect! Thanks! (2018-08-25) Tin Paudenović: I doesn't work. no time stamp either on dashboard or profile. (2017-05-21) Ivan Redmond: i love it (2016-12-25) M H: good but it breaks the tag links (2016-11-08) CosmicGeneralThade: Funciona. (2016-05-27) Six7Six7: Only works in dashboard. (2015-04-29) This is such a great extension. It does just what I need and what it says. You can't ask for more than that! (2015-04-16) John Smith: Works as advertised. (2015-04-09) S.Wenxin Xu: Useful (2015-03-27) imad lebnor: very nice and good blogger (2014-09-20) Jorge Alejo: Can you make a settings tab to let us match to local time? Right now for me the timestamps are 6 hours earlier than my local time. (2014-09-11) Steve Picciotti: It's good, but I wish it didn't only work in the dashboard. (2014-08-17) MISAEL CASTRO: muy buena (2014-07-12) Jennifer Elhawary: Works just as it said it would. Love it! Edit: Timestamp is three hours ahead of current time... I wish there was an option to put in your timezone to resolve this problem (2014-06-24) Carl Kleinsteuber: Stopped working several days ago. Great up 'til then... (2014-05-23) Molly Rose: It worked fine at first but after a couple of days the timestamp just stopped appearing. (2014-02-14) Sarah Keaveney: No timestamp appeared. (2014-02-08) D Galla: No timestamp shows up at the bottom of posts in my dashboard. I assume it just needs to be updated ... or do we need to add a line of code into our template? (2013-10-24) Karissa Thein: Super useful (2013-09-04) Tyler Lassinger: It used to work. Please update! (2013-08-12) Dan McQuade: Does exactly what it says. I'm amazed tumblr doesn't show the time & date of a post - very annoying. (2013-07-19) Alex K: brilliant (2013-07-15) ton vogels: Its working again. Great work Ike. (2013-06-16) Kerry Jiang: It doesn't work???

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