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Preview Wikipedia links for easier reading.

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Description from store When you're reading a Wikipedia articles, you often just want to have a glimpse of what other articles are about, without getting distracted from your main article. This extension allows you to view a summary of any link on Wikipedia (first paragraph). This way you can focus on your main article you are reading, and still have a glimpse of what the other articles are about.

Latest reviews

  • (2014-05-30) Souhail Chentouf: Very useful ! Thanks so much !!
  • (2014-05-30) tariq fillah: very useful when reading wikipedia articles. avoids me opening many tabs.
  • (2014-05-30) Fatimazahrae Laissi: When reading wikipedia articles, if you are curious about specific terms, this pluggin gives you an idea about them without opening any new tabs. It is very useful!
  • (2014-05-30) Amine HAMMADI: Absolutely great extension! I'm often reading wikipedia articles and ending up with 10+ tabs opened just to get an idea of specific terms and concepts. Now it's a lot more easier since I just hover over the link and can instantely get an idea about what it is. If I want to read it in details, I can still open it in a new tab for later reading. nice work
  • (2014-05-30) Anissa Alloubane: very useful!!

Latest issues

  • (2014-08-18, v:1.0) Scott Trenda: Frame cut off for links on the far right
    The preview frame gets cut off on the right for links that are on the far right (e.g. the rightmost infobar on each page). The problem doesn't seem to exist for links at the bottom of the page, most likely because the page expands vertically, allowing you to scroll down. I fixed it with the code below - the differences are the "top: 0, left: 0" in the initial css and the bodyWidth/css calculation at the bottom. function showWiki(doc, m, _t, _l, title, lan, tooltipdiv, elem) { if (! wikipreviewEnabled ) { $(elem).attr('alt',title.replace('_', ' ')); $(elem).attr('title',title.replace('_', ' ')); return; } $(elem).removeAttr('alt title'); tooltipdiv.html(''); tooltipdiv.css('display', 'block'); /********** SPEC CH ********/ tooltipdiv.css({ 'top': 0, 'left': 0, 'position': 'absolute' }); title = title.replace(' ', '_'); /********** SPEC CH ********/ tooltipdiv.append('<iframe id="wikiFrame" width="100%" scrolling="no"/>'); tooltipdiv.find("#wikiFrame").attr("src", "http://ictech.fr/wiki/wikipreview.php?title=" + title + "&lan=" + lan +"" ); $(tooltipdiv).find("#wikiFrame").css({ 'border': 0 }); tooltipdiv.find("#wikiFrame").load(function () { var newheight; var newwidth; //http://davidjbradshaw.github.io/iframe-resizer/ $('iframe').iFrameResize(); newheight = $('iframe').height(); $(this).width( parseInt($(this).width(),10) + 230); newwidth = $(this).width(); if (newheight <= 10 ) { newwidth=10; tooltipdiv.css('display', 'none'); return; } var bodyWidth = $(currDoc.body).width() tooltipdiv.css({ 'top': _t, 'left': (newwidth + _l > bodyWidth ? bodyWidth - newwidth : _l) + "px", 'display': 'block' }); }); }


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