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Description from extension meta Remove annoying cookie warnings from almost all 'infected' websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking…
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Description from store Remove annoying cookie warnings from almost all 'infected' websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get user's permission before installing them. Imagine how irritating that becomes when you surf anonymously or if you delete cookies automatically every time you close the browser. This extension requires quite a lot of my effort and time. If you like it, please help by making a small donation: https://www.paypal.me/kiboke
Latest reviews (2019-11-12) Niklas Henckell: Exactly what I needed. This is the best extension I found thus far. Now just need it for my phone and I can browse in peace again. (2019-11-07) K. Todd: Works great. Don't have to see all those "this site uses cookies" notifications anymore. (2019-11-01) Viktor Kolomiiets: I don't see any messages about cookies... So it works well! :) (2019-10-28) Marcus O'Brien: Was a 5 out of 5 but it has caused BBC Sounds to stop working so cant listen to UK radio anymore so had to delete :-( Was great asides from that though. Edit: Okay thanks for the reply, I only came back here as I have to reinstall it as 5 days without it was too painful without it and I can listen to BBC from Edge instead! Have changed review to 5 stars. As some other comments said, if it counted how many popups it actually blocked we probably wouldn't take it for granted so much! Fantastic app, well done. (2019-10-27) Mayur Chauhan: Superrrrrrrrrrrrrr (2019-10-26) Aaron Saenz: it seemed to work before, somehow it was removed from chrome, since I have problems with YouTube maybe it's the cause, so there are options, unfortunately they're quite confusing, example... "List of all whitelisted websites, one website per line:"..... the extension is to get rid of cookies on all websites, to whitelist means to make a list of only certain things, excluding everything else, ... So in this case, is the whitelist picking out sites to not use with IDCAC ext. OR Only use this extension on the sites listed in the whitelist. ... how about options like "Use this on these sites" & "Don't use it on these sites". dumb it down a little, make it simple, it's not a bad thing..... (2019-10-24) Tiberiu Cristea: Good extension, but it slows Excel 365 down like a pig. Had to uninstall it. (2019-10-24) Anugerah Firdauzi: Nice app. Thanks for sharing (2019-10-08) Paddy Landau: I literally don't care about cookies. The ridiculous warning is like having to warn me every time I get into a car that the car uses wheels. Yes, I know, *all* modern websites use cookies. I don't care, probably like nearly all other people. I've set my default setting to, "I allow all cookies and I understand the risk." This extension is wonderful — I am so tired of pressing "Accept" for every new website, multiple times a day. Thank you, @Daniel Kladnik! (2019-10-03) Dor S: a must for anyone in Europe! (2019-09-22) Gordon Smith: Seit einiger Zeit funktioniert die Erweiterung nicht mehr! (2019-09-20) Jack Blackwell: Fairly sure this guy is redirecting certain links such as facebook links to fake phishing sites loaded with adware. I have no proof but after clicking a facebook link which was index in google I got redirected to a fake facebook site loaded with some java exploit which my antivirus blocked. Anyone else noticed this?? (2019-09-14) Alexej Ismailov: A must have plug-in when browsing the internet nowdays! I stopped using my iPad just because they don't allow installing plugins in chrome. (2019-09-07) Issou: Extension faisant un très bon travail, je recommande. ✌ (2019-09-05) Wilco de Vries: Doesn't seem to work, every site keeps showing it's cookie warnings. (2019-09-05) [][] []: Sorry man, no money for a donation.... That said - stop complaining about the extension opening a page and be grateful for the privacy this extension offers. The only possible security flaw here is if the website somehow is compromised, the domain name is lost, or if DNS spoofing occurs. However, the risk of this is pretty low, and the possible infringement on privacy is far lower than that caused by accidentally accepting all cookies... Great stuff man! One tip - could you replace the MaxCDN JQuery request with a local resource? (2019-08-31) Patryk Kurdziel: Perfect! Thank you for this extension!!! (2019-08-11) Andree Bre: Top. Funktioniert. (2019-08-10) III F S III: Thank you so much! EU regulations are only good for imbeciles... (2019-07-23) Bruno Medeiros: It just works! (2019-07-22) wild man: Thanks very much for this extension. Occasionally scrolling doesn't work on some webpages, it transpires that this extension is the cause, disabling it and refreshing the page shows the website had a pop-up which was 'suppressed' (?). Is there a workaround for this please? I'm using an older version of chrome due to hardware limitations. (2019-07-10) Moon Music: muchas gracias adios cockies (2019-06-29) Phoenix: Does what it does and it does the job very well. (2019-06-27) ota1998: Depuis quelques semaines je remarque un gel sur certains sites comme par exemple https://www.buderus.com/be/fr/ . J'ai dû désactiver cette extension. (2019-06-22) Ivan Kucherenko: It really works in most cases! Makes internet surfing more pleasant. Thanks!

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