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Shortcuts to your long url's. Type 'go' and a keyword into the address bar to open url.

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Description from store Keyword Redirect: Shortcuts to your long urls. Assign keywords to website urls and redirect to them without typing complete url. ### How to use it? - just type 'go' and then your keyword in chrome search bar and you'll be redirect to the url you've entered. ### How to add shortcuts? Right click on "Keyword Redirect" Icon in right to address bar and then select options. There you can create shortcuts for your urls. ### Where can I use it? - Add shortcut to favourite youtube playlists/channels you listen to daily - Add shortcuts to your favourite author page from blogs/news sites - Add shortcuts to that subreddit/facebook group/twitter profile you visit often - Add shortcuts to all the slack groups you are part of - Add shortcut to project documentation you're working on ...etc ### Groups What is a group? For e.g., if you have lots of youtube playlists you want to create shortcuts for, instead of adding shortcuts like 'yp1', 'yp2', 'yp3', etc. You can create a group and add prefix to this group as 'yp' and you can create shortcuts with keywords '1', '2', '3', and attach them to your group. ### Code code is open sourced in github: https://github.com/sasikanth513/keyword-redirect. Raise an issue for any featured requests, bugs.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-11-20) Neal Garrett: We constructed and very useful. As a linux command line banger with regular alias usage, this extension is already one of my favorites of all time. [ go [tab] fb ] => "https://www.facebook.com/" **Feature recommendations:** 1. add function to edit/remove Groups. As a new user, I make mistakes and want to be able to edit and remove groups. As an experienced user, my interests change and I want to be able to remove groups I no longer use. 2. add the ability to use Group keyword as OMNI keyword. given group[Google] => "g" given redirect["g"]["cal"] => "https://calendar.google.com/" rather than: go [tab] gcal -> "https://calendar.google.com" use group keyword for omni: g [tab] cal -> "https://calendar.google.com" 3. Check that OMNI keywords are not already used. I actually already had "go" used for Google and almost threw in the towel too soon as it wouldn't work as intended for me. (this would also be useful if you implement the Group OPTION to make the Group keyword an OMNI keyword redirect (feature #2 above)
  • (2021-10-07) Maciej Ratajczak: It seems it doesn't work anymore. Also Miguel Uber is right, we need to be able to add local adresses and resources.
  • (2020-12-02) Miguel S: I need it specifically to go to a locally hosted server on my network that uses an IP and port, I don't feel like setting up a host for it so I was hoping this would work. But it seems like it expects a domain name. Please enable use of IPs with and without ports ( and file protocol (file:///Users/...). Or just remove the requirement in general.
  • (2020-09-12) Adam KarmiƄski: After I got used to it, I cannot image life without it. :) It saves me hours every quarter and makes visiting most common apps and projects a breeze. Thanks Sasikanth!
  • (2019-12-30) Ajay Pilaniya: Brilliant. This should get the popularity it deserves.


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