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Read aloud the current web-page article with one click, using text to speech (TTS). Supports 40+ languages.

Image from store Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader
Description from store Read Aloud uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert webpage text to audio. It works on a variety of websites, including news sites, blogs, fan fiction, publications, textbooks, school and class websites, and online university course materials. Read Aloud allows you to select from a variety of text-to-speech voices, including those provided natively by the browser, as well as by text-to-speech cloud service providers such as Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson, and Microsoft. Some of the cloud-based voices may require additional in-app purchase to enable. Read Aloud can read PDF, Google Docs, Google Play books, Amazon Kindle, and EPUB (via the excellent EPUBReader extension from epubread.com). Read Aloud is intended for users who prefer to listen to content instead of reading, those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities, and children learning to read. To use Read Aloud, navigate to the web page you want to read, then click the Read Aloud icon on the Chrome menu. In addition, the shortcut keys ALT-P, ALT-O, ALT-Comma, and ALT-Period can be used to Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind, and Forward. You may also select the text you want to read before activating the extension. Right clicking on the selected text will provide you with yet another option to activate Read Aloud via the context menu. To change the voice, reading speed, pitch, or enable text highlighting, go to the Options page either by right clicking on the Read Aloud icon and choose Options, or by clicking the Gear button on the extension popup (you'll need to stop playback to see the Gear button). Read Aloud is an open-source project. If you wish to contribute bug fixes or translations, please visit the GitHub page at https://github.com/ken107/read-aloud.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-27) Dive Allz (Zinc Rite): I love this extension the only text to speech extension that I use. I'm not sure why but sometimes (and it doesn't matter what browser nor what OS I'm in) in the middle of reading something the extension will randomly stop like I told it too. It happens weather I use it from the right-click option (and/or) actually click on the extension itself to tell it to read whatever. Hoping a fix comes soon but thanks to the devs either way super useful and time saving.
  • (2022-09-25) Zuberi Daley: Just what I was looking for this is going to change the game for me. Recommendations add a speed slide so it can read faster. and add more voices.
  • (2022-09-24) Silver Taurus: được, ngon, free, giọng google
  • (2022-09-22) L O'Brien: UK English Female voice is male. Other than that it seems great.
  • (2022-09-20) Al Abadilla: Please explain why BitDefender blocks the installation and provides this alert: "hdhinadidafjejdhmfkjgnolgimiaplp_17577.crx tried to load a malicious resource detected as Amsi.Edge.22.8CFB4B9C and was blocked"
  • (2022-09-16) Magical Universe: This is the best tts on the store. I've been using it for years and it has helped me tremendously.
  • (2022-09-14) Robson: Está parando a leitura no meio do texto, no Chrome.
  • (2022-09-13) Sarina Cooper: I can deal with the monotone voice, infact it makes it easier for me to understad. It has been able to read any document I give it. Its good, it works for something that is free, as a broke student I love that, BUT it doesn't pause! The pause button just refuses to work making notetaking extremely difficult!
  • (2022-09-13) Talis Aurini: It's monotone, hard to follow. The voice breaks in the middle of sentences, hard to follow. Reads every little footnote even in the middle of a paragraph, hard to follow.
  • (2022-09-11) Marton Ignatisak: lukee pdf tekstiä kuin jumalatar
  • (2022-09-10) Gregarious: It's free but the voices don't work. It switches voices between paragraphs, it also paused at the end of each line (not period, or break, just the end of each line)
  • (2022-09-07) D3XT3R M0RG4N: The option to disable text highlighting doesn't work!
  • (2022-09-07) Texture: Works great so far! Really super simple to use. Also no none of that pay for speech bull. Tysm creator! Very helpful.
  • (2022-09-06) nocturnal digitalist: A big fan of this addon for years but couldnt use it much post late 2018 due to work schedules but started again during pandemic when I wanted to webpages and ebooks that I wanted to for long. Works, no complaints for that but the problem I see is that if I go to any webpage like "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avatar_(2009_film)" or read any epub or pdf file in my browser (I use chrome, opera, edge, brave, vivaldi and firefox, librewolf) then it shows all of the text in its popup window not in highlighting the actual text on that page while reading word by word or line by line or para by para. If it is big like avatar wiki page, then it helps to keep record of where we are so we can pause or recontinue or check if something crucial comes up. In edge, I dont need your addon much because MS team added it in inbuilt and that works excellently (no support to edge but here they win a big point of knowing users who read a lot but have less time but want TTS feature so that we can read as soon as possible as much as we can), "https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-immersive-reader-microsoft-edge-chromium" and edge even provides same in their mobile browser but want dev of this addon to provide support for mobile browsers that support addons like firefox, iceraven, you.com browser, kiwi browser, yandex browser. I hope dev will look into claims I have made so as to improve it for better for old user like me. Thanks.
  • (2022-09-04) Vinícius Bandeira Goto: Tudo o que eu precisava.
  • (2022-09-03) Halil Yaşar: Perfect
  • (2022-09-02) Cindy: Works great! I just wish I could make the popup font smaller and the popup taller (having it in a separate window is annoying to me), or highlight the page text instead of being a popup. But it's still the best reader I've tried.
  • (2022-08-31) Sara Alladin: 5-stars across the board. Works fantastically with website, PDFs, texts etc. If you can highlight the text in-browser, this extension will read it. Check the UK English male voice.... sounds like it's your own David (Michael Fassbender - Prometheus) reading to you!
  • (2022-08-29) Pol: สุดยอดเลยครับแนะนำใช้งานง่าย ดี มากๆ
  • (2022-08-26) Matthew Dudek: Love this - A very useful tool, it determines the "Article" part of the web page well, and understands what the layout is so that is reads what you really want to hear without the fluff. Pair with an audio recorder like Audacity, and you can take articles with you in the car as MP3's for your commute as well!
  • (2022-08-24) Msp: Wize Wolpina: 10/10 uygulama
  • (2022-08-24) Emilio: Esta extensión es la que mejor funciona de todas, además de ser super simple. Muy recomendada!
  • (2022-08-23) cici: 为什么我要登录以使用高级语言的时候显示“authorization page could not be loaded”?试了好多次也不行 请问应该怎么解决呢
  • (2022-08-22) tiến nguyễn: 2022, thấy free k bắt đăng ký gì cả. Dễ dùng và tự bắt ngôn ngữ tốt. Nói chung là ưng cái bụng :)
  • (2022-08-22) Hassan Bilal: I love it .Select a Text or Web page ,It will speak cearly.
  • (2022-08-21) Coco: This works very well for me. I have a hard time comprehending what I read. I understand text better if it is read aloud to me. Sure the voice isn't perfect, but it does the job and it is not hard to understand in my opinion. I use this while doing my drivers ed courses because all of it is mostly just tons and tons of text that they expect you to read. They don't even have an option for people like me to have it read aloud. That's where this extension comes in handy. I'm seeing a lot of other reviews who seem to be having a lot of different problems that I'm either not experiencing or the problems they mention only come up VERY rarely. Either these issues were mostly fixed or it works differently depending on what website you are using. For my drivers ed though, it works wonderfully. I think this extension is very helpful and I hope it can be improved to be even better.
  • (2022-08-21) Fernando: Muy buena herramienta.
  • (2022-08-17) Lee Jericho: Easy to use, and does exactly what you need it for.
  • (2022-08-17) Fernando Olavarrieta: Es muy buena para escuchar en vez de leer pero a veces tienen fallas algunas de sus funciones y es mas tedioso su uso, pero cuando funciona correctamente es una maravilla.
  • (2022-08-16) Oussama Kacem: It started reading directly! well done!
  • (2022-08-15) Don't do it: Very useful!!!
  • (2022-08-09) Sailor Drew: This is SUPER easy to use, but it's not very good. The voice cannot read words with capital letters. It would say Introduction or Course, etc, by saying the first letter, then pronouncing the rest of the word, so Introduction was I (eye)- pause - ntroduction, or Course was C (see)- pause- ourse, which made it sound like seahorse. There's also no speed options available to speed it up or slow it down.
  • (2022-08-09) Mike: This extension collects the following data: name, address, email address, age, or identification number, passwords, credentials, security question, or personal identification number (PIN). Enough said.
  • (2022-08-08) R.P K A: sudah pakai selama 2 tahun, ini sangat memuaskan. Terimakasih kepada pengembang
  • (2022-08-08) Curie Wilhelm: good app
  • (2022-08-06) Tư Nguyễn: rất tuyệt và miễn phí ủng hộ 5 sao ạ
  • (2022-08-05) Jake Fox: i wouldn't use it because it feels like a robot is reading to me with adhd my goal is to have it sound like a person is reading to me not a robot and the robot voice made it hard for me to concentrate made my adhd stand out i couldn't concentrate and it was hard for me wouldn't use it again.
  • (2022-08-02) Daniela Rodriguez: SE PARA, NO LEE.
  • (2022-07-30) Utsav D. Dave: Great extension. One of my must-haves. Works pretty well but not perfect by any means. Some issues: 1. Sometimes the voice changes back and forth between the chosen one and some other voice for seemingly no reason in the middle of reading a page. Mid-paragraph or even mid sentence. 2. No speed control in the play/pause menu - you have to got to the settings to change the speed. Would like to be able to change the speed 'on the go'. 3. While its great at *not* reading URLs, it still does read image credits, long source citations etc. Ideally there should be a toggle to reduce/remove the full reading out of source citations etc. Otherwise works great.
  • (2022-07-27) Po Hu: good
  • (2022-07-27) Dale Bhagwagar: THREE MAIN ISSUES: This extension used to be good once upon a time. But now it keeps giving issues. Its kinda broken. 1) The recent major issue is whenever the extension has an update, it disappears from the right click window. One has to uninstall and reinstall the extension from Chrome to get the icon back on the right click window. 2) There are many times the extension does not load and has to be closed and clicked again to start speaking. This has been happening quite often now, inspite of having a great internet speed. 3) Last but not the least, the free voices often keeps changing automatically while speaking. The extension suddenly starts speaking in a different voice for a line or two and then goes back to the set voice. This not only sounds strange, but is distracting for the listener as the momentum is broken. (It also has very limited free voices, but guess THAT cannot be a complaint, as its free.)
  • (2022-07-24) khanhhung2512: The update to Read Aloud 1.57.1 on Chrome makes this extension noticeably slower to activate than previous versions as well as version 1.57.0 on Firefox and Edge (latest). Please fix it.
  • (2022-07-23) Priscilla Lamar: Há meses a extensão está com problemas, interrompendo a leitura no meio do texto. The extension has been having problems for months, reading in the middle of the text.
  • (2022-07-22) Dania Diaz: It can be useful, but I couldn't get it to stop reading an article that I didn't care to finish without disabling it. I would pause it in the controls then X out, but in a few seconds, it would start up again.
  • (2022-07-19) Beniston B: Cool extension
  • (2022-07-15) R M: Only issue is that a number of words get letters disconnected e.g. fi ll; aff ected; th ere; th en etc, - and are pronounced accordingly; some such as "th is" are so mangled that its difficult to guess.
  • (2022-07-14) Hexx: After latest update no ability to TTV on highlight off text and right click popup option in chrome, please tell me how to fix this, thank you
  • (2022-07-12) steve hayes: i like that i can increase the speed, wish it would go past 10. great for listening to lengthy paragraphs you'd like to skip but knows important. Or listening to a few chapters of a novel before bed. Dose not read sentences with < > symbols, skips everything.
  • (2022-07-12) Rain Dayz: a few weeks to a month ago it was working great and was rlly good, but recently it's been rlly bugged out and the voices changed (which i didn't like but that's just my opinion). Anyways, wouldn't recommend anymore :(
  • (2022-07-08) Tek aEvl: This used to be a great extn., but now it seems to use my gpu, when not in use. Seems like its mining crypto. There is no other explanation. Disabling this stops the browser from using my gpu steady at +9% usage.

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-20, v:1.59.1) giorgi barikhashvili: language
    hi, there no georgian language, on edge it is, but i want georgia speack on google chrome or firefox
  • (2022-09-20, v:1.59.1) Mykeyia West: account issues
    I cant loge back into my account and every time that i try to i get this error message 'failed to fetch https://support.readaloud.app/read-aloud/get-demo-speech-text/en' i even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the error message keeps showing up.
  • (2022-09-16, v:1.59.1) Rulu Lu: Please add Traditional Chinese back
    Hi, you used to support "Microsoft Yating (Traditional, Taiwan)", but it's gone now. Could you please add it back? I can see on Microsoft website that they do have voices for Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan). They are Zhiwei, Yating, and Hanhan. Thank you very much.
  • (2022-09-07, v:1.59.1) Amandine Mls: stops automatically
    Hello, the voice synthesis stops automatically after a few seconds of reading while I'm still on the page and I don't touch anything. Would you have an explanation? Thanks
  • (2022-09-05, v:1.59.1) George Nelson: the word I
    For some reason, quite often, this plugnin quite often pronounces the word "i" {as in Me, Myself, and I"} as "First" Not allways, but quite often. It's a bug and disconcerting. Just thought you would lkie to kno
  • (2022-09-04, v:1.59.1) Roadkill Cisco: Bit Defender not allowing this extension
    Same problem as 1 other poster. BitDefender says Amsi.Edge.22.8CFB4B9C was found and won't allow the download. Any solution?
  • (2022-09-02, v:1.59.1) Amber Bloodsworth: stoped working
    I use this app every week, the past few days it stopped working. I tried everything including un-installing and re-installing. can you help. It will not talk or make any sound.
  • (2022-08-30, v:1.59.1) Fernando Casanova: read aloud stops
    I followed the instructions given and my read aloud still stops when using ALT+P while the box is not on the screen. Any advice?
  • (2022-08-27, v:1.59.1) Heimdal: Voice randomly changing while reading
    I use google UK english female voice but it has started switching between that and what sounds like a male voice while reading. The male voice doesn't match the google uk male one with how it sounds either. At times it is doing it with each new highlighted part going back and forth. This is happening on 2 different pc one with windows 10 and other 11 and google chrome browser.
  • (2022-08-27, v:1.59.1) Nitin Chhoda (ignitiontime): auto updating page
    Hi Mark, I have an auto updating page on my website and I use java script to post text to that page automatically every 10-15 minutes - is it possible to configure your plugin so it only reads the new content that is posted every 10-15 minutes? so it becomes like an 'out loud narrator' of content as it's being published on the page - we can post the content inside an iframe instead of having to refresh the entire page.. thanks
  • (2022-08-23, v:1.59.1) Mark Phillips: Bullet lists
    Putting a pause after bullet list items when they do not have a period at the end would help it sound more natural.
  • (2022-08-23, v:1.59.1) Joshua: Google Wavenet Voices
    Hi, Once installed, within the settings you can choose alternative voices which diverts the user to the site https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/#put-text-to-speech-into-action and follow the instructions "Please click the blue SPEAK-IT button, then check the I-AM-NOT-A-ROBOT checkbox." This process allows the user to use alternative voice eg Australian voice. However, if you restart the computer, and try to use the app, it prompts "You need to grant additional permissions to enable Google Wavenet Voices" and requires you to proceed with the above steps. Is there a way to automate these steps instead of manually giving permissions to Google Wavenet voices every time the computer restarts/loads? Thank you, Josh.
  • (2022-08-21, v:1.59.1) Deep Thinker: upload pdf
    I get the message upload document but no upload upload file picker shows is there a fix or a link /
  • (2022-08-14, v:1.59.0) Claudinei Felipe: Implementation for web pages
    Again I want to thank you for this wonderful tool. I also want to make a small suggestion… This works great for PDF, but not on website page. Is there a way to make the website page scroll as you read?
  • (2022-08-14, v:1.59.0) louise vinther: Read aloud and abbreviations
    I have used the app in preparing for an exam in Sustainability leadership and notice that CO2 is often read aloud as "Colorado-TWO". I cannot think of any relevant scenario where that would be the ,correct pronounciation of that combination of letters and numbers.
  • (2022-08-11, v:1.59.0) yb kim: I want to turn off subtitles in Read Aloud
    What should I do?
  • (2022-08-09, v:1.59.0) Nat of All Trades: "Virus Detected"
    When I try to add your extension to Chrome, my BitDefender antivirus flags it and says it detected a virus. Here is the error message: C:\Users\[my name]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Webstore Downloads\hdhinadidafjejdhmfkjgnolgimiaplp_50481.crx tried to load a malicious resource detected as Amsi.Edge.22.8CFB4B9C and was blocked. Hopefully this is a false alarm, but you should figure out why your extension is being flagged this way.
  • (2022-08-02, v:1.58.0) Fernando Casanova: I click the "turn off" pop up highlighting
    and nothing happens there is still the giant square opo up in the corner of my screen. Is there any way to solving this. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Logging out of my account and nothing happened. Is there any solution? Thanks!
  • (2022-07-29, v:1.57.1) Eli Ronai: Read aloud sudenly stopped working.
    Hey it looks like the program has suddenly stopped working, testing any voice seems to show that Read Aloud is having troube getting in touch with the Google Voice API.
  • (2022-07-28, v:1.57.1) Austin Gonzales: Accessibility options
    TTS is invaluable to those with visual processing issues. If you would like to help them then I would advice allowing custom fonts and color. This would allow individuals to use dyslexic friendly fonts and colors.
  • (2022-07-26, v:1.57.1) Sean Peery: Punctuation timing
    The pause between punctuations is unnatural. This would be solvable with a timer/slider for how long to pause on various punctuations. If possible, that would be a great addition.
  • (2022-07-25, v:1.57.1) Sơn Hồ: Add voices from some sites
    Hi developer, I appriciate your work, it very useful for me. Can I suggest some Vietnamese voices from https://vbee.vn/ https://zalo.ai/products/text-to-audio-converter Thanks a lot
  • (2022-07-24, v:1.57.1) Asda Asa: Ошибка в последнем обновлении
    С последним обновлением, стал объединять случайным образом несколько слов в одно. Пример: Оригинал "Поэтому есть потенциал для роста" Читает как "Поэтомуестьпотенциалдляроста"
  • (2022-07-16, v:1.56.0) Heather Anderson: Speech Speed
    Is there a way to speed up the rate of speech? I absolutely love this extension and it's helping me stay focused in an online course with lots of reading. Thank you for developing!!!
  • (2022-07-13, v:1.56.0) mahan mo: Unfavorable change
    Hi there, Recetly I noticed that Read Aloud option has been omited from right clicl menue in Google Chrome. That was really usefull and now I just can have Read Aloud to read it in its seperate window not the main page.
  • (2022-07-12, v:1.56.0) steve hayes: Reader skipping
    When ever the symbols < > come up the reader will skip everything after or until the next < >. might skip a word 10 100 etcetera.
  • (2022-07-05, v:1.55.0) Christopher Randall: Extension works great..... until it encounters a bulleted list
    I love this app, use it many times a day. Only thing is that when there are bullet points, it assigns numbers to them and it gets really bad when its nested bullet points. Another annoying thing is reading certain things that aren't needed like the header and footer details in a PDF for instance (it will read each page first with it's book title, chapter title plus page number) Please fix these bugs and also where is your donation page?
  • (2022-07-01, v:1.55.0) cam trai: cho tôi hỏi tôi muốn chọn giọng đọc google nữ, mà cứ đọc giọng nam, giờ tôi phải làm thế nào?mong được giúp đỡ
    cho tôi hỏi tôi muốn chọn giọng đọc google nữ, mà cứ đọc giọng nam, giờ tôi phải làm thế nào?mong được giúp đỡ
  • (2022-06-28, v:1.55.0) Jahranga Babb: Google Wavenet voices Permissions
    Extension not working. I am being prompted to grant permissions for Google Wavenet voices. when click the link I am being forced to sign-up for a paid cloud product. why?
  • (2022-06-26, v:1.55.0) Ivan Sojo: reading problems
    does not read any text that is selected, in any of the formats.
  • (2022-06-20, v:1.55.0) Riek Flair: Pause
    I love read aloud, but it won't pause it only stops.
  • (2022-06-13, v:1.55.0) Michael LaSala: Privacy Policy
    Hello - I am trying to get access to this extension for work and my security team had a question about the privacy policy. Can you please help provide clarity on the below point? "In the Chrome Store, they state that the extension collects authentication information such as passwords and credentials. In their actual privacy policy nothing is stated about collecting said information."
  • (2022-06-13, v:1.55.0) Drake Dorosh: Buffer Size
    When I highlight text it only reads a few sentences and then stops. From the reviews I suppose it ought to be able to finish speaking quite a bit of text. What do you think may be going on?
  • (2022-06-10, v:1.55.0) Gary Li: Bigger font size
    I know you can increase the font size of the pop out window, but it would be great if you could add even more larger font sizes.
  • (2022-06-08, v:1.55.0) Mary Casey: tts not starting
    I've been using this extension for months, but recently it stopped working. If it right click highlighted text, the prompt for the extension still shows up, but there is no audio when clicked. I tried adjusting the settings and changing the voice, but still no luck. Testing the voice in the settings window results in a loading circle for about a minute before it displays "Timeout, TTS never started, try picking another voice?" regardless of the voices I tried, including "Auto select"
  • (2022-06-01, v:1.55.0) Nguyễn Văn Đạt: ĐỌC VĂN BẢN QUÁ NGẮN
    Gửi nhà phát triển Mình là người dùng ứng dụng bên bạn, Lúc đầu mọi thứ có vẻ rất tốt (vài ngày) Nay mình trước khi gỡ bỏ muốn trao đổi để cùng nhau giải quyết Mình thấy đoạn văn mà tiện ích bên bạn đọc quá ngắn (khoảng vài chục từ) và muốn hỏi xem bên bạn có thể đọc dài hơn được k?
  • (2022-05-31, v:1.55.0) Dante Bortagaray: switching voices
    have selected the English female voice but when reading highlighted text, it switches to the English male voice after a sentence or two then switches back. This throws my concentration, how do I stop that please?
  • (2022-05-29, v:1.55.0) Raindrops From Sky: Suggested feature: Please show a speaker overlay on the tab
    When the user has opened multiple tabs in the browser, it is difficult to see which tab is producing sound via ReadAloud. It would be great if ReadAloud places a speaker overlay on the tab where it is active. Let the user click on the the speaker overlay to toggle the pause/play of the TTS function. This feature is available in my browser (Brave), when a tab is playing YouTube. I am not sure whether this feature is provided in plain vanilla version of Brave or in a plugin.
  • (2022-05-26, v:1.55.0) BlaBla BlaBla: Stopped working on brave browser but still works on chrome
    I have installed the extra "US English Female Text-to-speech (by Google)" extension and chose it as the voice in settings, it still does not work, do you know why?
  • (2022-05-19, v:1.55.0) Amy Russo: google document issue
    The addon does work sort of in Google Docs, but it always starts from the top of the document. It does not read only the highlighted part of the text. How can I fix this?
  • (2022-05-13, v:1.54.1) Alvin Ernest: Google Extension - Read Aloud
    Hey, can I see what I read using the Google Read Aloud in the past 3 days?
  • (2022-05-09, v:1.54.1) Shawn Armstrong: Timeout, TTS never started, maybe choose a different language?
    After starting, resource will occasionally intermittently fail while using the forward, reverse and pause button in the secondary pane. Language being used was English US. Subsequent requests will prompt, "Timeout, TTS never started, maybe choose a different language?" Restarting chrome with chrome://restart will resolve issue. Extension version: 1.54.1 Google Chrome: 101.0.4951.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • (2022-05-04, v:1.54.1) Ric Komarek: keyboard shortcut
    Is there a way to activate via keyboard shortcut?
  • (2022-04-29, v:1.54.1) Curtis: reader box is in the way of the webpage
    Is there a way to move the text box for what the extension is reading? I know how to resize and close, collapse, open the pop out window. I need it moved just a little to the right.
  • (2022-04-26, v:1.54.1) I am Human: Google Standard Voice UK English Female- Not Working.
    Hi, The Google Standard Voice UK English Female was not working as it used to be. There seems to be a problem with it. Kindly, reinstate the original voice. It'd be great help. Thank you :)
  • (2022-04-21, v:1.54.1) william ismail: will
    is it just me or anyone else having problems with Google UK English female voice. it sounds different
  • (2022-04-17, v:1.54.1) Cesar Carrasco: text does not read out loud anymore help
    its not working
  • (2022-03-31, v:1.54.1) Gabrielle: Missing navigation from right click drop down menu on highlighted text
    I am no longer able to highlight text and right clink to have the text read to me. It's kinda bad timing since I have vision loss that started last week and I need to do hw and study. Would you please fix this. (also I am say this extension no longer reads from google docs, thats a bummer) thank you!!!
  • (2022-03-30, v:1.54.1) Nathanael Hippauf: How do I start on a particular page of a document?
    Hello, Started to read a document, got a ways in and now I want to use the app but it keep starting from the first page. Any way to change that?
  • (2022-03-29, v:1.54.1) Training Wizards: Not downloading
    Not downloading


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