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Description from extension meta Your scroller with more control.
Image from store Scroll Master
Description from store Scroll Master is a web page scroller/slider that lets you: Overview the web page Creates a thumbnail of the full web page and quickly jumps to sections of interest. Mark positions Allows to add marks on long web pages to remember positions. Usage: Click the mark button at the top to add a mark or right click on the scroller for more options. Scroll Master tries to stay out of your way, and appears only when it is likely to be useful. Limitations: Scroll Master will not work in tabs that were open prior to installation. After installing this extension, either reload your open tabs or restart Chrome. Due to security features of Google Chrome, Scroll Master will not show up on Chrome Web Store, or inside of other Chrome extensions.
Latest reviews (2019-10-26) Thaworn Rojanasiraprapa: great. (2019-07-24) Ma Gie: die Idee ist gut, jedoch fehlen einige Funktionen wie z.B. Größe und Position einstellen, Transparenz und Durchklickbarkeit bzw. aktivieren mit z.B. STRG + Maus damit keine Inhalte der Website verdeckt werden. Die Bookmarkfunktion ist eine gute Sache. (2019-07-06) Veronika Voss: 좋네요. 근데 유튜브 들어가면 사이트가 먹통 되네요. (2019-01-28) Андрей Бобров: вроде то, что хотел - как в блокноте kate, но из-за него на ютубе выскакивает ошибка, поэтому я расширение использую в режиме - перезагрузите страницу, чтоб использовать расширение (2018-12-07) TheProtean Girl: Amazing everything except most pages thumbnail doesn't show!! (2018-10-04) Thịnh Ale: more storage and sharing functions (2018-05-03) Felipe Alves: Very good!!! (2018-03-07) 李芯越: 这个很好用.在网页右边有操作面板.谢谢百分浏览器的工作人员的推荐. (2017-11-24) Mark Wallace: It's mal ware that I can't get rid of. (2017-06-05) Setsuna Hello: I like it very much and i think it can be better. If this tool can store the web scroll mark and when I next time visit this web it could auto slide to the last mark position,it would be very useful when I read the long api documents. (2015-08-14) Yang G.: Cool extension! (2015-08-06) Wenshan Ren: Awesome sublime text minimap-like scrolling tool for google chrome. Hope there's a similar plugin for Firefox :P

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