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Description from extension meta Add custom CSS styles, JavaScript & jQuery to any websites
Image from store Styler
Description from store Add custom CSS and JavaScript to any web pages. Simple & Easy to use. Support the Styler and get Priority Support: https://www.patreon.com/lukestateson Your support is very valuable and speeds up new features!
Latest reviews (2019-05-29) Max Hetfeld: The update finally arrived. (2019-02-13) Used to be good, now the JS part doesn't work anymore. (2018-12-17) Ivan Bovin: Text field with Javascript is hidden. Has it done temporarily? .js-wrap { display: none; } (2018-12-12) T C: Bad experience from the very beginning now it is even worse, it just does not work, all my styles have disappeared. (2018-11-02) Hardy K.: It was my best addon, but since some time it is not possible to edit the JS. There is only a CSS field. I have no choice to remove it :( (2018-10-29) Matthew Mob: The Javascript part broke, so half of the entire extension is essentially broken, rendering the entire thing useless. (2018-09-05) Dead Sec: Дякую за розширення! Крута штука. Якщо хтось не може вставляти яяваскрипт - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/styler-classic/hbhkfnpodhdcaophahpkiflechaoddoi (2018-04-06) S.A Mousavi: There is no priority over web site styles and your entered style skipped by chrome. You can see in the developer tools. (2018-02-24) Mark Cameron-Smith: Doesn't work (2017-10-15) Nicholas Brosius: Does not run scripts on page load like it once did. The toolbar icon must be clicked and a "RUN SCRIPT" button must also be clicked manually. Yes, even setting a script to run with window.onload or $(document).ready fails to run on page load. A minimum of two clicks are required to inject JS. (2017-09-18) Andrei Surdu: Great extension, I like it so much. A real time saver. A companion that helps me change the style and UX of websites that are not so user friendly. !!! One request. Please implement a notification so we know that we already added some style or JS to a website. I think it will be enough to just change the icon color from black to green, for example. !!! Best regards. (2017-09-01) Bartosz Dotryw: One feature I miss here: easy option to add external libs, just like in extension poakhlngfciodnhlhhgnaaelnpjljija (2017-08-22) Antonino Samperi: I don't understand what Emoji have in common with CSS and Javascript. I want the old version of this plugin. This one doesn't execute scripts after page load. (2017-08-07) Nicholas: Whole plugin changed, breaking everything. Creator is providing links to ANOTHER copy of the original plugin. Of course the other one doesn't load any styles from this one! He should have made the new plugin separately and left this one alone. I can't imagine how the creator thought it was a good idea to suddenly swap out the entire plugin on us. This is a fantastic example of "pulling the rug out from under people." It seems the creator thought he could also just shove another one under us. He is untrustworthy and should have his extensions pulled from the store. (2017-08-05) Matthew Denton: New update broke my styles. Also the new marketing and outlook is childish. Emoji? Really? Because people who tinker with CSS and JS really love putting emojis on websites.... (2017-08-04) Michael Bolanos: Awesome addin, but include "Panda" and emojis... really? Why you do that!? (2017-08-04) Ivailo Bardarov: Great extension! (2017-08-02) Zack Schumann: It was cool, now it is effectively broken (2017-08-01) Joel Jeske: New version is awful because it does not work. My styles are no longer applied. Why change it? It was working great before... Create a separate new extension, if you felt like using emoji's everywhere like a twelve year-old. Hate it. (2017-08-01) Костя: Нафиг это обновление. теперь нифига не работает (2017-07-31) Paul Fournier-Carey: No longer working for me - why break something, now chrome reports this as "injected" and therefore every property has to be marked as !important, which means nothing works... totally wiped out all my hard work and now have to start over (2017-07-31) After update, CSS styler stopped working - something from css code is applied but something not. Removing and changing to something better. (2017-07-31) Alex Ndefo: OK - everything ok, now ;-) Thanks... [[after update "to emojis" it is useless. All setting deleted.]] (2017-07-31) Francisco Campillo Asensio: No se que pintan los emojis en esta extensión. Parece como si la extensión haya sido vendida a otra empresa y este empezando a destrozar el plugin con estupideces y (próximamente...) adware. (2017-07-31) Aravind Goud: With the update there are some changes. Rebranding, need to add mandatory !important, etc. Can live with it. However the JS is now not auto executing. If I click run script, it works fine. However it is not auto execution which is exactly why I used this plugin in the first place. Please get it back or let me know what I should be doing.

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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2019-08-12 / 5.0.2





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