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The simpliest and quiest way to write anything you want. Just click on the button to open the text.

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Description from store This extension has been developed to help people to focus on what they write the quietest way. You have nothing else to do than writing. Do not worry about saving, everything you write is immediately stored to be returned the next time. Use fullscreen mode to stay focused and customize the interface in the options page. You can change the background, the font family and the font size. UPDATE 1.21 : You can now display the number of characters and words in your text. To do this, go into the options page.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-09-22) fatimazero: 아주 잘 쓰고 있습니다. 자동저장 기능이 강력해서 날아갈 걱정이 없습니다. 다른 쓸데 없는 기능 없이 오직 글자 모양 크기와 배경색 몇 가지만 설정할 수 있습니다. 자꾸 이것저것 만질 필요도 없고 만질 것도 없기에 글 쓰는 데 집중이 잘 됩니다. 아쉬운 점은 웹 저장으로 다른 기계에서 연동으로 사용할 수 없다는 점. 글자수 세어주는 프로그램이 단어수는 정확한데, 글자수로는 조금 부실하다는 점. 기능 건드리다가 실수로 삭제를 누르면 절대 복구 못 한다는 점입니다.
  • (2019-07-11) Ghost_Master: I personally find it indispensable. I am a beginning writer on a skill of one to 10 quietwriter helps me to build and smooth out my plots before i Publish. it is an in depensible in that it feels more like a journal, or diary when you writing. i recommend Quietwriter to everyone from Professional to the shopping list.
  • (2018-12-04) red violet: why would you put the "clear" button right underneath the button for fullscreen.
  • (2018-12-01) Dave Allan: I had written hundreds of words and then accidentally hit "clear" instead of "exit fullscreen", which are mere pixels apart. No prompt. No, "Are you sure?" Just hours of work gone. You can't take it back, can't restore what you've just lost. What a disaster this extension is. I'm pretty sure the line, "Do not worry about saving, everything you write is immediately stored to be returned the next time." must just be a sick joke.
  • (2017-12-10) The Boy Who Learned: it was pretty awesome. it calms you down and the backgrounds and fonts are soothing. but it should have more features like bold and italics and should have he ability to use the tab button. also, it shouldn't put the clear button SO close to the fullscreen button.
  • (2017-04-20) Tatum Coffey: At first, I absolutely loved it. I loved writing with no distractions, just plain old writing. But, I made a really stupid mistake. Even though the description says it will save automatically, it did not. For a while, it did but just today I went to continue writing (I was writing a story) all of it was gone. Over four thousand words of my heart and soul- gone. I would not recommend this, unless you saved your work in a separate place after writing in Quiet Writer.
  • (2017-04-14) Shrampy Shrimp: It's pretty nice, with many themes to choose from, but I would recommend to put a warning if you click "clear" button...
  • (2017-01-29) Connor W.: When attempting to click on fullscreen I accidentaly hit the clear button, and erased an article I had been writing. Ctrl+Z does nothing to restore, so I just lost that piece of writing.
  • (2016-12-27) Madison Dupaty: this app does nothing but take up space
  • (2016-11-07) Yahney-Marie: Very helpful when trying to focus on writing.
  • (2016-11-06) Jack Socha: Sorry folks, I wrote a long article and saved it as an html doc and all that was saved was the 2K "opening" doc that came with the app! Good thing I checked and was able to copy the text to a notepad app. Was using "control s" a problem????
  • (2016-06-12) Harvey Dempsey: I dont like it because it is sooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2016-03-24) Raffael Reichelt: Really nice … for a better user experience it would be great, if you attach your theme class to the html-Element (tag) … theme would then kept also in Fullscreen-Mode. Please …
  • (2016-03-11) Subhash Vennela: Really a great app for distraction-free writing. But the theme is always black in full screen mode. Please update it.
  • (2016-01-11) Frusty: It would be much easier to download sticky notes and just write on those.
  • (2015-11-23) Liberty Ncognito: I really liked pretty much everything about this extension, however the promise that "everything you write is immediately stored to be returned the next time" is a LIE. I spent a couple of hours writing a story and it is GONE. It is NOT THERE. This is bullshit!
  • (2015-11-09) su bean: I'll write the pros and cons: It's good because you can save automatically and it runs offline, it is also very easy to access and shows how many words there are. The fact that it's private, and that you can personalize it a bit, works wonders. But there are a few flaws. It should have more functions, as famous writing systems such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs has. It needs to be able to use the tab button for indenting, and italics would be nice, as well as bold writing and underlining. Also, the clear button is right underneath fullscreen. This is something that has bugged countless other customers. Imagine you just finished an achingly long piece of writing, but then it all got erased just because the mouse was half a centimetre out of place. It would also be much more convenient if you could use the whole screen to write instead of just the middle. I really do hope you manage to fix these flaws. Thank you for reading.
  • (2015-08-20) Alexei: Great app for my purposes. One thing, though, that other people have pointed out as well: the clear button. If you could add the option of disabling the clear button it would be great. Or, perhaps the clear button could be in the "options" page instead.
  • (2015-05-03) deleted: I love it! However, when I click fullscreen, I can't see my writing, and I have to clear it to be able to write in fullscreen mode. Also, more color customization would be nice. I would like to use my favorite hex code color.
  • (2015-02-11) John K: Why is the "clear" button right underneath "fullscreen"? It's an accident waiting to happen (again). I lost a ton of progress for being a millimeter off on my click, just a hair's breath away from exiting fullscreen. Ctrl+Z: IT DOES NOTHING. So demoralizing. This is a good-looking app and does what it claims. It's a quiet environment in which to write. But, just, why, god, why is that clear button so horribly placed?
  • (2014-11-17) Fred Dean: Should be able to save/open files you have written. Unfortunate there is a non styled scroll bar which messes up the look and only the center of the page is writable instead of it entirely which is what I thought at first. This extension is best to write on, then copy/paste to save elsewhere as only one thing can be written at a time. Also that clear button is crucial, accidentally hit it once and it will be your last. I did like writing in full screen though. No distractions [[=
  • (2014-11-04) Yasmine Parsa: nice but won't let you add a new note, you have to clear (or copy into your computer) an old one to write a new thing
  • (2014-09-06) Blake Hoffmeyer: An inability to use the "tab" button to indent is incredibly annoying. I've changed the setting in Chrome yet it still doesn't function properly. It is too large of a flaw to make using this program worthwhile.
  • (2014-09-06) Wildatheart x: Does exactly what it says on the tin. I love the simplicity of it and the colours really help to set the mood of my writing. Highly recommend.
  • (2014-08-25) Sidewinder 2527: Fantastic!


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