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Description from extension meta Click on a text and click2speech reads it out to you.
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Description from store Chrome extension to help the visually impaired and those with dyslexia. 1.5.8: - fix IBM tts 1.5.7: - improve automatic voice selection logic 1.5.6: - fix error after changing speed 1.5.5: - fix IBM tts - fix Google tts - decrease size 1.5.4: - small fixes 1.5.3: - fixed IBM tts 1.5.0: - language detection - improved automatic voice selection logic - several new voices - external tts engines support - no mid-sentence voice-switching 1.3.2: - removed iSpeech TTS 1.3.1: - updated reviews URL on contact page 1.3.0: - renamed to click2speech - improved language handling - IBM Watson TTS added 1.2.0: - markers added - Google TTS removed - many fixes under the hood 1.0.4: - less voice switches - OS TTS speed change support
Latest reviews (2019-07-06) Jonathan L: i am speechless (2019-06-28) Trisha Payne: Recently the workings of the extension seem to not work as well (this week, and today). For indented bullet items the extension read them as though they were all an ongoing sentence. It would be great to have greater customization the ability to select what's to be read if possible. I also wish you worked on anything displayed within a Chrome tab. Fingers crossed that can come. (2019-06-05) Espaços Leste: Tudo muito bom, falta apenas ter um campo onde jogamos o texto e ele le (2018-12-02) Bud Fredrick: Worked great until a few days ago when the highlighted text started to turn red and no audio. (2018-11-13) Víctor Venegas P.: Aunque no es tan versátil como la extensión SpeakIt! 0.2.997, recientemente deshabilitada por Google, cumple su cometido. Darle la capacidad para que seleccione texto a pedido -desde una única palabra hasta varios párrafos-, y lo lea, la haría merecedora de más estrellas. Después de todo, el punto es poder escuchar un texto mientras uno hace otras cosas, sin necesidad de permanecer todo el tiempo frente al PC. Although it is not as versatile as SpeakIt! 0.2,997, recently disabled by Google, it does the work. Give her the ability to select text on demand -from a single word to several paragraphs-, and reading it, make it worthy of more stars. After all, the point is to listen to a text while I do other things, without staying all the time in front of the PC. (2018-10-04) Congratulations on your job. (2018-05-16) Hans Fritz: EXCELENTE (2018-03-20) Johnson Lin: I love it. But could you disable your 'console.log' in production version please? (2018-01-29) Игорь Анисимов: работет!! (2018-01-21) Janya: add pause and add russian(yandex speakit!) thx!) (2018-01-07) INGO MBS: the best tts (2017-12-31) Николай Михайлов: на пять (2017-10-29) Bill Brunelle: Sofar, the best one I've used yet. I will keep this one.It is perfect! (2017-09-18) Kamel Takla: The great software. Keep the updates coming. (2017-05-17) Kristin Clark: This APP is amazing. The voice is great, the inflection is almost natural. Its very easy to use. My high school student is dyslexic, and this APP makes doing research possible. THANK YOU for this awesome APP. (2017-04-11) Ebi Sadeghi: uعالی هستش (2017-04-11) Edina Menje: I downloaded this extension for the option to set the voice to female, but it keeps switching to the default male voice even in the middle of a paragraph. The switching gets to be jarring and annoying. (2017-03-04) mansoor ghalib: love this app. (2017-01-27) foxy: Please can you do something about click to speech for a few days now I get a message to say. (Invalid licence click to go to Ispeech.org For a licence .What does it mean ? (2017-01-24) Maureen TMC: Love it when it work but the things going nuts please fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2016-11-30) Steve Blake: Most excellent output. I set the voice speed to 1.3x and it sounded excellent. With that said, on occasion, a "different voice" is produced and there is a very noticeable difference in the pronunciation of certain words. I realize this "should" be using the same database but an obvious change takes place for a short period of time. (2016-11-12) tesu to: iSpeechしか動作しない。読み上げ文字数が少なすぎる。 (2016-10-28) Automatically uses the browser language, regardless of the language of the content. (2016-10-27) Ichigo S-Guranto: Does a great job reading web pages by auto-highlighting and selecting the paragraphs as well as manually selecting what i desire to read. It can even read posts such as messages i may get in a chat, e.g.: evernote or G+! The iSpeak female voice is the best and quite natural!! The customization features for voice and speech are great! I only wish that i could change the highlight color as i cannot read in the highlighted reading color. Plus the voice switches from time to time which is freaky! Meanwhile, Keep up the fab work! :D (2016-10-03) Tom Gubbins: Love it. Have trouble in google doc can only read 1 line at a time. PDFs would be great.

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