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Trello with focus.

Image from store TrelloX
Description from store (For videos see the website.) NOW OPEN SOURCE (https://github.com/sammilucia/TrelloX). I'd love help, please let me know 😊 About ----- Trello is amazing, but as boards fill up it's information overload... TrelloX adds some carefully designed features to give you back focus, without changing the stuff that makes Trello great. User feedback ------------- "We use Trello heavily at work and have a LOT of lists and cards everywhere... this handy little extension cleans up a lot of these issues by...utilising the screen real estate in much smarter ways." - Kyle "TrelloX adds some very useful and intuitive features which helps significantly with my workflows." - Marshall Version 1.7.2 update ------------------ This is the start of the a code tidy-up and performance improvements Version 1.7.1 update ------------------ Performance improvements. Restored TrelloX's Separator Card appearance, now that Trello has implemented its own. TrelloX's is nicer 😊 Version 1.7 update ------------------ Fixed a problem with positioning of collapsed Lists, where different versions/flavors of Chromium-based browsers might render collapsed List names in the wrong location. Thank you to the person who reported this! 😊 Version 1.6 update ------------------ Fixes a performance problem introduced with the latest Atlassian update. This is a quick fix that causes a few minor annoyances (but fixes the speed issues). I'll come back and fix everything cleanly as soon as possible. A reminder TrelloX is now open source, if you want to contribute, please get in touch 😊. Version 1.5 update ------------------ Reverted Trello's fonts back from SF/Segoe to Helvetica Neue/Helvetica/Arial TrelloX is now open source https://www.trellox.io/post/trellox-is-now-open-source Version 1.4 update ------------------ Workaround for trello.com update. Version 1.3 update ------------------ This is a maintenance release, focusing on performance and robustness - Added framework to connect TrelloX to the Trello API (for future) - Further performance increases of common functions should make TrelloX feel more lightweight - Fixed: TrelloX should now always install correctly after a page refresh (please let me know) - Fixed: New Cards now get a Number if Numbers:On - Fixed: All Cards now display Numbers on page refresh if Numbers:On - Fixed: A Card now keeps its Number after being dragged - Fixed: Subtasks are now hidden on page refresh if Subtasks:Off - Fixed: Card Numbers are no longer repeatedly redrawn Version 1.2 update ------------------ - Fix performance issues when updating Card Descriptions and Comments Version 1.1 update ------------------ - Ability to hide subtask cards (or "Next Actions") Features overview ----------------- - Cleaner layout - Hide/collapse lists - @mentions - #tags - Separator cards - Header cards - Numbered cards - Line breaks in card titles - !time - Subcards/Next Action cards - No lag, CPU, or battery overhead Contact me for feedback and suggestions 😊

Latest reviews

  • (2021-02-19) joni noxense: Great extension but a little bit slow , it makes the daily use kind of anoying beacuse of it so i stop using it. Hopefully u make it faster one day :9
  • (2020-11-27) Chen Mor: Incredible idea, just full of bugs. (Very slow for instance)
  • (2020-01-22) Isaac Picado: I was not able to use this on my trello board, it contains 80+ columns. Problem being that when i open the list, the page crashes and im sent back into the trello home page.
  • (2018-10-15) Marshall Cowan: This extension is awesome! I was an avid user of Trello before and TrelloX adds some very useful and intuitive features which helps significantly with my workflows. I was able to employ my GTD tagging and labelling really easily (which removed an element of my manual configuration I was having to use before). Expanding and collapsing list and adding in separators is a great way to also streamline my daily snapshots. If you're a Trello user I highly recommend trying out this extension.
  • (2018-09-18) Kyle Combeer: This is great! It hands a raft of nifty little features that you probably didn't even know you needed in Trello to make the experience just that much smoother. We use Trello heavily at work and have a LOT of lists and cards everywhere... this handy little extension cleans up a lot of these issues by putting things behind toggles (toggling lists? YES PLEASE!) and utilising the screen real estate in much smarter ways. We're also strong users of labels for agile sprints, and having it painted on the cards themselves makes things much easier when trying to manage 10s to 100s of cards. If you use Trello in any capacity, whether it's for work or for personal usage, I'd strongly recommend this as a great value adding extension. Doubly so for mobile users, where I thought this really came alive in terms of its usefulness.

Latest issues

  • (2019-11-18, v:1.5) John Ward: Slow operating
    TrelloX started off by working well if a bit slow but gradually became unusable - kept having to reload page or Trello background would show but no lists or not able to change boards. Disabled TrelloX and hey presto all works well and fast. Anyt ideas please?
  • (2018-10-18, v:1.1) Gautham Kuppampatti: Make the Header and cards below collapsible
    Awesome Extension. Makes Trello so much easier to use. All your features are very useful. One Suggestion though. You already have the ability to create header by starting a card title with ## and the card will be converted into a header card. Please make the header Card and all the cards below it as collapsible as a group. There is already a Chrome Extension that does this. Your Extension does a lot more and would be nice if you could Include this as an option too. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/trello-folds/egdkjinldbenhgdaodmdcdgknjnljihf


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