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Description from store Pass "bmlet={bookmarklet_title}" or "bmlet={javascript:...}" on URLs to hint bookmarklets when a Tab is loaded or refreshed Hint a stored bookmarklet 1. Setup bookmarklet title and URL 2. Hint a bookmarklet with similar URL: http://your.web.app.com/?bmlet=Bookmarklet Hint a bookmarklet is present as query parameter 1. Pass html + uri encoded bookmarklet https://www.google.com/?bmlet=javascript%3Adocument.write(%26%2339%3B%26lt%3Bh1%26gt%3BThank%20you%20for%20downloading%26lt%3B%2Fh1%26gt%3B%26%2339%3B)%3B Sometimes a bookmarklet may refresh the page or take you to a different destination, you may use "bmlet" and "bmlet-2" parameters to perform multiple actions. Hint a bookmarklet sequence like so: http://your.web.app.com/?bmlet=RedirectPage&bmlet-2=ColorBackgroundYellow Troubleshooting? View the options page on the chrome://extensions for a brief history of hinted bookmarklets

Latest issues

  • (2019-01-08, v:1.0.5) No longer working?
    Hi, I've been using this extension for a few months now, without a problem. It's great for triggering some cleanup for sites that need to be used for presentations. However, just recently, it appears to have stopped working in Chrome. The History page will still show that the bookmarklet should have run, but the code never seems to trigger. I also found the Collect Errors option, and turned that on, and found a place where it's showing errors. The error is: "Unchecked runtime.lastError while running tabs.update: JavaScript URLs are not allowed in chrome.tabs.update. Use chrome.tabs.executeScript instead." in "_generated_background_page.html". Stack trace is: background.js:70 (anonymous function) chrome.tabs.update(tabId, { background.js:28 (Object.callback) callback(results); My Chrome version is Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit). On OS/X 10.13.6 (17G4015). Please let me know if there's anything I can help with or try further! It'd be nice to get this functionality back, so that I don't have to manually trigger the bookmarklets every day :)
  • (2016-01-14, v:1.0.4) G Ingram: custom JS
    I'd love to be able to execute some JS on the fly without having an existing bookmarklet. EG: http://your.web.app.com/?bmlet=alert("hello") of course the JS will need to be url-encoded


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