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Tabs Pain relief. Expose like functionality for Chrome

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Description from store Provides Exposé-like experience so you can visually manage your tabs. Website: https://github.com/achekulaev/tabspane On website you can find Howto on setting up a hotkey. New in version 0.2 - multiple windows support - multiple tabs operations (close, move to a new window) New in version 0.1 - tab screenshots (activate tab to generate screenshot) - ability to rearrange tabs with drag-n-drop - search for tab title or URL - autosearch through history

Latest reviews

  • (2020-11-12) Laura Timmel: Unfortunately, the thumbnail previews don't load. The extension seems to work otherwise, but since the thumbnail feature is the main thing differentiating this from the hordes of other tab managers for Chrome, I'd say pass on this one.
  • (2020-08-19) Tim Silvers: Works great! I would like an option to navigate tabs with the keyboard rather than using search or clicking. And it would be nice to have a quick shortcut to switch to the previous tab used.
  • (2019-08-01) Rain Forest: Very helpful when you assign a keyboard shortcut for it. Avoid duplicate tabs.
  • (2019-04-14) Billy Shaw: Always wanted a tab extension that makes Chrome tab view as matrix. Though it's the same style as Safari, it's the most efficient tab style. Basically, the TabsPane is the only extension that I could find to achieve this.
  • (2019-04-02) 喜欢,好用
  • (2018-05-16) Erik Alcala Salero: Great add on for my Vivaldi browser, would be awesome to be able to stack the tab previews and group them, be able to organize the tabs visually with the previews, different than using the very small icons generated when there too many tabs Great extension !
  • (2018-04-17) Jion Lee: 很好用,可惜为啥不更新了哦
  • (2017-04-21) Óscar: Does not show tab previews, just the favicons...
  • (2016-08-03) Petr Štika: simply perfect
  • (2016-04-13) Reset 77: this app is amazing the best of its kind for sure i wish panels were bigger and wider so snapshot is not cropped Thanks!!
  • (2015-10-04) Christopher Powell: Just downloaded this and haven't used it enough for an honest review. Although, I'm going to go ahead and give this five stars because in days of searching this is literally the only current "tab expose" "tabpose" or "tab overview" option I can find now since it has been removed from the official Chrome flags. I've been frustrated to no end wanting something like this and with a bit of tweaking I believe I can get this set into a swype though honestly the icon and shortcut option via extensions is plenty. That being said, my one gripe is that I want tab overview of all tabs in all windows not just the current window. For example, I have 485 tabs over 12 windows open. Most are suspended and not taking up memory but they are days or weeks old where I was researching something for work or wanted to reread a long article etc. I would much prefer to have a full tabs of all windows grouped by window option.
  • (2014-12-21) Z E B L A Z E D: Would of loved the panels to be bigger but otherwise this is a very close rendition of the tab over view chrome function. Great job! :D Please make the Panels bigger and if possible update the images faster. Sometimes the images won't update unless switching back and forth. Thanks!
  • (2014-12-19) Alessandro P: clicking desidere tab in tab expose ,should actually close tab expose tab itself otherwise it just add clutter ,also the extension on osx works very bad a lot of tab won t show any preview
  • (2013-12-05) Yushan Lin: 不错
  • (2013-11-26) Oben Z: exactly what I was looking for! Good Job!

Latest issues

  • (2020-08-23, v:0.2) Mark Watts: how to get previews or pictures on the Tab Tiles - at moment just a Icon and words of the tab No picture or anything whats on the actual tiles
    - at moment just a Icon and words of the tab No picture or anything whats on the actual tiles So how do you actually get the Tabpane to actually show something - eg i have 20 youtube pages open at moment and all the tab tiles show a small youtube icon in centre of the tile - and the words under the tile - but no preview or no pictures ?
  • (2020-08-02, v:0.2) Gary Rosner: Tabspane Tooltip shows Browser Action Demo instead of Tabspane
    Mouse over the Tapbspane icon in the google chrome toolbar and you will see that the tooltip is "Browser Action Demo". It should display "Tabspane"
  • (2018-09-05, v:0.2) doesn't work after upgrade Chrome
    doesn't work anymore after Chrome update to 69
  • (2018-05-14, v:0.2) Creon Levit: great suspender + TabsPane
    TabsPane is an amazing extension, as is great suspender. But all tabs suspended by great suspender render as little square-happy-face icons in tabsPane, instead of rendering as thumbnails of the tab (non-suspended tabs render as thumbnails, which is desirable)_. Try tabsPane + great suspender to know what I mean. Can you guys get together and make your extensions work together? Thanks.
  • (2018-05-09, v:0.2) Erik Alcala Salero: Will this be updated ?
    Are there any plans on this being updated maybe to add a thumbnail size option ? Thanks !
  • (2018-04-15, v:0.2) 陳正康: Error on opening, Not Showing Anything (Chrome dev version 67.0.3393.4)
    Hope you will fix it soon ERROR MSG 1: Unchecked runtime.lastError: The 'activeTab' permission is not in effect because this extension has not been in invoked. ERROR MSG 2: _generated_background_page.html:1 Error in event handler: TypeError: Error in invocation of runtime.sendMessage(optional string extensionId, any message, optional object options, optional function responseCallback): Missing required argument 'message'. at Object.sendMessage (chrome-extension://fopflmabgkkmpcbdcgogaoohldoelhpd/src/bg/background.js:37:20) at chrome-extension://fopflmabgkkmpcbdcgogaoohldoelhpd/src/bg/background.js:147:14
  • (2017-12-15, v:0.2) creon levit: make TabsPane work w// the Great Suspender please?
    The thumbnails TabsPane displays for suspended tabs (when using great suspender) are not useful. Can you fix this? Or add tabs suspension / unloading to TabsPane. The combination of the searching (TabsPane) and suspension is a great - saves human time and processor time & memory.
  • (2014-12-19, v:0.2) Alessandro P: quite useless
    clicking desidere tab in tab expose ,should actually close tab expose tab itself otherwise it just add clutter ,also the extension on osx works very bad a lot of tab won t show any preview
  • (2014-06-02, v:0.2) Mike Smith: keystroke?
    no instructions.. what keystroke, or where to do i click to actually see the tab expose?


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