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Always highlight a set of words stored for chosen webpages.

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Description from store There are many web pages that contains big lists of information constantly updated. As someone would repeatedly search for multiple interesting words that also could be a large set, it would be interesting to save those words and automatically search for them as the web page is updated. Back when IRC was used as an keep-updated-tool, this feature was called THE NoTifY LiST. Here I'm calling it Pearls, for some reason (I'll find out which someday). You should reload your pages after installing the extension. (Nothing better than a restart here and there...). Last Update: - Now searching by words in double quotes will find them with case sensitive. i.e. "Go" will not match in "go there" but in "the Go language". - Bug fixes: frames. Not all, but the most important will work. Certain words like C++ will not break the highlighting.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-01-09) Łukasz Musznik: request: color configurations, because i'm colorblind
  • (2021-09-12) Freddy: Es una muy buena herramientá para buscar palabras en diferentes páginas, pero el problema es que no funciona bien cuando se usa para buscar varias palabras en Excel de Google Docs, no encuentra las palabras que se agregan en la hoja, en contraste con el buscador normal de Ctrl-f, que aunque sólo busca una palabra a la vez, la encuentra en la hoja de Excel con facilidad.
  • (2021-06-09) Savannah A: Does not seem to be working any more EDIT: Nevermind! Needed to restart my browser. Very helpful
  • (2021-05-29) OrzDemonicExtra: Very useful for reading novels ! 10/10. Edit in 2021: Please update this extension, thanks!
  • (2021-02-12) Milk Carrot: Hi! I tried 4 different similar apps and this one had the best search algorithm (Cyrillic). There are still disadvantages: 1. The application has no settings. I, for example, did not find the possibility to choose the colors for highlighting. And for me this is extremely important, because I am color blind. The app itself often selects light blue (probably) and light pink (probably) colors for highlighting and they blend in with the back of the site for me. I'd like to be able to adjust the colors. 2. I don't classify this as a disadvantage because I'm not sure if it can be done technologically. With "ribbon" sites, where new information is loaded to an existing page on demand, the app does not scan new information. To force scanning, you have to change the search query in the app itself, after which it works normally again. But you have to do this after every subloading. Thanks for this app, it helps a lot even as it is!
  • (2020-12-06) Серега Моков: Пока работает
  • (2020-10-28) Veronika-Lisse Veneracion: Didn't even work
  • (2020-07-05) 구도자: this is very good! helps my work a lot. but there is a request. When I use google docs to check the expressions that I want to check, pearls extensions shows all the "one word" that match. but does not highlight expressions made of more that two words. it works very well on other websites. but not on google docs. is there anyway to solve this problem?
  • (2019-10-27) Mher B.: Very helpful, Thank you!
  • (2019-06-11) YV: It works well and even redirects you to the highlighted words.
  • (2018-12-23) Luc Godfroid: Hello, Effectivement, un beau travail bien utile, Dommage que la dernière mise à jour commence à dater (5-1 = 4/5) car on devrait pouvoir y ajouter quelques petites fonctionnalités (faciles à imaginer) et puis qu'en est-t-il de la sécurité ? PS: utilisée sur CentBrowser (Chrome),
  • (2018-11-29) Litesh Gupta: I use this extension mostly in patents.google.com and face an issue while using this on this particular page, while on other pages it works well. Issue is of scrolling on the page, which is quite slow when i enable and use pearls extension, and eventually slows down my work, please help me with this.
  • (2018-09-16) Yuriy Fazylov: There are some biochemical pathways I am looking for and this tool is the best, if the document I am searching through is in HTML or the like. I only gave this extension 4/5 stars. Mainly because it falls short on my expectations when it doesn't highlight in PDFs. Also sometimes when putting the site "pearls" trowels through is pieced back together some words are fused. I suspect that in order to highlight words it goes back into HTML and recodes those words/fragments of words to highlight them. Could you please come up with an extension or an update for PDF files?
  • (2018-07-16) Daniel Sitze: This is a great extension, It has so many great uses. However, I would LOVE a way to set words to use the same color across all pages/sites. IE: Set my username to appear green in all locations found. as far as I can tell the words and colors they use are organized alphabetically which is good except when "Dark" is green on one site and red on another because I have a different word that is on the second page taking the green color but not the first. Its not really a huge deal but I find it annoying at times when I try to find the green box that isn't there.
  • (2018-07-06) OrzDemonic: Really love this like seriously.. It's really help me to binge read my webnovel easily. 10000/10 would recommend this.
  • (2018-04-25) Taukir Aziz: Best extension of this kind out there. Also the only one that seem to work
  • (2018-04-05) Jack Li: What is the use of next /previous button. I hope it will navigate me to next match on page but it doesn't do anything
  • (2018-03-16) The application concept is a great idea. It would be a Game Changing Feature, to allow the user to Default Colors. Using the Example "News Article[Red]"; "News Article" would be the Pearl & "[Red]" would be the Pearl Color. This would allow Users to be able to Identify Key words by an exact Color Match.
  • (2017-12-20) S. Ansari: Best Chrome extension ever. Many thanks!!!
  • (2017-10-31) Luis Reginaldo Medilo: Amazing extension! Does the job very well. Extremely useful for certain situations when using the search feature on Chrome is tedious.
  • (2017-08-03) Christopher Raftis: Works well. The menu is and toggles are a little confusing. It doesn't seem to work to search PDF in your browser, so it was not very useful for me.
  • (2017-05-10) Aziz Hussain: good aap, it's make my work easy.
  • (2017-04-30) Sadhguru Sir: I don't understand the Jargons. What is "Pearl on"? like, "game on"? Not easy to use. I have no idea how this works. Have been trying to figure how this thing works. can anybody share proper instructions?
  • (2016-11-02) Jake: Does not highlight multiple words, even after refresh
  • (2016-10-06) Zoltán Kis: good tool, but it doesn't seem to work on pdf documents opened in chrome
  • (2016-02-25) Manoj Prabhakar: Please make "Pearl ON" button BIG and include a shortcut key to open Pear extension. I'm using Chrome. This extension is good but please make it awesome.
  • (2016-01-22) test2 Xpec: quite useful, why not add auto search with inputted google search words
  • (2015-12-18) Sean Topping: Super helpful. One small tip, if you're looking at local files (file:///...), you'll need to go into chrome://extensions and enable "Allow access to file URLs".
  • (2015-11-11) Bulle Bulle: Enfin une extention qui fonctionne à la perfection et très simple d'utilisation. avoir la possibilité de chercher un mot exactement écrit. je m'explique : ont peut chercher un mot patiellement écris ou on peut chercher un mot écris exactement. ou chercher une seul lettre, sans avoir les doublons dans un mot Exemple : je veux que la lettre " a " 1) en partiel sa donnerait de l'eau en [a]bondance 2) en Exacte sa donnerait de l'eau en abondance dans ces exemples : 1 - Le partiel recherche toutes les lettres "a" sur la page. 2 - L'exacte recherche uniquement la lettre "a" n'étant pas lié, dans un mot, ou avec un caractère spécial comme "à". ------------------- /!\ ASTUCE /!\ ------------------- Pour faire de multiple recherche il suffit de taper plusieurs lettres - mots - chiffres suivis de la virgule ( sans espace ) EXEMPLE : a,bulle,100 ainsi écris le surligneur affichera tout comme indiqué ------------------------------ excellent travail merci à l'auteur.
  • (2015-08-12) Warren Cowan: works great - just what i needed
  • (2015-07-22) Whatman 1980: Very useful, the only extension like this ive found that works how i want
  • (2015-04-08) Nguyễn Amily: Works great.

Latest issues

  • (2022-04-20, v:1.0.9) P N: How to use
    The Pearls icon doesn't show up anywhere on chrome. how do i use it?
  • (2022-02-10, v:1.0.9) Matthew Stein: Any way to save/restore items I want to always have at the ready in Pearls?
    We nearly always have a list of things we look for and when the list disappears from the Pearls extension, we have to punch it back in. Any way to store them more permanently? I presume the "every page" section, which seems to be semi-permanent is the way to do that?
  • (2021-07-04, v:1.0.9) io ln: hot key ?
    hot key ?
  • (2020-12-30, v:1.0.9) jim orrell: highlights
    [1] On this site http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/Search/indexp.html the first 2 highlights are always yellow, other sites only the first. I think there is something with this site as Twinword Finder does not work on it at all. [2] also suggestion - Is it possible to NOT use yellow or orange as a highlight (or later in the order), that way if the standard chrome search is used there is no confusion (orange is the chrome colour when selected). I suppose being able to select highlighht colours and order would be nice! Cheers
  • (2020-12-08, v:1.0.9) US DEVELOPMENT CAPITAL INC: Partnership - business proposal
    Hi , we need to contact your offices or representatives for explaining a business proposal that we need to offer to a large and worldwide client. Please contact us as soon as possible at : [email protected] . Awaiting for your reply as soon as possible . Thanks and best regards. Oswald T.
  • (2020-08-23, v:1.0.9) jay Sun: not doing anything for Chinese characters
    The extension performs very well with English texts. However, I tried to use it in a set of files in Chineses ( on linux), and realized that it did not do anything with Chinese characters. Is it difficult to add support for characters other than English? Thanks
  • (2020-06-24, v:1.0.9) Warlock James: Not working with readers mode
    Hey, am I the only who got this issue or is it actually not working with readers mode. If it's not then can you make it work.
  • (2020-02-17, v:1.0.9) Va Siliy: the problem of merging with the background of the site
    Hello. Good extension. I use this extension to highlight requests on one specific site. This site has a green background and the third most popular search word merges with the background. How to solve the problem?
  • (2020-01-28, v:1.0.9) Saif Mustafa: Add a site black list, especially for gSheets where this seems to interact negatively with huge sheets
    Add a site black list, especially for gSheets where this might interact negatively with huge sheets. Disabling Pearls makes extremely large gsheets slightly more stable, I think.
  • (2019-07-19, v:1.0.9) Kari Holmgeirsson: Once again I want to thank you for the tool.
    Hi Tony! I want to thank you that you made the source code available. I have used it as a feature in a small free plugin for GTT/Polyglot in compliance to the requirements that you have set. Have a fantastic day! Kind regards, Kari (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-tcqm/lbdmjkfkdgnlooohfckebfngbebjlbai)
  • (2019-06-14, v:1.0.9) Kevin Miller: Plain text files opened within Chrome
    I love this extension! Thank you so much! Would it be possible to make this work to search within a plain text file that has been opened in Chrome? It would be Extremely helpful to me and my coworkers. Thanks!
  • (2018-12-31, v:1.0.9) sao roque Telegrafia: beep
    Good evening, your app is the best at what it does, use to find occurrence at a fire station occurrence sorting station here in Brazil and works perfectly, I wonder if you would be able to insert some sound signal when the specific word is found. From now thank you and improved 100% in the agility of sending occurrence to vehicles thus speeding up the service. Thank you very much.
  • (2018-09-13, v:1.0.9) Ivana Tomic: No Colour Showing
    Hi, when I type the name in the box it doesn;t get higlighted on the page. Before it was working. I tried deleteing the extension and installing again but no luck. Please help, thanks
  • (2018-07-04, v:1.0.9) Shabaz Khan: Keyboard Shortcuts
    Is there a wiki or something from where I can see all the keyboard shortcuts supported by Pearl?
  • (2018-01-12, v:1.0.9) Prasanna Venkatesan: offline support
    Hi, pearl does not seem to work if i open a saved HTML page locally in my machine. Is there a way to change the settings?
  • (2017-11-30, v:1.0.9) Pearl Dictionaries
    Is there a way to toggle back and forth between different sets of words for different types of files. For example have keyword pearls for one data set and one set of pearls for another data set.
  • (2017-11-23, v:1.0.9) Shortcut
    Go find Next have any shortcuts key
  • (2017-07-31, v:1.0.9) Lisa Schwartz: Phrases
    Is there a way to highlight a phrase? Thank you.
  • (2017-07-21, v:1.0.9) Armin Alimardany: Shortkey
    Hi, is there any short key for this app? I don't want to click on it every time I wanna check which words are in a page. Thank you. Armin


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