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Description from extension meta List Goal finds simple ways for you to get more email subscribers and monitors your email list performance.
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Description from store List Goal finds simple ways for you to get more email subscribers and monitors your email list performance. Real-Time List Health Monitoring: We track and alert you if something looks wonky with your list. New Dashboard: Quickly see your list size, goal and new subs today. This got a fresh coat of paint! Multi-List Tracking: Track as many email lists and sub groups (tags) within your list as you want. Segment Tracking: Have a webinar coming up? Setup a goal and tracking specifically for that. New Integrations: Use List Goal with all 10 major email service providers.
Latest reviews (2019-08-01) Lee Taylor: This is such a simple yet GENIUS idea. It is one of the best ways to keep a CRITICAL metric in front of you. I just wish they would create something like this for other types of goals! (2019-07-15) Maurice Thibodeau: Simple, effective. The value of clarity in direction with consistency of constant reminders gets you where you need to be!! (2019-07-08) Kate Dillon: Love this extension! Super easy to use and puts my goal on display so I can be reminded to keep working on it. (2019-05-10) John Shea: Cool little tool, I have been using it for a couple weeks and I enjoy seeing the list growth with Active Campaign. (2019-03-25) Of all the Growth Tools, List Goal is my favorite because it forces me to focus on the #1 long-term revenue-generating activity: growing my email list. (2019-02-04) Michael D'Amico: It does a good job of reminding you of your progress. (2019-01-22) Love it! Best thing ever to keep to keep you focused! (2018-11-15) Tara Jacobsen: I love having this simple reminder to be focused on growing my list. It is super subtle, but highly effective for focusing your efforts on list building! (2018-09-27) Paul Geiger: It keeps me motivated! I love it! (2018-07-22) Melinda Thomas: It is a great way to recommit to the goal you've set every time you open a browser window. It hasn't dropped off my radar because it's always there. (2018-05-09) Patricia Maguet Levy: Molt pràctica per fer un seguiment dels nous subscriptors (2018-04-25) Karen A. Anderson: I love it! Great reminder each time I open a new window of how my list is growing. PROs: - Keeps me focused on building my list - Helps me to set new goals - WIthout it I didn't really know exactly how many subs I was getting a week/month - Love the colors - Easy install/use Suggestions: - Was hoping for some fireworks or congratulations when I hit goals. - Perhaps some hints/tips on a sidebar to get new subs - Maybe some encouraging quotes, like 'great job you got 10 new subs today' etc Really great tool guys! Over 700 new subs in about 45 days. Thank you! (2018-03-21) Will Brown: I like this tool so far. Having my list goal progress display every time I open the browser or a new tab is a great reminder. (2018-03-20) Approaching Zenith: Awesome tool. I wish there was a way I could keep my Google search screen at the open of a new tab AND keep my list goal present. (2018-03-19) geoffrey holsclaw: Good way to keep your list goals before you at all times. (2018-03-19) Anna Braasch: keeps our Big List Growth Goal in front of me constantly, not just when I remember to check. Super helpful to keep me focused on our goal. (2018-03-19) Allyson Woodrooffe: I wasn't sure I'd like the constant reminder of the list size.. however since installing the extension we've added a free download front and centre on our site and the list has grown by 100 names in just over two weeks. So, yeah, it's great!! (2018-03-13) Kate Campion: I love being able to see the state of my list without logging in to my email provider. Agree with Dustin re the time setting. (2018-03-12) logan badger: I must admit that I have not completely gone through the whole process because of unexpected things popped up.My initial reaction is totally positive though,I just need to put more into it! (2018-03-07) Nick Quick: This extension is mandatory for anyone who is serious about building his online following and growing their email list. Definitely download this if you want to concentrate your efforts and build a massive email audience. (2018-03-07) Dustin Stout: This is really a brilliant idea and the updated design is gorgeous. My only gripe is that the timing of "Today" seems to be off as it resets for me mid-day. (2018-03-07) Sarah Callen: Such a helpful reminder to be consistently working toward building my email list. I've seen growth since installing it! (2018-03-05) Tsahi Levent-Levi: Keeps me focused :-) (2018-02-23) Nancy Halligan: I actually really like this extension but it overrides my Momentum Plus so I had to turn it off. If it ever integrates with Momentum I would love to try it again. (2018-01-03) alexmcginness: Installed it and couldnt get it to do anything! Pass on another time wasting app.

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