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Description from extension meta Automatically updates bookmarks so that they follow your reading (when you click the starburst).
Image from store Following Bookmarks
Description from store Allows you to bookmark a site and have that bookmark update as you browse, e.g. as you read through a blog or ebook. The unfilled starburst shows when you visit any bookmarked site. Clicking it turns on following/updating and fills the starburst yellow (just like the bookmark star), clicking again, or closing the tab, turns it off. While following is enabled the starburst will flash twice each time the bookmark is updated. The following/updating behaviour is not persistent, you need to enable it each time you return to the bookmarked site. KNOWN BUG: The regular bookmark star will not show filled yellow even though the page is bookmarked (See screenshot). If you know how to fix this without forcing a page reload, please email me. As always, refresh relevant pages after updating. New in v0.4: Added workaround for http://crbug.com/86449 that was causing a critical failure. New in v0.3: Fixed bug where (while following) visiting a page bookmarked elsewhere changes which bookmark is updated. Now remembers which bookmark to update by bookmark ID and URL rather than searching for the bookmark by URL each time. The title (tool tip) that appears over an unfilled starburst now says the location of bookmark that will be affected (ie updated when following).
Latest reviews (2012-09-11) Charlie Wu: Worked perfectly, but today it stopped working, does anyone have a similar issue, the following icon does not show up in omni bar anymore (2012-09-02) Kevin Stern: 1. I have to visit this web page, then close out of Chrome and reopen it just to activate it. Always available would be so much better. 2. Updates title with URL, but usually the title needs to stay the same, IE viewing picture galleries. AN option to choose one or both would be nice 3. Perhaps a redesign to update URLS worth a click, rather than need to remember to turn on and off. (2012-06-10) Two features I would like to see: 1. A prompt saying which bookmark it will update. I am concerned about false positives, particularly when I have multiple bookmarks for one site (like a forum). 2. Maybe instead of constantly updating (following), just have the bookmark update once for each time you press the star button. (2012-01-18) Chris QChronoD: Very useful for most of my webcomics. However a few of them include the title of the comic in the name of the page and that ends up making separate bookmarks each time I stop reading and return. It'd be nice if it didn't change the name of the bookmark that was updated.

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