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SEOquake is a free plugin that provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO Audit and many others

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Description from store SEOquake allows you to: ★ Review all major metrics in a heartbeat ★ Get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format ★ Estimate keyword difficulty instantly ★ Set parameters for a search query ★ Run a complete SEO audit of a webpage, including a check for mobile compatibility ★ Check your social statistics for Facebook and Google+ ★ Use a wide range of default parameters or create a custom set ★ Get a full report for internal/external links ★ Determine a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list ★ Compare URLs/domains SEOquake consists of several tools you can use depending on which specific SEO endeavors you’re pursuing. The SEO bar is an additional toolbar located at the top of the browser window, and it presents core metrics – a number of which can be customized. The SERP overlay is a bar that appears below each SERP result. Once enabled, it gives you detailed metrics associated with each listing along with another sidebar section that allows you to sort and export your results. Also, you can get detailed reports for a specific page you are analyzing. SEOquake has other useful tools, including, the SEO Audit tool, the Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis and even social metrics. SEOquake is really easy to install and work with. The SEOquake plugin is compatible with several browser extensions and is constantly updated. So far, SEOquake has been downloaded more than three million times and counting. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact us at [email protected] Full list of SEO parameters: Google Index, Google Links, Google Cache date, Yahoo Index, SEMrush links, SEMrush backlinks by domain, SEMrush backlinks by hostname, Bing Index, Alexa Rank, Webarchive age, Facebook likes, SEMrush Rank, SEMrush SE Traffic, SEMrush SE Traffic price, Baidu index, Baidu link, Compete Rank Terms of Service – http://www.seoquake.com/pages/terms.php Privacy Policy – http://www.seoquake.com/pages/policy.php

Latest reviews

  • (2020-07-06) Riduan Duasatu: Good
  • (2020-07-04) william gaskins: if i can play the game it was food
  • (2020-07-02) Cristina Castro: Acesso rapido
  • (2020-07-01) Jeremy Bradfield: love it
  • (2020-06-30) Marcia Parra: ccccc
  • (2020-04-14) Joel Di Costa: excelente
  • (2020-03-27) Le Eric: Pls update new version, seo quake breaks google's interface. Everything looks awful and messy
  • (2020-03-27) Phùng Thị Thúy Nga: tốt
  • (2020-03-23) Aytac Ozturk: Oldukça iş görüyor. Sadece bu uzantı değil ek olarak SeoMinion da kullanılabilir bu uzantının yanında. Ben https://www.uygunkredihesaplama.com/ sitesi için sürekli bu uzantılardan destek alıyorum. Size de tavsiye ederim
  • (2020-03-21) Сергей Ситис: Лучше чем RDS bar!
  • (2020-03-21) Rebecca Iov: Doesn't work at all , Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/rk4xa0 https://prnt.sc/rk4xrj When I try to connect it with my free SEMrush account: https://prnt.sc/rk4yhz
  • (2020-03-18) Boishakhi Tv: That great..
  • (2020-03-12) Negar Azarshab: I honestly love this extension but there seems to be a problem with it recently. I cant see the ranks of the pages in SERP although I have ticked it in the prefernce. Can you help me with this?
  • (2020-03-04) John Steve: i like this tool but last few days my SEOquake is not work.
  • (2020-03-02) dactar mian: this very best
  • (2020-03-01) ruhul smith: great seo tools
  • (2020-02-27) Escort sitesi: https://vk.com/escortbayann Escort bayan
  • (2020-02-27) Hamid Shirvani: everything is fine except the alexa rank which gives me n/a error on google search results page :-/
  • (2020-02-26) Ernest Karapetyan: https://ad.admitad.com/shuffle/2cea742e1c/
  • (2020-02-25) Antonio Martinez Jimenez: Una extensión fantástica, me está ayudando mucho en cuanto la SEO, estoy empezando con mi sitio y voy un poco perdido.
  • (2020-02-23) Sanjeet Kumar: BEST
  • (2020-02-19) Hamza Shaikh: ! Instant results for keyword and website research. Exactly what I need to launch my business. Thanks for this great tool!
  • (2020-02-18) R K: Very helpful tool, been a fan for some time! Unfortunately the GOOGLE INDEX portion now only displays "n/a", for every site. It's been like this for aprox a week. Any solution for this? All the best,
  • (2020-02-18) Дмитрий Хохлов: Нужно доработать под Google https://prnt.sc/r3u3vt
  • (2020-02-15) Sudip Ghosh: The plugins are working fine but only Google Index are not working properly. Can you fixed the problem ? I'm looking into your feedback. Thanks! Sudip Ghosh,

Latest issues

  • (2020-07-03, v:3.8.4) Howard Cohen: tv
    no c c 19inch tv
  • (2020-07-03, v:3.8.4) Howard Cohen: no closed caption on 19 inch tv
    cannotget c. c. on19inchtv
  • (2020-07-03, v:3.8.4) naim tarifi: Display is too dark to be seen
    The display is too dark to be read
  • (2020-06-04, v:3.8.2) Bala raju: numbered position of results in Google
    Hello, I'm not able to see numbered position of results in Google. I even removed this extension and reinstalled it, but the issue remain the same. Please help! Thank you
  • (2020-06-04, v:3.8.2) Bala raju: issues
    Plugin is not working please support me serp results are not showing
  • (2020-06-02, v:3.8.2) Anjana Devi: Improve seo bar
    Pleasr improve the bar on while serach something <a href="http://www.akadstatus.xyz">Status</a>
  • (2020-06-02, v:3.8.2) Anjana Devi: Some time they not apper
    Some time i search sonething the seoquake bar not come www.akadstatus.xyz
  • (2020-05-06, v:3.8.1) Ali Akbari: بطور شفاهی تا حدودی که درک داشتم مفید است بیشتر نمتانم نظری داشته باشم تا زمانی که بهروری داشته باشم بهر حال سپاسگزار از شمارمیباشم.
    در صورت امکان نصب برنامه.
  • (2020-04-26, v:3.8.1) TOP SITOS: No entiendo como funciona quiero modificar el punto seo
    Como funciona esta app no se lo que devo a hacer
  • (2020-04-26, v:3.8.1) TOP SITOS: No entiendo como funciona quiero modificar el punto seo
    Como funciona esta app no se lo que devo a hacer
  • (2020-04-04, v:3.8.1) Khalil Esmaeilzadeh: مشکل یکسان نشان دادن سختی کلمات
    سلام. میزان سختی هر کلمه و هر جستجویی برای بنده را عدد 15 نشان می دهد و به عبارتی کار نمی کند. مشکل کجاست؟ لطفا راهنماییم کنید.
  • (2020-03-16, v:3.8.1) Qamar ul Hassan: The issue is fixed
    Thank you, support team. The issue is fixed now.
  • (2020-03-13, v:3.8.0) Dave Anthony Chua Sieng: SERP Index displaying incorrectly
    When google searching a keyword, the number index beside the search results are not displayed correctly, some are missing and some are in the wrong order, please kindly give us an update with this, thank you.
  • (2020-03-12, v:3.8.0) Juan Montoya: SERP numbers not appearing
  • (2020-03-12, v:3.8.0) Imran Khan: SEO Quake is not working
    SEO Quake is not working in Google serp page, I uninstall the extension and reuninstall till now not working
  • (2020-02-19, v:3.7.9) CIO Bulletin: Serial number position of SERP is overlapping.
    Which was the Show position numbers of SERP results is overlapping with website URL.
  • (2020-02-18, v:3.7.9) Дмитрий Хохлов: Нужно доработать под Google https://prnt.sc/r3u3vt
    Нужно доработать под Google https://prnt.sc/r3u3vt
  • (2020-02-17, v:3.7.9) Maks: Баг
    Привет. супер плагин. Но после обновления дизайна гугл выдачи - номера позиций залезли вправо на урл, их плохо видно. Пофиксите пжл. Спс
  • (2020-02-17, v:3.7.9) Neplar Techno: Google Indexing not reading
    google indexing not reading and ranking overlapping on search result
  • (2020-02-15, v:3.7.9) vimal chauhan: Number overlap problem
    Numbers on google search result overlap with URL so its hard to see...can you please fix that...?
  • (2020-01-18, v:3.7.9) Duy Trần: j
  • (2020-01-17, v:3.7.9) Angry Beaver: The plugin isn't seeing microformats
    These's the microformats ld+json on my page and Google can crawl it via its testing tool but your plugin says that "This page does not utilize Microformat markup." <script type="application/ld+json">{"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org","@type":"WebSite","url":"https:\/\/www.bbbecker.com\/","name":"Inspirational Jewelry | BB Becker","potentialAction":{"@type":"SearchAction","target":"https:\/\/www.bbbecker.com\/search\/list-all-products?keyword={search_term}","query-input":"required name=search_term"}}</script>
  • (2020-01-13, v:3.7.9) Predrag Djukic: SEMRush rank shows error for all sites
    SEMRush rank shows error for all sites. It worked before but for about 2 weeks now it doesn't work, shows error. Can you please fix this or tell me what should I do, reinstall or delete or something else?
  • (2020-01-02, v:3.7.9) Ratobil Work: job
    actually..... iam how to the use this site
  • (2019-12-08, v:3.7.9) Maxim Muchnik: noscript tags are interpreted as visible text which renders the density wrong
    Hi, I have a site which contains noscript tags with scripts inside. https://www.graf-print.co.il/ Your extension counts words inside these noscript tags which is wrong. Could you please fix this? For example look at this page: https://www.graf-print.co.il/%D7%A1%D7%99%D7%9B%D7%95%D7%AA_%D7%93%D7%A9__%D7%A1%D7%99%D7%9B%D7%AA_%D7%9B%D7%A4%D7%AA%D7%95%D7%A8 with SEOquake and with https://www.georanker.com/keywords-density The georanker does not include noscript tags in it's density calculation and shows the correct result. Thanks


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