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Ripple Emulator (Beta)

Description from extension meta A browser based html5 mobile application development and testing tool
Image from store Ripple Emulator (Beta)
Description from store Welcome to Ripple, The Mobile Environment Emulator! Ripple is a multi-platform mobile environment emulator that is custom-tailored to mobile HTML5 application development and testing. Ripple aims to reduce the challenges being faced by mobile developers caused by today's platform fragmentation in the marketplace. Ripple is targeted towards WebWorks, PhoneGap, and mobile web development and testing! Ripple offers the ability to look under the hood of your mobile application, giving you full visibility into what it is doing. It also allows for the use of existing tools to perform JavaScript debugging, HTML DOM inspection, automated testing, as well as multiple device and screen resolution emulation in real-time without having to redeploy the mobile application or restart the emulator. For relevant documentation please visit: http://developer.blackberry.com/html5 To view the change log, please visit: https://github.com/blackberry/Ripple-UI/blob/master/doc/CHANGELOG.md Ripple is in BETA, so please give us your feedback so we can make it even better then it is today!
Latest reviews (2019-03-19) Great (2019-03-03) nico roll: esw buena (2018-11-04) Francisco Chaves: Muito bom!!! (2018-10-16) Bea Yeah: Its doesn't even start.... (2018-10-05) Carl La Fong: Great app but I can't use it because it does not properly handle authentication on some pages- After inputting the correct login-PW, I get an invalid login message and remain on the login screen. If I disable Ripple, the screen refreshes to show a normal browser web page displaying the correct screen that follows the login screen. So it seems to be passing the credentials properly but not properly responding to the next event. I tried multiple emulated devices with the same result. I have not uninstalled Ripple so if this can be fixed would continue to use it. (2018-08-19) Madsycode: nice but still need a lot of upgrade (2018-05-21) Siphamandla Tshuku: This is trash... I'm sorry (2018-05-16) Kevin Pinedo: esta muy buena sigan asi (2018-04-23) emha1992: Belum dicoba (2018-01-11) Пчёлик Жужу: фигня (2017-10-21) Amanuel Girma: Smarter! (2017-10-07) Ciaran Gallagher: I used this app not realising that Google has built-in support for emulating browser window sizes. This app hasn't been updated in years and is mostly useless. Do not use this, I don't know why it's still here. (2017-08-28) Luis Eduardo: no lo entiendo y no se como quitarlo (2017-08-06) Jeff Killen: I cant get out of it and now I hate this program because I lost everything (2017-07-27) Reynaldo Garcia Junior: Excelente emulador Mobile. Teste feito com Phonegap/Cordova. Ótimas impressões. O Debug pelo Chrome ficou mais fácil (Javascript - mobile Híbrido). (2017-07-06) Alexander S.: This extensions causes these errors on every page a user visits http://i.imgur.com/UIDRapD.png Our Airbrake is full of these errors! (2017-06-19) Tebogo Ishmael: Awesome mobile emulator you can trust during your mobile web app development (2017-04-28) Adamu Mwinyikayoka: I rated before even i use it! it is great (2017-03-07) Александр Папков: Это не эмулятор! А всего лишь какой то фрейм! Сайт не может определить его как мобильное устройство! В общем фигня. В нем даже сайт Гугла не сжимается, как на смартфоне! (2017-03-05) Lorenzo Milesi: just Not Working when pressing enable button (2017-01-16) Luke Gerhardt: This is so much more accurate for my testing purposes compared to the developer tools included with Chrome! (2017-01-12) Mark Connolly: Any updates? its 2017 (2016-12-22) Kittisak Siratanapisuth: greated (2016-12-20) Masitzaade: it just fine (2016-12-13) Eric Cawley: It's OK for what it has. Too bad it doesn't have iPhone 6/7 emulators. I hear they're kinda popular these days.

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