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Description from extension meta Fill all inputs in a page with dummy data.
Image from store Form Filler
Description from store ** The purpose of this extension is to help developers test their forms quickly and easily. ** This extension allows you to fill all form inputs (textboxes, textareas, radio buttons, dropdowns, etc.) with **random/dummy** data. This extension is a must for developers who work with forms as it avoids the need for manually entering values in fields. - Fills all text boxes in a form. - Supports the maxlength property. - Randomly selects radio buttons dropdown menus and checkboxes. - Ignores CAPTCHA, hidden, disabled and readonly fields. - Supports generating dummy data based on a regular expression.
Latest reviews (2019-11-12) Kevin Dollabillz: Awesome plugin i use it to test my sites forms. i've tried 3 today this is the Only one who doesn't nag you with buying their so-called PRO version. Ridiculous. Anyways yes this one is The best for chrome (2019-11-07) Mary Watson: Hours saved. (2019-11-04) Andre Studios: It's useful because if I make a faker form i only click and all is filled (2019-11-01) Laurel Hulme: Works for some things but not for others. I don't know if it's the fault of the extension or the fault of the form-developer. Somehow it doesn't match up "this is supposed to be a date" -- rather it just fills in numbers (e.g. 6064 isn't a valid year for a credit card expiration...). In areas that are supposed to be numeric only or alphanumeric, I get a lorem ipsum sentence. As a result, I have a page full of errors that I have to fix. Phone numbers almost always return errors. It will select any country for the phone number but then paste in a phone number in a different format than is appropriate for that country. Again, I'm not sure if some of this is because the developers of the form itself haven't labeled these things correctly, thus the extension doesn't know how to communicate with them. I just know it hasn't saved me much time. (2019-10-31) Ahmad Work: As a web developer it helps me test every web form with really good data, but on multi select elements it selects all options, i wish that the developer make this option configurable (2019-10-24) Andrew Rothman: As someone who helps develop job application forms for the web, this plugin has saved me TONS of time. I do wish I could use it inside of iframes, but I understand that this is almost certainly a browser security limitation rather than an issue with the plugin. (2019-10-01) Stefano: Perfetto (2019-09-27) Mark Lunney: Great time saver, and also helps catch errors with random inputs. Essential for any developers building form-based websites. (2019-09-25) Manuel Castro Lopez: Why did I not had this before? Not having this extension is the most foolish thing you can do as a web developer (2019-08-28) Maruf EnerGaia: Like it very much. Can we also get it for Safari browser? (2019-08-26) Saurabh Solanki: saves too much time especially when form is too long like wizard etc (2019-08-13) Tony Belanger: This extension rocks! (2019-08-13) Tantiana Zulkifli: It has been very useful in my daily work. However, noticed recently (or may be already there previously but just went unnoticed by me) that when I use my key combination to fill up the form on an overlay, the background page also been filled up somehow. Pretty harmless except that I'm a tester so I have to figure out if this is our bug or this tool's bug. (2019-08-04) Imtiaz Ahmed: This works well but more customized section should be introduced. I could not configure a radio button for my Angular project. Can anyone help please. Thanks (2019-08-02) Evgheni Bozbei: Greatest thing what I find in chrome store for autoinput (2019-07-18) George James(External): Great app, does exactly what it is supposed to do. (2019-07-17) Sør N: Should stick to html autocomplete standart! https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/form-control-infrastructure.html#attr-fe-autocomplete-organization Text in zipcode or phonenumber is not helpful at all! So for me as a developer it's completely useless. (2019-07-16) Sergio LópezR: es una excelente herramiento facil de usar sencilla y facil de modificar. (2019-07-14) Farindra Eka Putra: This is awsome, where to define checkbox & radio button value? (2019-07-09) David Diaz: +++ productivity and it is configurable, you saved me so much time. (2019-07-05) Sugita Shinsuke: suck useless No Japanese. I hope more good tool Default shortcut is annoying me. Shift + command + down? I always use these shortcut keys so it is disgusting shortcut. (2019-07-04) Ben Winding: This extension does well at what it claims... However I keep acidentally hitting a shortcut ctrl+shift+insert or something (I'm a developer) This extension then replaces textfields in the browser with Lorem Ipsum and you lose your work... not even ctrl+undo will help on this! So frustrating!!! Please make this shortcut disabled by default or change it to something very obscure (I'm aware I can do this myself too), then I'll change my rating, lost a huge amount on an important form becuase of this... (2019-06-21) Mahavir Dhruv: It's great (2019-06-19) Герман Есеев: really useful. Sometimes I face with lack of documentation, but in general is amazing. thank you! (2019-06-17) S A Vignesh: Can I bypass the submit button in the form to my email id?? To check whether the form triggers

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