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Dark Theme for Google™

Description from extension meta A highly customizable dark theme for Google products (search, images, translate, and contacts)
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Description from store Dark Theme for Google™ extension bring dark theme to the following Google services: 1. Google Search (www.google.com) 2. Google Images (images.google.com) 3. SSL Google Search (encrypted.google.com) The extension also supports localized Google domains like www.google.fr for Fr version of Google Search. Note that you can customize four main color codes in the options page of the extension. 1. Background Color 2. Link Color 3. Visited Link Color 4. Front Color Note: This theme is based on https://userstyles.org/styles/124403/google-black user style. Note: This extension is optimized for darkening Google pages and hence it is much faster and less resource drainer compared to the original style installed through Stylish extension. Please make sure you dont have Stylish extension with styles installed that might conflict with this add-on. For bug reports and FAQs please visit: http://add0n.com/dark-theme.html?from=google Features: 1. You can define a time period for the extension to automatically activate the dark theme 2. You can append your custom CSS rules to the default dark theme from the options page Change Log: version 0.1.3: Fixes "recaptcha" is not visible when dark theme is enabled. version 0.1.4: Fixes search-box is not visible if google is set as homepage. version 0.1.6: Removes support for accounts.google.com and maps.google.com Adds a new option to select background color of selections
Latest reviews (2019-09-07) HYDRA EX 77: GÜZEL UYGULAMA OLMUŞ TEŞEKKÜRLER. (2019-09-07) KORKU HIKAYELERI: GÜZEL YAPILMIŞ BEN ÇOK SEVDİM. (2019-09-05) 陆正军: its useful, but visited links not be colored, i cant easily find out which i have ever seen. so i'll find another instead (2019-08-28) Ahmed Ahmed: Perfect for me, please keep it as it's. (2019-08-16) Jo King: works great. love the fact that we can change the colours of most things! EDIT: For the past 2 days, my "Links Color Header" and "Links Color Header (Visited" colours don't work anymore. it's all grey! Anyone else with this issue? (2019-07-31) Joander Vieira Cândido: Perfect ! (2019-07-29) Purple People Person: Great, except that it inverts colors of images/pictures under the "Sponsored" section of search results, which is not acceptable, because you don't get to see the images/pictures in their natural colors. To see what I mean, turn off your adblocker and do a google search for "sunglasses" or "pc monitor" or "bicycle" and turn the theme on and off a couple of times and notice the difference in the picture colors under the "Sponsored" section. This is unfortunate because whenever you are doing any online shopping for anything you have to turn off the dark theme to be able to see the images/pictures in their natural, unaltered colors. Interestingly enough, this problem does not occur when you are doing an "Images" search, the problem only appears when doing a regular "All" search under the "Sponsored" section. (2019-07-23) Masaton Kenji: 俺が求めていたもの。感謝の極み。 (2019-06-30) Xandão Gamer: Muito Bom,Perfeito! (2019-06-27) Billy S.: Like it a lot but please fix this when searching for something - https://i.imgur.com/1amL16W.jpg (2019-06-07) Marco Coraggio: I think it is one of the best dark modes for google sites. Thank you. Even though it would like to highlight to the developer that it does not work properly on google calendar, even if you disable it there. (2019-05-17) Denislam G.: Отличное и удобное приложение, спасибо ! ! ! (2019-05-09) George F.: I tried a few other Google News dark themes, and none had a natural Google-like textural feel like this one, looks like it could have been authentically Google. Highly recommended! (2019-04-27) Valeriy Manzhos: It doesn't work correctly with google translate extension. (2019-03-28) Di3go Suarez: muy buena (2019-03-19) Sefa Çiçek: Dark Reader uzantısını kullanmaya başladığımdan beri gerek kalmadı. Dark reader bu uzantının görsel hatalarının hepsini çözdüğü gibi daha fazla siteye karanlık tema sağlıyor. (2019-03-16) Young Levy: good (2019-03-11) Theo Lotz: Thank you for saving my eyes on Google's homepage in the middle of the night. :) (2019-02-28) ChickenNuggetz: Does not work with the new Google UI. (2019-02-27) Robert Anasiewicz: Satisfactory theme! (2019-02-14) Jim B: Exactly what I was looking for, awesome! (2019-02-06) Still Livin: Good, that's what i was looking for (2019-02-02) Aaron M.: It interferes when I want to look at sports scores, bus/plane tickets or any google extension that is opened when you press the expand arrow. It just overwrites on top of you current search screen making it impossible to read anything and forcing you to close the tab. (2019-01-27) Gavvy: It does not work. (2019-01-26) Fryderyk Kukowski: This should be native theme for google.

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