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Description from extension meta Simple script which places the IP of the current website in the bottom right.
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Description from store This extension simply adds the IP of the current website you are viewing to the bottom right. FEATURES: * Simple solution to always show the current websites IP address instead of clicking through an extension * Moves left or right on mouse over, it won't get in your way * IPv6 support * No external server to return IP - your chrome does all the work locally * Clean, attractive and does the job. PRIVACY: No-one sees the IP but you. There is no reliance on an external server to return the IP. Chrome returns the IP address itself on the users side. This takes into consideration local DNS and Host changes. If you like this extension please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear what you think about it and what features you'd like to see in later versions. Currently I'm planning a few features: 'Copy IP to clickboard' - This will be available from the popup options in the next version and the ability to disable on certain websites. I created this extension to solve a problem no other IP extension attempted. To quickly show the current websites IP at all times. I use that information daily as a web developer and it has solved my problem. No longer do I have to click through an extension to see the IP, it's just there - bottom right. Hopefully this extension will help you out too. Let me know in the comments and review generously if it has. CHANGELOG: v1.5.2 * Website IP no longer shows on print screens * Extension has been updated to remove errors associated with newer extension changes for Chrome 18+ v1.5.1 * Fixed hover over behaviour to switch IP left and right v1.5.0 * New Feature: IPv6 support * New Feature: No more reliance on an external server to return the IP, it is now completely on the users side allowing host changes and DNS changes to reflect instantly * Bug fix: Extension ID on pop-up - caused by the extension running within itself v1.0.1 * Found it was still using my personal testing link for the IP return, now updated to the correct link that will improve speeds to near instant Note: This is now available on github for you if you'd like to tinker: https://github.com/tinybigideas/WebsiteIP
Latest reviews (2019-10-19) Holmes Lambor: useless, actually (2019-05-08) Jean-Pierre van Melis: Always wanted it, but never got around looking for this. Great if you're migrating websites and modify DNS or /etc/hosts. (2019-02-08) Sam Tolton: I like the extension and it's useful to me but it would be nice if we could turn it off for some sites. For example I don't really want to see it on YouTube as it shows when the video is full screen. (2018-12-11) kevin martin: Doesn't work at all with the current version of Chrome from what I can tell. (2018-11-20) Mark van der Waarde: Helpful! (2018-11-20) Josua Müller: Simple and Elegant, would be nice if we could adjust some CSS ourselves though. I have a Software that has a bottom bar in the backend and it covers the IP cause some s***hat that wrote the software thought z-index 9,999 isn't enough. (2018-05-22) Roman Svitukha: Great extension. (2018-03-18) hola: noi (2018-03-15) Antonio García Marín: Funciona perfectamente y me es muy util cuando trabajas con varios nodos de tu aplicacion y no sabes a cual esta accediendo (2018-01-24) Ning Cao: good (2017-09-28) Salim Kahraman: Thank you very much for this useful extension. (2017-08-20) Michael Dicenta: Macht was es soll, ohne Schnickschnack. (2017-06-25) Great plugin. Could you please show IPv4 by default. The IPv6 display is not what we want and is sometimes show. Or maybe show both. (2017-05-19) Vlad Siritanu: Simple, efficient and dicreate (2017-04-25) Se lance très bien, contrairement à d'autres avis, et fait ce qu'elle promet: Adresse IP du site dans une bulle tout en bas. (2017-04-09) Manfred Warta: Perfekt, endlich mal die tatsächliche IP der Verbindung und nicht wie bei allen "Flag Addons" nur die IP der angefragten Domain. (2016-11-06) Ông Nguyện: hay (2016-09-03) SUPER BOS: Не работает!!! (2016-07-13) Skorpion: IT TRACKED MY VPN (2016-06-13) Jacob Eile: Great app, does what it is supposed to and does not - this is VERY IMPORTANT - rely on 3rd party servers... Nice ; (2016-05-31) Linna Taing: ne se lance pas (2016-05-23) Fűrész Krisztián: Pls add unique color for localhost ( (2016-05-02) Cyril: Contrairement aux avis précédents, je l'utilise quotidiennement sans aucun problème et sur plusieurs postes. (2016-03-09) Dean Zhang: 对页面只有framset的支持不好,有div插入,但是显示不出来。其它都很好很赞。。。 (2016-03-04) Jonathan Massy: works perfectly, would be helpful if you could right-click the widget in the top bar and copy the currrent tab IP address

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