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Description from extension meta Extension for automating chromium browser, Create project -> Record -> Edit Automation -> Manage -> Play
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Description from store 1. CBA gives ability to setup step-by-step code injections from Extensions popup interface. 2. Recording user interactions while he navigates in web pages (filling the forms, clicking on buttons hiperlinks and smart mechanism for DOM element path calculation). 3. Projects saving in browser's local storage. 4. Step by step code injection. 5. Ability of projects import and export. 6. Ability of using of extensions ready functions. 7. Abilioty using of Extension useful placeholders. 8. Ability to write your own code that will have access to web page's DOM. 9. And much much more...
Latest reviews (2019-10-11) Petr Bodnár: It's all but intuitive or user friendly. The very basic scenario of clipboard copy + paste (see https://chrome-automation.com/copy) doesn't work. Moreover I can't see a reason why the "copy" event cannot be told which key in the clipboard object to use for storing the extracted value. Finally, "Functions" are rather just snippets and there's no description of how to define real reusable functions. 2 - 3 stars, for the effort... (2019-08-01) Damo D: Records and plays back, however the critical 'Timer' function is not working. Anyone else observe similar behaviour? Ollie - can you assist? :) (2019-07-22) Hotspot CSC: Like it... (2019-06-04) Alexey Kuznetsov: This extension has google analytics tracking code in it!!! I can not believe this (2019-05-04) Erik Breslmayr: puhh I don't know, I think it is a bit buggy... It does not redirect to pages and recording also does not work properly... (2018-08-17) Sorin Albu: Doesn't work. (2018-06-24) Paul Hurley: its not user friendly - but it does what it says on the tin (2017-10-04) Florent Hurtaud: Bien pratique et fonctionnelle même si on est en dehors (sur un autre onglet) de la page à automatiser. Par contre l'interface est à améliorer car elle peut pratique et moche. (2017-08-31) Александра Игнатьева: БЕСПОНТОВОЕ! Если только запоминает перезагрузку страницы .Про клики БАЛДА полная фуфло не тратьте время ! (2017-08-28) Christian Frech: The UI is not always intuitive, but ultimately it got my browser automation to work with this tool and it saved me many tons of work. Well done! (2017-08-01) Bibin Mathew: It simply doesnt works for whenever there is a POP-up. I am sorry (2017-06-02) Agario Email: Great tool but very unstable. Sometimes doesn't execute tasks or gets the timer wrong. I will it has time values of larger than milliseconds such as minutes. (2017-05-11) Leon van Kammen: This is an awesome plugin, I highly advice this to developers who want a lightweight way of automating tests. Just like any other automation tool (selenium e.g.) you'll probably need to add some manual timeouts in websites. It works very well on my vuejs project. The import/export-, grouping- & repeat-features are superhelpful. Big ups for the extensive documentation, something which sets this plugin apart from the rest. (2017-04-05) Lonnie W: I can't get this to record anything. It says recording, I perform some basic on a youtube page and it does absolutely nothing. Specifically I'm trying to use https://www.youtube.com/feed/history/comment_history to delete comments and the only action it has is a redirect action to the page after recording me deleting a few... none of those steps got recorded at all. (2017-02-24) Олег Тихомиров: не работает импорт готовых решений от других пользователей в остальном - полезная прога (2017-02-24) jarett Pendell: After being very frusterated with imacros, this solved my automation problem without a hitch. (2017-01-13) Jeffrey Meyer: A very easy tool to use to automate some simple tasks. It makes is easy to do repetitive tasks like webpage login and button clicking. I wish there were more documentation. I would like to be able to start chrome running a CBA script from a cron job but I haven't found a way to do this. (2016-12-09) han chen: Can you explain this script? ``` /* * Event of clicking on input type submit and button */ $("input[type=submit], input[type=image]").live('click', function(obj) { if((ifFacebook == true)&&($(this).attr("class") == "hidden_elem")) return; if((ifFacebook == true)&&($(this).val() == "Post")) { sendmsg(".submitBtn input", "click",''); return; } if((this == $("[value='Log In'][type='submit']")[0])&&(ifFacebook==true)) { // FB LOG IN sendmsg("[value='Log In'][type='submit']", "submit-click",''); } else { sendmsg(getPath(this), "submit-click",''); } //console.log(getPath(this)); // console.log($(getPath(this))[0]); }); ``` I am very worried since I see a "isFacebook" flag in your script. I haven't had time to go into the script, but this makes me feel very very uncomfortable. (2016-12-05) nikita jn: Не работает :( (2016-11-27) Private Developer: Не работает (или отсутствует) функция копирования готового проекта JSON (или .js). Хотелось бы чтобы было возможно с легкостью загружать с компьютера готовые скрипты (коды) и запускать в расширении. Также по возможности было бы лучше, если можно будет импортировать готовые записи действий на компьютер в формате 'txt' или 'js'. Спасибо. Надеюсь в ближайшее время разработчики пойдут на встречу. А так, расширение супер. (2016-08-31) Roman F: Нужно (2016-08-25) Alessandro Cometti: I followed the steps for importing code, doesn't work. In general, terrible interface, poorly developed, terrible explanations on their website, no messages on actions, basically unusable. (2016-07-29) Neil Singh: No image reorganization (2016-07-22) Segimerus: Great concept, but simply does not work on the locally developed site I wanted it for. It does not record my clicks. (2016-06-29) Diogo Nunes: Doesn't record my actions... so it's useless.

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