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Description from extension meta An extension to help you gain full control of any website by redirecting traffic, replacing, editing, or inserting new content.
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Description from store This is the ultimate tool for taking control of any website. Newly added: Request and Response header modification with common use case presets (Enable CORS, force allow outside content, allow iframes... etc). This extension will allow you to redirect URLs on the fly before requests are made. You can also redirect URLs to text documents that you can create with this extension. If you need to inject JavaScript or CSS files, this extension has you covered. This tool is great for debugging production websites, as you can edit and inject code on the fly. You no longer have to scan through minified code as you can just redirect to an unminified version or paste in the unminified version with the integrated file editor. Feel free to contribute to this project! https://github.com/kylepaulsen/ResourceOverride
Latest reviews (2019-11-19) Aidan Grant: Fantastic tool for Web Developers, keep up the great work. (2019-10-19) Алексей Шаолинь: Perfect extension for my needs. Thank you! (2019-10-07) Юрий Анкудинов: It does not works (не работает). File injection works with mask same as *.js. More difficulty masks does not works (same as js/*.js). (2019-09-19) Lourens de Villiers: Simple but effective! Was able to point my local Wordpress uploads folder to another environment no problem. Thank you! (2019-09-17) Tobias Viana: Amazing extension, works great, but it has de worst on/off toggle button ui ever, hahahahaha, please change it. (2019-09-04) Tom Lorimer: Simple to use and a lifesaver for me as I develop on a third party platform. I can use local files (using Resource Override) to develop then when I'm sure everything is working, I can upload my files to AWS for the live site to use. (2019-08-02) Alexandria LaRue: Love it, it's so useful and works great. I often use it to test out CSS before implementing, or to modify a website's irritating CSS to something more appeasing while I visit the site. My only complaint is that the CSS rules are treated like they're JavaScript when I edit them, and I have to switch the syntax back to CSS. It's marked as CSS, so the syntax should default to CSS. Please fix! Such a useful extension, and with how often I use it, always having to switch syntax back to CSS is tedious. (2019-07-31) Levy Adams: Just because this extremely simple to use extension baffles you personally doesn't mean it doesn't work. We use this at one of the top corporate entities on the globe for a number of projects and it works great. I know the VAR -> VAR paradigm is really confusing but when an arrow points in a direction, usually that signifies a property flow. Try to grasp the intense abstract logic there, lol. Thanks to the developer for such a priceless chrome extension! Saved thousands of hours of developing on live servers! Take one asset and apply it over another asset on a live server, amazing. May your life be filled with joy and happiness. <3 (2019-06-20) Anonymous Notavailable: A version of this great extension for Firefox and later for mobile devices would be perfect. (2019-06-07) FERNANDO HERRERO-TEJEDOR GOLDARAZ: This is a life saver in so many ways! Awesome. (2019-05-24) Golden Eyes: usually I don't comment unless its great. and yeah this extension is so great and simple. believe me guys, this is the best of its kind. (2019-05-15) 3047 h: wonderful (2019-05-03) Daniel Lewis: This is without question the most useful plugin I have installed in Chrome. Whenever I show it to other developers they immediately install it. This should become part of the core dev tools functionality. KUDOS Kyle Paulsen (2019-04-19) Mehdi: perfacet (2019-03-31) Jen Ridge: Magnificent work. The help file is amazing which is hardly found on any other extension of this sort. You out did yourself. THANKS (2019-03-28) Bruno D: Excelent ! (2019-02-19) how u get the thing about mope.io (2019-01-29) Andrei Bunulu: Thank you, it works very well (2018-12-29) Siergiej Klimentowski: Отличное расширение. Автору спасибо (2018-10-04) Lance E Sloan: Among the other uses, it's a great tool for replacing specific, annoying images on some websites. (2018-09-18) Sumit Gupta: Its such a handy tool. Saves lot of time and eases testing on remote environments. (2018-09-10) Nishant Das Patnaik: Same here. It doesn't work. There is no way to know if the rule is "saved" correctly and will work or not. Multiple page reloads is required just to know that this extension is not working (2018-08-15) Dave Sockett: Useless. The changes do not save or get reflected in the appropriate tabs. Infuriating. You will drive yourself insane trying to use this non-functional extension. (2018-08-14) Wenlong Dai: It does one thing and does it really well. Love it. (2018-07-20) Sundus Yousuf: This is one of the best extensions I have used to override assets. The documentation and help guid is exceptional. Looks like chrome is trying to implement similar function but no questions this extension does much much more than what they have tried. Loved the simple and clean interface too. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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