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Description from extension meta Are you an extensions developer? Keep track of your Chrome extensions. Be notified for new reviews, ratings and more!
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Description from store MyExtensions on GitHub: https://github.com/phaistonian/MyExtensions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No more frequent visits to your Extensions Dashboard! This extension provides an automatically updated overview of your Chrome extensions (and themes). Features: - Add (or find) your extensions (or themes) from the options page. - Reports: Rankings (popularity + ranking), users, installs, ratings, comments. - Displays ranking break down, latest comment for every extension. - Manually update report from popup. - Display rank graphs. - Displays "NEW" sign when an extension is update the last 12 hours. - Badge + desktop notifications (customizable) when new comments and ratings are posted. - Direct links to your extensions (view & edit) and your dashboard. - Display number of total extensions in Gallery. - Direct link to chrome://extensions/ - SHIFT+CLICK on the extension's link will download the extension. - Configurable update interval. - Sortable columns. - Reports if an extension is featured in the Gallery. - Compact view (options) Latest changes: - Added desktop notification support for comments. - Added option to ignore comments from a handle (username). Known issues: - Number of comments may be incorrect in times, since Google is applying some sort of caching.
Latest reviews (2019-03-26) mo gwely: not working (2018-11-10) Светлана Оральская: Все работает круто, не переставая и отлично ) (2018-10-15) Christoph D: Unfortunately it stopped working lately because of Chrome's CORS policy. (2018-07-14) Taylor Raack: Sadly, this extension no longer works. See bug report: https://github.com/phaistonian/MyExtensions/issues/42 (2018-07-03) Serg Sap: кажется сломался, уже 2 недели вроде (2018-05-03) Andrauskas: Расширение понравилось! Но невероятно бесит отсутствие сохранения настроек. При выходе из аккаунта google приходится заново добавлять все extension в опциях! Добавьте сохранение и будет оценка 5. (2018-04-16) Y. S.: Missing only this: > notify about Support (Questions, Suggestions, Problems) (2018-03-21) Jackie Jackie: nice one... (2018-03-15) Richard T: Nice extension, can you make it notify about Support (Questions, Suggestions, Problems) and replies in there too? That's what I need the most! (2018-01-07) Dmitry Nabok: Awesome! (2017-11-08) Виталий Стрим: Идея класс! (2017-11-05) Ragul N: Great work (2017-10-28) WooodHead: test (2017-10-25) Ole Albers: It is a shame that Google does not offer notifications for chrome extension bugreports. This extension gets as close to that requirement as possible. (2017-10-23) Gersivan Oliveira: O método de inserção é "manual", um por um.. (2017-10-14) lambi 674: great stuff! could you add a visual or audio clue when a new version of one of my extensions get published/available on the store (2017-07-27) 文井ふみを: Great exteinsion! I really needed this. (2017-05-26) Rememberry Company: That's absolutely awesome. Many thanks! (2017-05-05) iSimplyCD: Really useful, thank you for this! (2017-04-14) Hubert Gagnon-Lamonde: Super good extension and reliable (2017-02-01) Matteo Bulgarelli: Really useful! (2017-01-19) Peter Prikryl: Great extension! But the ranking and popularity columns are not populated. Reply notifications are missing too. Currently, it does not work at all. (2016-11-24) Brice Laurencin: It's really nice to have the extensions code on GitHub, so when Google updates the web store behavior, everybody is able to help the author get the extension back on track (2016-06-03) Vlad H.: Great extension! One of the most useful I ever installed. Thanks for making it. (2016-06-02) Matt Durr: Not working for me currently - any action trying to add an extension just returns the error "Unable to retrieve data. Please try again later." Update- Somewhat fixed? Was able to add 2 extensions, but the 3rd one errors out every time, then adds 2 other random ones.

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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