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Bootstrap 3 Helper (Resizes, Duplicates, Doc)

Description from extension meta Show the current Bootstrap 3 breakpoint. Allow to duplicate a tab in each size and reload all in one click. Give doc's links.
Image from store Bootstrap 3 Helper (Resizes, Duplicates, Doc)
Description from store This extension is thought to help developers using Bootstrap 3 in their projects. ⚠️ Bootstrap 3 only for now It allows to quickly resize the active window to test a Bootstrap's breakpoint (xs / sm / md / lg). To simplify testing it's possible to duplicate in one click the current tab in the four Bootstrap's sizes, and thereafter, quickly update all of them from the extension. The extension also indicates whether Bootstrap is used on the site visited. This extension also provides links to the Bootstrap documentation , to quickly find answers to his questions. The media queries used by bootstrap code is also provided in the developer tips available in 2 clicks . *** Later *** 🐣 - New icon - Close duplicate tabs *** *** Updates *** 🎉 0.9.8 : - Fix the size displayed on the page with sites using bootstrap 4 (The size follow the v4 breakpoints) 0.9.7 : - Fix the pointer on the page helper 0.9.6 : - Fix some bugs 0.9.1 (Pre-Release) : - Options 0.9.0 : - Change extension icon according to the breakpoint - Fix some bugs 0.1.0: - Remove debug remains 0.0.6 : - Detect if bootstrap is use in current website - Display state without look in extension, if the website use Bootstrap, at the corner of web page - Page for developer tips, like media queries use by Bootstrap to copy in CSS 0.0.5 : - New links for templates 0.0.3 : - Allow to duplicate the current tab in each size ***
Latest reviews (2019-08-16) S H: its good but you NEED AN ON/OFF BUTTON. The only way to turn this thing off is to remove the extension. Which I am doing now because I simply need to take a screenshot. Super annoying. (2019-06-13) José Emilio Nauto: Tiene los diferentes breakpoints y puedes abrir diferentes ventanas con esos breakpoints (2019-03-19) Wutt Dan: Very helpful, i like it. (2019-02-06) Esteban Rios: tres pratique (2018-08-11) Simon Foster: Popup always shows XS for me. No matter what size the browser window ist. Extension icon shows it correct though. Anyone else got this problem? Update: only seems to support BS3-breakpoints. (2018-07-19) Daniel Alves: Useless if you are on BS4. Please update (2018-05-06) Ladina SEDERA Andrianomenjanahary: It's good (2018-03-23) Mouadovic: very helpful n practical, thanks a lot. (2018-02-28) Harry Patel: Be great to have a bootstrap 4 version though please (2017-10-14) Be Right Back Production: it helps my devlopment (2017-09-17) Daniel Santos: The breakpoints are not bootstrap 4's. Should have a way to configure it (2017-03-01) Jared McCluskey: Awesome! (2017-02-14) Robert Mims: Very helpful. (2017-01-30) Evgeniy Miroshnichenko: I like this app. But I think it would be better, if it will have opportunity to set custom screen sizes. For thous people who wont to change bootstap default break-point and to test it. (2017-01-26) Robert Lopes: It is perfect! Thank you guys so much! I'll add an resolution field, so we can see which resolution we're using. (2016-10-08) lakesare: fixed popup (one on a page) always shows XS, while logo shows proper sizes. do I misunderstand its purpose? otherwise great extension. (2016-10-05) Loren Dorez, Jr.: Simply the best Bootstrap extension and a must for all devs (2016-05-09) Mostafa Karimi Farani: Seriously very useful extension!

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