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Live CSS Editor. Write custom CSS for any website and see your changes in real time.

Image from store Amino: Live CSS Editor
Description from store • Style the web with CSS. Customize page appearance like colors, fonts and layout; see your changes applied immediately in live edit mode • Sync your CSS to the cloud; see your custom CSS on any desktop browser where Amino is installed • Enjoy modern IDE features in the browser • Use our inspect tool to scan pages and find selectors that you want to customize with CSS • Manage your CSS anywhere from aminoeditor.com Features: • Free cloud storage • Syntax highlighting • SCSS/Sass support • Autosave/Live editing mode • Automatic indenting and outdenting • Inspect/scan tool • Color picker tool • DevTools integration • Autocomplete/IntelliSense • Code formatting • Light/dark themes Featured in: Chrome's ‘Top Picks’ in developer tool extensions, Smashing Magazine, Product Hunt, Designer News, Codrops, Sidebar, and elsewhere... Updates from Team Amino: https://twitter.com/aminoeditor Keyboard shortcuts: Open browser popup: CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE Open remote popup: ALT+SHIFT+SPACE Contact us: [email protected] For documentation and guides for getting the most out of Amino: https://docs.aminoeditor.com Google Group (Community Support): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/aminoeditor Permissions: To learn about the permissions this extension requests: https://aminoeditor.com/permissions Terms of Use & Privacy Policy: By installing the extension, you agree to its Terms of Use (https://aminoeditor.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://aminoeditor.com/privacy). TLDR: We care about user privacy. We will never sell your data. Makers: Eric Uldall (github.com/ericuldall) Timothy Long (github.com/timothylong) Happy tinkering, — Team Amino 🔧😉

Latest reviews

  • (2021-09-19) Dennis Persson: Easy and useful. At least it was before they ruined it with an update for quite a long time ago. What they did was to require a login. Pretty good idea actually, since your style syncs between devices then. But the issue is that they fail to remember you are logged in. So for the plugin to work you will have to login to it every day you want your sites to be styled. Rather cumbersome, so I rarely do it.
  • (2021-09-18) Roy Guadalupe: I followed with exciting this extension before they made required to work with an account. Since then is not so versatile. If it's by the issue of not more than 100KB the rest of developers should know that for writing extensive CSS there are code editors... There some issues related with sign in thing (ublock origin extension, or maybe other thing interrupting the proper log in). And wait for sign in is a waste of time. By the way make the panel behave like an independent window and not like a floating/intrusive window by default please....
  • (2021-08-31) Naresh Bisht: Thank you
  • (2021-08-18) Jayvジェイヴ: I love it. It has an great UI and works perfectly. I would love to have in my devtools too! would be amazing (like the extension "vue devtools")
  • (2021-08-09) Wojciech Górski: Still kinda waiting for that scrollbar you have promised year ago... Gonna change review once it will be implemented.
  • (2021-07-29) Peter Barnum: I will change this to 5 stars and a glowing review once you remove the requirement to login / create an account. It's logged out EVERY time I open my browser and only logs in some of the time for chrome and brave on windows 100% up to date. Why "fix" what wasn't broken! Please make accounts OPTIONAL **update** I appreciate the quick reply and will adjust my rating because of the great support. This extension is great and the sign in bug looks like it may be fixed. Thank you
  • (2021-07-26) j3kser: it's just amazing
  • (2021-07-25) Муса: Zaebca
  • (2021-07-21) Ivan Orlov: Баганный плагин, еще и требует авторизации, есть куча других бесплатных аналогов без авторизации и багов
  • (2021-07-01) Mustafa: this is the best for CSS learners and flat-ui lovers, i personally learnt a lot by editing webpages with this plugin, thank you so much
  • (2021-06-26) Reina L: Great for adding a couple of lines here and there to ease usability
  • (2021-06-21) Filip Carlsson: Love it :) Please add color highlight for colors in the editor for example if i have color: #fff; the background for color: #fff; is gonna be white for example, it would be so much easier than searching online for color picker :)
  • (2021-06-17) Wp Cloud: Can't not login. You API is not working. You should have a fallback if the user cannot login.
  • (2021-06-14) Adnan Cehic: Now requires an account for no good reason. Currently, I can't log in which makes any stylesheets I had not load. If you're going to require users to create an account, you need to make sure that those users can log in.
  • (2021-06-07) Артём Евдокименко: Nice
  • (2021-06-03) Oliver Mahrle: very very good app highly recommend br olivermahrle.com
  • (2021-06-02) Rainbowsaur: Requires account creation, absolute junk
  • (2021-05-27) Norbert Hoenderop: Really nifty extension that makes my workflow easier, thanks!
  • (2021-05-20) Cody Lail: I use it everyday to customize the pages and forms I use frequently.
  • (2021-05-20) Li Ho: Does not exactly work for my specific usecase. You are not able to specify a URL like: www.google.com/test/* And all CSS will be applied to the children of that URL. You cannot edit any URL that was already added and it's very slow in execution. Kind of okay, but still not perfect for the use it should provide.
  • (2021-05-18) I loved it
  • (2021-05-18) Xx.Pëåchy_RøsexX: amino pro alredy entered but may took long time for waiting it to submit
  • (2021-05-16) Minecraft Dünyası: İndirmeyin ücretsiz olan özellikleri sırf para kazanmak için gittiler ücretli yaptılar bunlar para gözden başka bir şey değil.
  • (2021-05-15) Artur Klesun: Edit: I accidentally found out that it adds a 500-1000 ms delay on every page load when you navigate to a cross-domain link, even if you do not have any rules specified. Old review: Oh, awesome, it synchronizes the code across all PCs I'm logged in!
  • (2021-05-12) nanda jegstudio: very helpful chrome extention for web developer
  • (2021-05-11) Stopdatamining Redacted: aaaaannd, another developer goes subscription.
  • (2021-05-07) Michael Surowiecki: I love it but today it doesn't work anymore, all I see is this message: Your file couldn’t be accessedIt may have been moved, edited or deleted. ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Also you cannot even sign in to use it, why do you have to sign in? I'm just using the old version and disabled updates.
  • (2021-05-06) Petar Galabov: Wonderful up to the update. Tried the solution by Mike - it works, but I cannot access my CSS. Give us some ETA when will it be fixed.
  • (2021-05-06) André Villela: Time saving! A must-have for any serious web designer/developer who needs to hack the front-end on a regular basis!
  • (2021-05-06) Martin Curmi: When it works its great - the trouble is that every time there's an update the extension breaks. Last time it was because of the sign up requirements. I got it working after that. But now i see there was an update on the 4th May and of course the extension is now broken..... Click on the extension icon and all you see is a small white empty box. Nothing happens.
  • (2021-05-05) Imagine Engine: Its Amazing, especially when u know css, me and all my friends use it now, thx Amino
  • (2021-05-03) Katarzyna Grzesiak: I can't code and other stuff but I just- idk bruh
  • (2021-04-30) Grzegorz Var Bogya de Csepy: Animo was great, very helpful but in last 1 month I have problem. My cursor every few seconds jumps to first line... I can't work with this. Can you help me with this?
  • (2021-04-27) Serena Drake: This extension was great until it decided that you have to sign up to use it. I've never personally had an issue with the storage problem that they're talking about here, and don't understand why we aren't allowed to keep using the plugin as is until we come across an issue that makes it necessary to 'upgrade' onto an account. Plus the sign-up being required just seems rather sketchy to me to be honest, considering how everything wants to collect your data nowadays, so I guess I'll be just dealing with using the inspect element window from now on.
  • (2021-04-26) Ika Balzam: The last update had me register for an account - ok. Since then, every time I click on the editor icon (which I have to do every few seconds while I work on a live page) - I get a new ad. Seriously, EVERY TIME! I mean, I understand why you need ads, heck, I even clicked them for you - but I NEED TO WORK! I don't need your ad blocking my code every time I click on the icon! Terrible
  • (2021-04-26) Z Salamander: Monetized. A once incredible app is now plagued with ads and annoying login requests that seem to lose session every other day. Takes me 3x as long to do the things I once did. I'd much rather have limited features with no ads, and no login. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. A shame there isn't a better alternative out there.
  • (2021-04-26) Xavier De Piero: gg
  • (2021-04-23) A Passer-by Matcha lover: 突如アップデートがあり、Emailアドレスでのサインインを求められ、そして以前のデータはきれいサッパリ消えてしまった。以前のはローカルデータだったし、おそらく復元はできないだろう。なんか疲れたのでちょっと(一時的かもしれないしずっとかもしれない)使用するのやめます。デザインわりと好きなんだけどなぁ……。 Suddenly there was an update, it asked me to sign in with my email address (I'm afraid), and then ALL my data was lost... Probably not recoverable (Probably because the local data has been lost). I was too shocked. So I'll stop using it. Until we meet again. (I love the design.) [Using DeepL]
  • (2021-04-23) Bruno Santos: Muito boa a extensão, agiliza muito o processo de prototipagem e personalização das interfaces.
  • (2021-04-21) Sam Clements: Worked great and was part of my workflow until recently they started requiring an account signup to use. Trying to signup gives me an error so now unusable when I need it and will have to find another.
  • (2021-04-20) Arrnaya: Five starts for the efforts of the devs. A great tools. But the recent changes have brought some issues and it crashes at times. Need to reload pages in order to make it work. Please fix the bugs and love your work devs. Three claps!!!
  • (2021-04-19) Danilo Prado: Amazing app to iterate SCSS on a live or local environment being able to see your changes live. The support for SASS/SCSS is amazing. I integrated the extension to my developing workflow. Suggestion to the devs: possibility to use @import with local files or add SCSS files. I usually have multiple variables.scss and mixins.scss, and being able to use variables from these files, would be a killer.
  • (2021-04-19) Piet Nutbey: Holy Moly! For the longest time I have been using live / preview editors going back nearly a decade and lately have been on the lookout for a good live preview editor as my trusted solution is no longer actively being maintained (Espresso for Mac). Personally not a huge fan of browser-plugin based solution. Never really liked Emmet LivedStyle and have always referred to native Mac applications. Gave Magic CSS plugin a whirl, but the "in-window" solution was so confined and would not allow you to do any work for mobile viewports/devices. Tried CodeKit / PrePros / BrowserSync but all were just too finicky for just live preview of (S)CSS work. C'mon guys, just need to know where the gas pedal is, don't need to be able to build the engine ;) But here is Amino. Wow! This made my day. Biggest advantages for me: - autosave/autoreload - can do SCSS - huge win! - popout window - yeah! - page / domain toggle - very nice guys! - very simplistic (this is good) inspector I know this is probably not likely, but are there any plans on let's say a full blown native (S)CSS edtiing app (or Electron app) using Blink / Webkit engine as browser? Awesome job! First day user, but will continue using this! ------ Fast forward to 2021: Still using Amino on a daily bases, however now using the latest version 3.0.19. After some initial hickups during the launch of the updated version, the new version is amazing. The Amino team has pulled it off! No more 100Kb limitations! You can now live edit in/with your full sized (s)css files. Currently Amino is now my goto live SCSS editor. It is amazing that there are very few live SASS / SCSS editors in today's world. Amino is the only editor in my (Mac) arsenal of tools that does not require any setup or configuration to do live SCSS editing on a page / site. Then, the support... The Amino Team is amazing! As long as you provide them with an issue that can be replicated, they will fix it. I was honestly a bit disappointed when the first updated version came out, and it was broken compared to the old. My disappointment soon faded. The pace in which issues were addressed and release of updates were offered were great! Thanks Amino Team for bringing Amino CSS Editor to a whole new level!
  • (2021-04-16) Gabriel de Matos: It had the ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error for a couple days, then it updated and after signing up I had to manually input all the snippets again, and it worked for a few days. But two days ago it stopped working at all, in all websites. The snippets are there, I can see and edit them, but they have no effect.
  • (2021-04-16) Bryant Chan: Can I pay you to revert to the original version? The new one is buggy and really annoying.
  • (2021-04-15) dekxonn: Cannot login or register using Brave, I even disabled my ad-blocker and still when I click the "Sign Up" button all I see is the loading gif. Edit: The problem has been solved
  • (2021-04-14) Luís Fonseca: Era um aplicativo muito bom, mas com a nova atualização estragaram ele. =(
  • (2021-04-13) Jed Christian: It's not working. Anything I add doesn't reflect. It's too buggy since the last update- It WAS working great before, but not anymore.
  • (2021-04-13) Vini Dalvino: The extension no longer work since the last update. It doesn't apply the custom css.
  • (2021-04-11) Alper Güven: 3.0.17 and still doesn't work properly. App lost or deleted all my Amino CSS files after the last update: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND


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