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Customize any website with your own CSS and see your changes instantly with Amino!

Image from store Amino: Live CSS Editor
Description from store - Customize websites with CSS by creating your own user style sheets. Customize page appearance, fix rendering bugs, make the web what you want it to be. - Enjoy modern IDE features in the browser. - Save and sync custom styles to your Google Account. Access them from multiple computers. - Export your data on demand. Featured in: Chrome's ‘Top Picks’ in developer tool extensions, Smashing Magazine, Product Hunt, Designer News, Codrops, Sidebar, and more. FEATURES - Syntax highlighting - Automatic indenting and outdenting - Inspect tool - DevTools integration (*new*) - SCSS/Sass support - Autocomplete - Autosave - Synced data with Chrome sync - Copy to clipboard - Data export - Dark theme KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Open browser popup: CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE Open remote popup: ALT+SHIFT+SPACE GET IN TOUCH [email protected] twitter.com/aminoeditor HELP & SUGGESTIONS If you have feedback or would like to report an issue, you can do so on the Google Group page: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/aminoeditor ABOUT PERMISSIONS To learn about the permissions this extension requests: https://docs.aminoeditor.com/legal/permissions (TLDR: We're not doing anything nefarious or creepy.) TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY By installing the extension, you agree to its Terms of Use (https://docs.aminoeditor.com/legal/terms-of-use) and Privacy Policy (https://docs.aminoeditor.com/legal/privacy-policy). AUTHORS Eric Uldall github.com/ericuldall — Timothy Long github.com/timothylong Happy tinkering. 🔧😉

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-11) Jonathan Wilson: splendid. even works on my android tablet using kiwi browser
  • (2023-03-10) Pookie Yeboi: 10/10 not a single complaint they did everything perfect and I wouldn't change a single thing about it even if I could.
  • (2023-02-14) Oren Knaan: I thought many times that an add-on like this should exist - thanks for actually creating it.
  • (2023-02-01) Jona K: I have to register to use it how about NO.
  • (2023-01-28) Mehrnaz Nazari: It's so cool. you could customize any site that you want.
  • (2023-01-28) Mikołaj Ściobłowski: This is quite shite, one of those "we've got a shiny UI and that's about it" apps. Admittedly, when it works, it does what it says on the tin -- well, most of the times. But there's better alternatives out there. It requires you to log in on their website to use it, then logs you out at the very least every hour, just defeating the point of helping you make your life easier. And it's been like this for at least a year, so don't count on it getting any better than that
  • (2023-01-20) Hannah Bacaron: Seamless.
  • (2023-01-13) Mawuli Mensah: This extension works very well. Code editor is superb.
  • (2023-01-12) Fred Owens: I LOVE IT CAUSE its good to be able to edit everything
  • (2023-01-11) Michael Bolanos: A good extension, the space available is little short but its Ok. The extensions works without problem!
  • (2023-01-11) Vaishnav S: loved it
  • (2022-12-07) Said Akh: Au top !
  • (2022-11-29) Denis Zaika: Gooooooood !
  • (2022-11-06) Ari A: Really helpful.
  • (2022-10-23) Very useful and it works well as I expected.
  • (2022-10-20) Stefano Crosta: Great extension to play with CSS on pages. Having a mandatory log in is a bit of a bummer, although it does offer a lot of advantages if you are into the extension.
  • (2022-10-15) Bazek Alim: requires logging in
  • (2022-10-10) WePiphany: Get the power of User Agent CSS editing back for Chrome. Hide Google Ads, change the size of elements on your favorite websites, and make it permanent, in Chrome. This is a must-have extension.
  • (2022-10-08) Ern Tong: Thx! Help me a lot
  • (2022-09-27) Emmi Ari: logs you out sometimes and you have to relogin so that the styles work. apart from that i really like it
  • (2022-09-15) terry walker: Is there ever a day this extension will not ask me to log in? Please, I see you guys respond to comments here. I'm on version 3.1.5 and got the extension from chrome webstore (but using the edge browser). It constantly logs me out and makes me log back in every time. I dont know why you guys decided to add accounts but logging in everytime makes the extension painful to use. And for the love of god please add support for regex so I can decide which urls the styles will apply to. Please. Regards
  • (2022-09-15) Eric Favreau: Une des extension les plus utiles pour un designer web en apprentissage!
  • (2022-08-31) Norman van der Mull: This extension is a game changer. But there is a bug that is very annoying. Sometimes when editing and "autosave" is active the cursor keeps going to the beginning of the css file and you continue typing at the beginning of the document. Resulting in an invalid css file. Closing the document and starting again is the work around. Hopefully is will be fixed in the near future because I can't live without this extension :) So for now 4 stars. Sorry!
  • (2022-08-29) Alex Aguiar: thumbs up
  • (2022-08-27) Sneaky Turtle: When the extension works, it's great, but my experience since they've required an account has been subpar. The extension thinks I'm logged out every time I walk away from my computer, or just the chrome browser, for more than five minutes. Being forced to click the sign in button so frequently is incredibly annoying, and really hurts an otherwise great extension. Edit: The team working on the extension have fixed the above, and everything works perfectly now! Thanks for the updates.
  • (2022-08-02) Kurniafitra Satria: For me, this is the best extension for editing css in the website :D But I think, there is one lacking. it doesn't have hotkeys feature to turn off the code using keyboard. I have to back and forth to the extension when I try to turn on/turn off my code
  • (2022-07-14) Elliot Dooleysmith: Great Extension, works really well. Outside of my Password Manager this is my most used Extension. I would love to see support of editing multiple sub-domains. Maybe some sort of VS Code integration would be nice, so I can use VS Code to modify locally stored files that sync Amino Editor.
  • (2022-07-13) arifefa gradin: sangat membantu,, recomended
  • (2022-06-24) Cimola Ruán: Create a new account to use it? Thanks, but I won't. Sorry.
  • (2022-06-07) Akuro: This extension has anything a developer would need and more! You can edit code for a page in just the popup and it saves each edit you make to your Amino account/the cloud, so you can view any page exactly how you edited it every time.
  • (2022-05-25) Evgeny N: works
  • (2022-04-20) Bryan Funk: Nothing else like it! With that don't get used to it. I've use it for I about 2 years now I think. And the same keeps coming up. And now worse than ever, its unusable. As you start your work it moves you to the top of amino. You don't notice most times because you're just coding away until you realize you've yet again been pushed to the top of the editor and not where you left off. I can't get a single line entered before it puts me back to the top now. This is the worst its ever been and I've got to drop the tool now because after this long the same bug persists and that is not acceptable to me nor do I trust they can fix the problem.
  • (2022-04-15) Philippe Silva: Editando minha avaliação... Muito bom a nova função que sincroniza tudo. Porém toda hora o Amino desloga da sua conta e você tem q logar de novo pra ver as alterações sincronizadas. Arrumem isso...
  • (2022-03-15) H A: Was working for a few days at the start. After that the extension stops working, I had to log in every single damned day, and usually twice or three times in the same go. Not practical, major bugs need to be prioritised and fixed
  • (2022-03-13) Đăng Khoa: Tiện ích sài tốt, nhưng nhược điểm là kể từ các bản cập nhật mới, tiện ích thường bị đăng xuất tài khoản liên tục khiến việc áp dụng css không còn khả dụng!
  • (2022-03-12) osirisgothra (osirisgothra): Not bad except you might want to ask if I am enjoying and to rate after I actually use it! Asking, the moment it is installed, is not going to get you an honest rating and might get you some false low ratings just because the user is not happy that they are asked a question they can't really answer yet, regardless of whether or not there's an ask later button. The point is, asking from the get-go is probably not a good idea if you are wanting honest results. I suggest waiting to ask such a question until a set amount of your extension's honest-to-God, real physical usage time has come to pass. Furthermore, on the other hand, you might get 3-star ratings since someone might think "hmm, if I use 3 stars it will be within 2 stars of what I actually think about it, so that is fair enough". Programmers tend to think that way, and it would be all together easier to just do that than to come back after X amount of time to rate it again on their own implicit recognizance, especially since most users are probably going to be programmers like I am.
  • (2022-03-07) Siva Kumar: very useful tool for css developer
  • (2022-03-04) Eusebio Sánchez (Zerbio): Últimamente pide identificarse continuamente pese a estarlo ya.
  • (2022-02-25) Gor Khachatryan: Great extension for changing the css. 10/10
  • (2022-02-21) Rahmatullo Qosimov: for(dis = 7, day = 1; dis < depth; dis += 7, day++) { dis -= 2 } console.log(day);
  • (2022-02-10) Sean Stapleton: Anyone who rates this less than 5 stars is probably not using it correctly. Amino saves me SO MUCH TIME! Easy to use, elegant simple design. Simply amazing!
  • (2022-02-07) Dahmou Abdallah: I have always looked for such an extension I had a bad experience with some websites and as a developer, I'm always using the developer tool to make some tweaks here and there but they're not permanent whenever I refresh the website these changes are gone so with this extension I can make permanent changes!!
  • (2022-02-02) Ramiro Alvarez Valdes: Love it! Allows me to modify sites that would otherwise tire my eyes.
  • (2022-01-15) Carlos A. S. Palacio (Google Inc.): Google
  • (2022-01-14) Clients One: Sucks having to login all the time. Removed it
  • (2022-01-04) Vlad González A: Amazing extension, it even supports scss
  • (2021-12-16) Zakarias Benzet: it does not let me create an account
  • (2021-11-20) Jed Christian: Update: Bug Fixed! Thanks Amino Team :*
  • (2021-11-07) DeepT: Couldn't even try it, asking me for a registration even before I can test it up. For a browser extension. Maybe it's great, but I will never know.
  • (2021-11-06) Naresh Bisht: Thank you Edit: Used to work fine but now it takes around 30 sec to open the popup editor


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