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Developer notifications and dashboard for CI servers

Image from store BuildReactor
Description from store - Gives you overview of all your builds in one place - Supports multiple continuous integration servers - Configurable notifications - Fullscreen mode let's you setup information radiator for your team within minutes, not hours or days - Works on Windows, Mac and Linux Supported services: - cctray XML format - Atlassian Bamboo - BuildKite - BuildBot - Jenkins - TeamCity - Travis-CI Permissions required: - all http(s) urls so you can monitor any service - notifications - tabs

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-11) Prakash Kumar: The application looks promising but I am not able to use it because it expects me to enter user name and password while configuring GoCD. But I use OAuth for logging in. Please add an option for logging in using OAuth.
  • (2018-06-06) feng liu: Really helpful, and is still working after so many years
  • (2016-09-19) Vaseem Mohammed: Excellent plugin. For each product we build we have a build monitor which displays the dashboard configured with this plugin.
  • (2016-06-01) Brian Keaton: Nice tool, but does not show the status in tray, and browser is not always visible. So, I'm sticking with CatLight desktop notifier.
  • (2016-05-11) Martin Goldhahn: This one works on first try and has the necessary information. Nice.
  • (2016-04-08) Mrkelly Chan: fantastic! the best !
  • (2016-02-28) Great Plug-In. Super easy to use. Would be even cooler if it sound alarm on failed build.
  • (2016-02-17) Dan Grahn: It would be much better if I could get optional notifications when each build starts and ends.
  • (2015-06-17) Dima: This is really good extension and it works great! However, it would be better if the extension icon will indicate that some branch is being built. Thanks!
  • (2015-04-24) Alex Bourgeois: The extension would be great if it didn't crash on me saying the data is corrupted every now and then. I would also like to be able to reorganize the order in which the jobs are displayed.
  • (2015-04-01) Ray Schnitzler: Really want to like it, but I can't add any builds.
  • (2015-03-02) Marcel Birkenkamp: i wish you could start hudson/jenkins builds right from UI
  • (2015-01-26) Daniel Pedro dos Santos Fernandes: Amazing!!!
  • (2014-11-25) Or Ben Zeev: is is great! different people can edit different views without having to configure the views on the build server. * please add support for jenkins folder plugin.
  • (2014-06-22) Xiao Clark: Amazing tool. Minimal setup required, does what it's supposed to and does it excellently. Big thank you to all the devs that contributed to this!
  • (2014-03-14) Alexander Tarasov: It will be cool to show build number for full screen (TeamCity).
  • (2013-12-10) Venkatesh Nannan: Awesome tool to track builds. MAC notifications are pretty cool. Everyone in my team wants to use it.
  • (2013-10-15) This, by far, is the best tool to manage your CI needs!
  • (2013-08-19) Steve Richart: The ability to organize and categorize projects as well as connect to multiple CI/Jenkins instances makes this an invaluable tool!
  • (2013-07-19) Inny So: Nice build monitor, got it up and running in a few mins :D
  • (2013-07-17) Michael Freeman: Works perfectly with Jenkins. Once less tab to have open.
  • (2013-07-11) Dan Haywood: Implemented a feature suggestion in 1 day... can't ask for more. +1
  • (2013-06-19) Brian Blonski: Best build monitor plugin I've used. Looks very professional.
  • (2013-05-21) David Sanders: Love being able to monitor all the different builds for different projects using different CI server.
  • (2013-03-06) tsutomu chikuba: It's great!!!

Latest issues

  • (2019-05-09, v:2.0.0) Arun Kumar: Can you please add support for Gitlab CI
    It will be really good if you can add support for Gitlab CI.
  • (2018-05-31, v:1.1.1) Elin Magnusson: Jenkins builds inside folders cannot be shown
    My jenkins builds are structured in nested folders. The plugin does not seem to support more than one level of folders. It would be really nice if that could be fixed :)
  • (2017-09-25, v:1.1.1) Nagy Gábor: Jenkis does not work
    If I configure with Jenkins it shows job list perfectly on the configuration screen. But if I switch to View/Dashboard, it tells me it's offline (GET ... failed). This Jenkins instance needs authentication (set correctly). Any hints how to fix this? (yes, Jenkins is up&running of course :-))
  • (2017-06-01, v:1.1.0) Rainer Müller: Multiple Dashboards
    Is it possible to have multiple Dashboards? We have a multi-screen setup to view our build status. I would like to view more than one browser-page (Dashboard). Great Tool!
  • (2016-12-29, v:0.12.1) ליאור גלבוע: Package of few jobs
    Hello, I wanted to ask how does it possible to add in the popup a cube that will display a package status (few jobs in). One press on the cube will take me inside this package? Example: Have 3 jobs under Sanity package. In 1st view of the popup I will see 1 cube with color red or green which call 'Sanity'. One press on this cube and I will get another below level with 3 cubes 1, 2 and 3 sub jobs. Will be glad to get a response. Nati
  • (2016-12-08, v:0.12.1) Chrome Flyout Size
    Would it be possible to either increase or make configurable the size of the chrome flyout window? It's current size seems a bit small.
  • (2016-10-07, v:0.12.1) Hans Dushanthakumar: GoCD/Snap CI pipeline views
    Hi Adam, When I use BuildReactor with GoCD/SnapCI cctray.xmls, each stage in a pipeline is shown as a seperate rectangle. Any easy way of configuring it to just show the overall status of a pipeline (as opposed to showing status of each stage within a pipeline)? Great plugin BTW :) Cheers, Hans Dushanthakumar [email protected]
  • (2016-09-19, v:0.12.1) Vaseem Mohammed: Add VSTS support
    Please add Visual Studio Team Services support to the plugin.


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