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Intellimerch Uploader Makes Your Merch by Amazon Product Listing Submissions Faster and Easier!

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Description from store Intellimerch Uploader is a FREE to use Google Chrome Browser Extension that you can use to rapidly submit your Merch by Amazon Product Design Listings without going through Amazon’s cumbersome default 4-page process, saving you both time and effort. Tired of the cumbersome manual process of submitting Merch by Amazon Product Listings? Are you spending too much time uploading your designs rather than researching and pumping out awesome Merch products? Perhaps you use an assistant who spends hours upon hours submitting designs when they could be doing other more productive things? Intellimerch Uploader is just the tool you need to help you quickly and easily submit your Product Listings in as little as 5 clicks! Here are some key features and benefits: - Lightning Fast Product Submissions: Bypass the cumbersome 4-Page Merch by Amazon submission process by filling out the information all on a single page, saving you or your assistant time to do more productive things. - Simple & Efficient Process: Use built-in Copy and Paste buttons to quickly and easily clone existing Product Listings. Or use pre-saved Templates to instantly duplicate Product Listing data and text at the click of a button. All these features save you time and effort! - Intuitive Interface: Simple and intuitive user interface allows for anyone to understand and use this Chrome Extension quickly and easily. No need for confusing spreadsheets or a laborious manual process to manage and submit your Product Listings. - Your Designs are Never Shared: After this Chrome Extension is added to your Chrome Browser, all your designs and Product Listings stay between you and your Merch Account, no other 3rd party or remote server is contacted and none of your sensitive data is shared, giving you peace of mind. - Works for Everything in Merch by Amazon - Whether it's T-Shirts or Popsockets, Amazon US, UK or Germany, all Products and Marketplaces are supported! (Note: your Merch account must support the products). - FREE to Use: The core features of this Chrome Extension are FREE to use. There is no time-limit and or trial period. Make it a permanent part of your Merch by Amazon product submission workflow today! Here’s how it works: Once you’ve installed this Chrome Extension into your Chrome browser, start up Intellimerch Uploader and drag and drop the image you want to submit to Merch by Amazon into the upload box. Your image is automatically checked to ensure it’s the correct dimensions and file type that Amazon accepts. Select the image to open its Product Listing page and simply fill out all the options and text that you normally would, but all on a single page! Hit submit and Intellimerch Uploader fills in the entire Amazon submission process for you. For design images that follow, you can use the convenient copy and paste buttons to clone the work that you’ve already done to other listings. Save even more time by using a previously saved template to populate the Product Options and Text with a single click. 1. Drag and Drop your design 2. Select the image to open the Product Listing 3. Choose the template to Fill in the Options and Text 4. Make any edits or changes 5. And click submit to automate your submission to Amazon And you’re done. Best of all, this tool is free for you to use… there’s no trial period, so it will always be your go-to Merch by Amazon product submission tool forever! There’s no reason to delay, go ahead and install Intellimerch Uploader from the Chrome Web Store right now and start freeing up your or your assistant's time to do more important things. Premium features allow you to upload multiple images at once into Intellimerch Uploader, create unlimited Templates and progress through all 4 steps of the Merch by Amazon upload process click-free! It also helps to support the development of this and other useful tools to grow your Merch by Amazon Business for long-term success. Please note that Intellimerch Uploader is currently in BETA (testing and improving). We appreciate all feedback and strive to make this the best Merch by Amazon product listing submission tool on the market. Please contact us at [email protected] Thank you for your help and support! If you like this Tool, we would highly appreciate a Five Star Review! FAQs: Q: Why would I need a tool like this? I’m fine using Merch by Amazon’s interface to submit my designs. A: Submitting 1, 5 or even 10 designs using Merch by Amazon’s 4-page interface may be fine at first, but as you Tier up and Amazon allows you more submissions per day, their 4-page process becomes more and more tedious and time-consuming. Merch by Amazon is a numbers game. When you are regularly submitting 10, 50 or 100+ designs every day, the standard process could take hours to complete. This is time better spent elsewhere and exactly why this tool was created. Take back your time and focus on the tasks that will grow your Merch business! Q: How do I use this tool? A: Intellimerch Uploader utilizes technology built into Google’s Chrome Web Browser to keep your sensitive Product Design data private and secure between you and your Merch by Amazon account. It is never shared with any 3rd Party or remote server. Therefore, it requires you to add it on to Google’s Chrome Web Browser (supported on Windows, Mac and Linux). Once added, click on the “M” icon located at the top right of the browser window. This will open up the Intellimerch Upload screen for you to drag and drop your design image(s). Once uploaded, click on the image to open up the Product Listing screen and fill out all the Product data. Click the orange “Submit to Amazon” button at the bottom right to submit the listing to your Merch by Amazon account. Note that you must be logged into your Merch by Amazon account in order to successfully upload your design. See the 3 minute video above for a quick visual walkthrough on how to use this tool. Q: How come when I try to paste Product Text using the Paste button or inserting a Template, it doesn’t work? A: By design, if a text box already contains text, Intellimerch Uploader will not overwrite that content with the text on the clipboard. You need to delete any existing text before pasting (or inserting from a template). For added convenience, there is an erase all text button to clear all text boxes for you in one click (located at the top of the Product Text section), but please make sure you’re not erasing any text that you actually want to keep. Q: Can my Product Listing that I submit to Amazon be saved? A: The image in the Product Listing is not saved, but the Options and Text you created can be saved as a Template for future re-use. Q: When I click the Submit button to upload my Product Listing to Merch by Amazon, it goes to the Amazon upload screen, but then nothing seems to happen. How come? A: Please wait 20 to 30 seconds after submitting your listing content from Intellimerch Uploader to your Merch by Amazon account even if you don’t see anything changing on the screen. There are a lot of things happening in the background, including uploading your design image to Amazon so thanks for being patient. If nothing happens still after 30 seconds, please close the Amazon page and try submitting the listing content a 2nd time (and waiting 30 seconds). If you still have trouble, please send an email to [email protected] detailing the specific steps you took where you ran into the problem. Q: What additional features are there in the paid version? A: While the FREE version is fully functional on its own, premium features have some added enhancements to make your work even easier! Premium features allow you to upload multiple images at once into Intellimerch Uploader, create unlimited Templates and fast-track through all 4 pages/steps of the Merch by Amazon upload process click-free! It also helps to support the ongoing development of this and other useful tools to help grow your Merch by Amazon Business into a long-term success. You can unlock these premium features by making an in-app payment within the Intellimerch Uploader Chrome Extension (click the “M” icon at the bottom left of any of the screens). Q: Help! I need support or to ask you a question. How can I contact you? A: You can send any contact requests through our contact page at https://intellimerch.com/contact or email intellimerch [at] gmail.com.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-09-17) Marko Rdn: Wollte die Erweiterung einen Monat lang testen, beim bezahlvorgang wurde die Seite aber neu geladen und daher wurde aus 1 einem Monat 1 Jahr. Daraufhin hab ich die Erweiterung getestet, ob sie meinen Wünschen auch für ein Jahr entsprechen könnte. Das macht sie definitiv nicht, gibt wesentlich bessere für weniger Geld oder sogar gratis. Läuft jetzt aus, falls jemand den Lizenzschlüssel benötigt, kann ihn gern haben. Auf Anfragen antwortet der Entwickler gar nicht, habe zwei Mails geschrieben die unbeantwortet blieben. Warum auch antworten, das Geld ist ja bereits verdient. Nicht zu Empfehlen.
  • (2019-02-24) Michael Young: Out of all the tools I've tried to help me with my Merch by Amazon listing uploads, this one is has been the easiest to use. I like how it's laid out and saves me time when I'm submitting multiple designs at the same time. Sure beats manually doing it one by one! There's a paid option, but the free version works fine.

Latest issues

  • (2019-06-05, v:1.2.3) Melissa Burrows: Not syncing between my computers
    I have 2 laptops and a computer at work. I purchased the license and loaded the extension and the license on at least the two laptops so far. Why can't I get the saved templates on Intellimerch to show up if it is under the same chrome account? Also, under premium it will only let me save 5 colors on a template. Though in Merch we now have beta and it lets us chose 10 colors. Any chance you will have this option in the near future? Thanks in advance for any help with this matter, Melissa


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