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The easiest way to find the break points in your responsive web designs.

Image from store Breakpoint
Description from store Breakpoint lets you use your keyboard to resize your browser window - one pixel at a time. Therefore it is the perfect companion when you are trying to find the exact pixel where your responsive websites break. How to use These are the default settings, you can change them in "Window" > "Extensions", then scroll down to the bottom and to the right you will find "Keyboard Shortcuts". Please note: Since Chrome version 29 these are not set by default anymore! You now have to set them manually when you install the extension. Alt + Left Arrow: Decrease the width of the window by 1px Alt + Right Arrow: Increase the width of the window by 1px (Add Shift to any of the combinations to change it by 10px) Breakpoint also has the ability to change the height of the browser window, but you have to manually activate it in "Window" > "Extensions" > "Keyboard Shortcuts". When you find the break point you are looking for the tiny icon in the toolbar will tell you the exact size of you browser window.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-08-18) Jay Sync: it worked pressing ALT+drag until i closed and opened my browser.. and that it stopped working but i managed to come up with a solution extension>keyboard shortcuts>breakpoint i changed the following: Decrease window width by 1px: CTRL+left arrow Decrease window width by 10px: CTRL+SHIFT+left arrow Increase window width by 1px: CTRL+SHIFT+right arrow Increase window width by 10px: CTRL+right arrow it still does not update if you drag the window but with the keyboards shortcuts it works fine
  • (2018-11-24) Nika Astrova: Приложение нужное! Но, оно не работает.
  • (2018-05-30) Roman Bogdanov: Не работает!
  • (2017-12-28) Usama Yaseen: As of 12-28-2017, it's working for me. Had to restart the browser after installation and it worked.
  • (2017-10-14) bassel hallak: Doesn't work
  • (2017-10-09) Matthew Willis: Doesn't work. Not only does it not report the browser window size (it simply reports in whatever pixel width the window is when first opened and doesn't change when it's resized), the the space of the icon is too small so it only shows the first two digits followed by an ellipses symbol (eg 1345 will be "13...").
  • (2017-09-26) Pablo Fernández: Because, It doesn't work in Chrome v60 > Apple OSX Install the extension on Sept2017. I hope that Filip Johansson upgrade this extension, but it's usefull than others. Hurry up Filip!! you have most popular extension for web developers, but not run!! If you read me, thanks in advance!!
  • (2017-09-19) Fabrice Fleck: doesn't work
  • (2017-09-17) Daniel Santos: doesn't do anything on chromium and maybe google chrome too
  • (2017-07-28) Vik Sohal: Just downloaded it (July 27, 2017) and it does not work.
  • (2017-07-18) Ron Weaver: useless on PC the numbers never change while resizing the screen. After restarting the browser the Extension is changing numbers and working fine...
  • (2017-07-12) Geoff Pevlin: Doesn't work. Stays at 1232 no matter how wide or narrow I make the browser.
  • (2017-06-15) Allen Shipman: No longer works!
  • (2017-06-01) Zak Lay: It doesn't work.
  • (2017-03-16) F - Bomb: Despite developer's statements, while apparently an extremely handy extension before, it does not work now. Was even promoted at Lynda.com in one of the tutorials I am taking now. Bummer.
  • (2017-02-04) Aleksandr Navrotskiy: не работает
  • (2017-01-28) Marques Davis: its broken...
  • (2016-11-05) Sergey Tretiakov: Почему на макбуке, видны только первые две цифры???? Экран ретина, неужели так сложно доработать?
  • (2016-10-05) Адель Д.: не работает
  • (2016-06-29) Дмитрий Селиванов: Надо доработать. Срабатывает 1 раз из 10.
  • (2016-06-23) Neil Fellows: Simply doesn't work.
  • (2014-07-09) Subhojit Paul: Seems broken. Does not work.
  • (2014-05-01) Very handy extension. I used the Firebreak version on Firefox for a long time. Now I've finally found it here. I wish it updated the size shown in the button when resizing the window with the mouse. It only updates when using the keyboard shortcuts. One more thing I wish it had was the height option. Overall nice extension.

Latest issues

  • (2017-11-23, v:1.0.2) Kevin Torrington: It doesn't work
    It doesn't work
  • (2017-09-26, v:1.0.2) Pablo Fernández: Not run
    I install now this amazing extension and not run in Apple OSX Capitan with Chrome V60. Can you help me? Thanks in advance!!! Best wishes. Pablo
  • (2017-09-13, v:1.0.2) Mattia Scarciello: Problem
    it doesn't work
  • (2017-06-08, v:1.0.2) Federico Gentilini: Error
    It doesn't work
  • (2017-06-01, v:1.0.2) Zak Lay: Update?
    Will this ever function properly again?
  • (2017-03-27, v:1.0.2) Jodie Steele: Activating extension
    Have installed Breakpoint but it doesn't seem to be working. I have tried to manually activate it in my keyboard shortcuts but it is not allowing me to do it.
  • (2016-11-19, v:1.0.2) CMDO AMADEU: Icon on Toolbar
    you need change the size of the icon to 16x16px!!!
  • (2016-10-19, v:1.0.1) Global Elektronik: it's dead
    it doesn't work.
  • (2016-06-29, v:1.0.1) Дмитрий Селиванов: Не работает
    Не всегда срабатывает, т.е. надо несколько раз нажать на что-нибудь внутри страницы или перегрузить страницу, чтобы начало работать. Непонятно, по какому принципу срабатывает.
  • (2016-04-19, v:1.0.1) Jhon Buitrago: No funcona
    la instale y no funciona!


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