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Description from extension meta Catch and redirect resources loaded from a specific domain to any file hosted on a local or remote server.
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Description from store This devtools extension will allow you to work faster on your local files using the server environment, try modifications on a website without breaking it for other people. You're deciding which file(s) you want to redirect, so you can do whatever you want ! In order for the redirect to work, you need to have Devtools open for the specific tab you're testing in. Also, right now, you can only redirect .js .css .less resources. * 02/05/13 Added folders redirection. (e.g "/images/*" -> "http://localhost/images/*") * 19/04/13 Added images support (.jpg .png .gif .ico .svg) * 18/04/13 Fixed the installation error. You can NOT redirect resources to a local file using the file:// protocol. In order to redirect locally, you need to be running a local server (e.g Apache) and redirect the file to the right path using it (e.g http://localhost/my-project/css/style.css).
Latest reviews (2017-10-06) scott krause: Worked for me the first time. Great tool. I used npm live-server for the localhost. (2017-07-11) Amisi Kalonda: Did not even work. When I click the icon I get an empty cloud. (2017-05-12) Yuriy: Does not work in Chrome 58.0.3029.96 (2017-04-28) Shawn D'souza: did not work (2017-03-02) Salvatore Guadagno: simply not working (2016-11-13) Artur Lewandowski: It works. Go to Devtools there is a new tab. Thanks to it I could easily replace remote webpack bootstrap with local one. (2016-09-10) cristian navarrete: just what i was looking for, managed to load local js in 2 clicks (2016-06-25) Joseph Wynn: Doesn't work on Chrome 51. (2016-01-24) Henry Guo: not working (2015-06-13) Martijn van de Sande: Doesnt work (2014-12-11) Tien Do: It's very helpful but often suddenly not worked, cannot save new rules without any errors. Annoying. (2014-07-10) Peter Žilka: Doesn't work. (2014-03-23) Cristian Forcadell: It was impossible to configure this application to make a simple redirect. Great idea but it does not work. (2014-02-20) Jonathan Sharp: Doesn't work (2013-12-23) sushil chhetri: Can't use it, coz it does not work. I don't get the save button to save the resource mapping and hence they don't get redirected to the local resource. Still, the idea is very intriguing and does not need a third party software installation (like fiddler) so i'll still hang on to it in the hopes of this getting fixed in the near future. Thanks for the extension and would really appreciate if you fix it soon. (2013-11-18) Andrei Balandin: does not work (2013-11-14) Andy Hutchins: Does not work in current Chrome 31.0.1650.48 (Official Build 233213) on OSX Mountain Lion. Gave it 3 stars cause if it worked it would be really helpful. (2013-04-21) Luc Lapierre: Awesome tool! Very useful for remote debugging, it's the new kid in my developer toolbox! Thanks! (2013-04-17) Alexander Gallego: Amazing potential. Sadly, it doesn't work. Used on the latest chrome stable release for mac osx as of april 17, 2013. It doesn't work. The save button gets grayed out after you save it the first time. And failed to redirect once after 5 tries. Hope the developer gets a chance to fix it. Has a huge potential to make my life easier. I have to run a local bind server to achieve more or less what I can do easily with this. Thanks.

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