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Domain Switcher

Description from extension meta Simplify web development by easily switching domains between specified URL groups.
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Description from store As a developer, it can be a hassle to switch between various environments (e.g. dev, uat, prod). This extension is designed to allow the developer to quickly swap environments when they are on a page while keeping their path intact. Domain Switcher allows you to organize the environments for the various projects you work on. Simply create a "project" on the options page and enter the associated domains for the various environments for the project. We'll do the rest, and you'll be able to simply switch between environments by clicking the arrow icon in your address bar when you are on a page that matches one of your project environments. For example, if you are working on a project about "coffee", you could enter environments: "localhost:3000", "test.coffee.com", "coffee.com". Then, when you are on any of these domains, you will have an icon in your URL bar that will allow you to switch to the other environments. The path of the page you are on is preserved in the URL. This extension is open-source and hosted on GitHub. If you find an issue, help out by posting it there as an issue or submit a pull request. https://github.com/stevehanson/domain-switcher-chrome
Latest reviews (2019-10-28) tim golding: worked perfectly... thank you (2019-02-05) Vijay Krishna Kudva: exactly what i needed! Awesome. Thanks a lot. (2019-02-01) Bohdan Yatsenko: does not work (2018-12-07) Ivan B: useful app (2018-07-12) Kam Kuo: Great extenstion! A couple suggestions: 1. Add the ability to trigger and navigate using keyboard shortcuts. 2. Be able to save project data to Google Drive or something to allow sharing with your team. (2017-07-29) Mahesh Krishna: This is exactly what we need as testers or developers. Amazing extension which saves a lot of time. (2016-07-19) Luca Steeb: 10/10 (2015-12-02) Russell Dempsey: Exactly what i've been wanting to write a quick script for, for the last few weeks. I finally got annoyed enough to search for another solution today. It does exactly what I need. (2015-06-23) Mike Lou: Perfect solution to managing development during the QA process. Thanks! (2015-05-12) Calvin M. Cole: Awesome! Makes QC'ing much easier and faster. (2015-03-13) Jim Stevenson: Very nice extension that easily switches between environments. Thanks! (2014-12-24) Igor Petrovic: not bad :) some regex love in project definitions ? so if you have the same pattern for all your projects, u can make only one configuration and role with it. (2014-09-19) Henry Ávila: Ótima ideia. Muito bom e útil!!!! (2013-11-30) Ian Gloude: Another awesome productivity tool! Well done sir. (2013-11-26) Mike G: Seems like a great start. It wouldn't pick up one of my entered domains. So I couldn't switch back to my dev environment. (2013-11-25) Nelu Malancea: Nice productivity tool. Thank you!

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