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Description from extension meta History of Automatical Arrangement & Search
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Description from store An app automatically arranges & searches Chrome's History. "What kind of work did I do yesterday?", you can see it at a glance with My Map. Your "My Map" is automatically made, which arranges browsed pages by each keyword. Click Logo-button on the right-top of the browser to launch the app. You can adjust the number of search items, search term, and search conditions on Detail Setting. External Review: "WWWhat's New"(Spain) posts the article, "My Map Free – Nuestro historial de navegación a modo de mapa [Chrome]"(27/05/2013). http://wwwhatsnew.com/2013/05/27/my-map-free-es-una-extension-para-chrome-que-nos-visualiza-nuestro-historial-de-navegacion-a-modo-de-mapa/ Usage for Beginner: When you launch the app, or when you push the search button without any keywords, My Map produces the history map of the term(time) assigned in the detail setting. By selecting Detail Setting → Term, set the term for about 3 days and to display the WEB pages browsed in the last several days, then it is so useful that you can review your works in a couple days only by launching My Map. Description: With this app, you can understand what kind of Web pages you have seen in the past at a large picture. Each Web page is arranged by keywords. If you search by not assigning any keywords, you can draw all Web pages that fit Detail Setting. Or you search by assigning some keywords, you can draw only Web pages which contain the keywords. By clicking the keywords the list of Web pages is displayed. From the list, you can open Web pages, or track related keywords. Keywords are layered by their relations, and being able to display the sub layer by clicking spheres. Related keywords are joined by the straight lines. About Personal Information Protection: Through this software, we do not gather or save any information. About Discharge: For fault and damage occurred by this software, company and author accept no responsibility. Author & Distributor: Sebata & CO.,LLC
Latest reviews (2017-06-04) Marie Loiseau: Easily one of the Chrome extensions with the biggest potential. It is, as suggested, a visual map over your browsing history, but with a twist: Instead of mapping with regards to domain, it maps patterns in your browsing. This may be anything from something you've searched for to a website you have visited or even keywords that connect sites you've visited to a mother node. Unfortunately it leaves little room for personalisation and customisation; automatically shortened names may not always be intuitive, but in return it pretty much just works. It is clear that the extension was configured to work with east-asian languages. (2016-03-03) sunrise: 我希望作者出一个历史记录树状图扩展,这样我就知道我访问的页面之间的某种联系,那样可以比现在更清晰的查看历史记录。 (2015-10-14) Aspiring Noob: I cannot believe there are not more reviews. Awesome app hopefully more to come (2015-09-01) Ma Xiang: oh my goodness, this has so much potential! keep the good work! (2013-05-29) Oscar de Dios: Very interesting extension. But It must be improved because sometimes it shows bad connections.

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